Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Not The Best, Not The Worst

Four o'clock in the morning is still very dark, by five am the birds begin their song, six am our Lexus girl begins her demands for attention, then Bandit, then Buddy, and lastly the good little girl, Portia.

I could not get myself motivated whatsoever first thing, and then to top it all off I had a minor pain attack from my pancreas.  I surely have all my fingers crossed the upcoming surgery fixes everything for once and for all.  Enough is enough being in daily pain as it is without the "extra", and besides whoever enjoys pain must be one very ill person in my opinion.

Did you know Carbon Monoxide Detectors are mandatory in Ontario effective tomorrow, April 15th, 2015?  I did not until a fellow Southamptonite shared this fact on his Facebook Status yesterday.  You can read all about it by going HERE.

Bonus is if you have a Home Building Centre close to you they have them as a Featured Item this week, so I noticed at our local Wiarton Home Building Centre late this morning when I stopped in to meet Rob there to check out some lumber pricing.

And apparently you will never have to replace a battery with these units !  

We have two CO Detectors, will have to check if they are both plugged in.

What did I accomplish today? our bedroom cleaned, dishes done, and some running around downtown was about the extent of my day.

I noticed lots of people out today raking their yards, however ours is way too wet still to even attempt it.  This small bit is the last of our snow on our front yard, now back in the bush is another matter.

Dinner tonight was a quick sandwich.  Tomorrow is a busy day with our new mattress also arriving, and for now I am watching The "Voice", Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. our CO detector is hard wired into the house. I must ask Rod if it has a battery backup as well?

  2. I find myself wondering if there's one in our house.


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