Sunday, 19 April 2015

It's Out !

I was feeling poopy again this morning.  One good day followed by a couple of bad ones it seems lately.  It could be because it has turned damp and the rain is going to be filling the skies this evening and tomorrow?

I sure hope having the surgery on my pancreas tube to widen it helps as the pain gets to be very uncomfortable somedays, however not as bad as it was that caused me to head to the Hosptial's emergency department (thank goodness).  Oh well I am pretty certain there is a lot worse problems/illnesses out there then what I am experiencing, but then again when it is our pain, we do own it.

Finally when I did get motivated today I tackled the foyer and stairs with my new Dyson DC78 Animal Vacuum.  

Amazing how much dirt it collected, is it not?  I am sure after the Aussies being in and out all day I could probably vacuum it again and get still more dirt.  No matter it does look better then before I started.

We were to head over to Silver Lake Road, Sauble Beach way by the lunch hour.  I am pretty sure Rob is happy it's out !!!

Rob got it out, then headed down to the Saugeen Gas Bar to get it filled up before the gas goes up again.

We got it back home and I took Bandit out.  We hopped in the RV while Rob backed it in.

Bandit absolutely LOVES the RV.  He stuck his tongue out as much to say to me, "I am the co-pilot here, not you Mom".  He has to be one of the best travellers, as all our Aussies are.

This afternoon I got our bedroom dusted and vaccumed, as well as three loads of laundry done up.  I was happy to get that done while Hydro rates were at their lowest on the weekend.

Later Rob got a call to go to Owen Sound.  I went along as Sears had the Lock & Lock Starfrit containers on sale.

I got 4 pieces, each at 50% off.  I also bought two Wonderbras, as they were on sale at buy one get the 2nd one free.  A really good deal at $31.99 for both.

I didn't have much time at Sears, as Rob had dropped me off there just after 4:30, and they closed at 5 pm.  Condsidering I tried on 3 bras, and a pair of panties and we checked out by 5 pm, I did really well.  I would like to go back this week as they have men's dress pants on for 50% off, and I would like Rob to get a pair for the July Wedding, if we could find a pair for him.

We are both tired.  Rob has "fired up" the wood stove to get the damp out of the house, which crept in late today, and now is gone to take Buddy for his evening walk around the property, and then take Lexus out.

I almost forgot he was back at the drainage ditches today with the tractor (thank God he didn't get stuck), as the silch had blocked the culvert causing our back field to flood and was backing up the neighbours pond.  He is gone back now with Bandit to check the flow of it.  If it isn't Beavers, it is something else ! such is life .... *smile*.

No matter how tired we are, or grumpy, Rob and I always manage to have a wee bit of bantering and fun between us in every one of our days .... and truly thank goodness I LOVE him !!!

On that note I think I will be soon calling it a day here, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. What a great sign that summer is coming!

  2. you just need to get a week or two away in your RV to recharge your batteries.

  3. I suppose the dogs appreciate that you can actually move around in an RV while it's in motion.

  4. Life without humour just isn't any life at all! No matter how I feel I try to maintain a sense of humour. Or maybe I should say "sarcasm"!!


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