Thursday, 30 April 2015

It's Getting Costly

Last night when I returned home the egg shape of the Moon had caught my attention.

I awoke early early this morning feeling like I hadn't slept for the last Year.  Thank goodness I had my "go to complain" friend, Vicki, then after I was done said to her, "yes you know as this is exactly how you feel".  That gave us a bit of a laugh.  

Thank God for good friends and laughter, or truly I am sure as the nose on my face I would be doomed.

It's getting costly trying to keep up with those damn Beavers and their Dams.  Today it was our neighbour who had to have the backhoe come back to remove his culvert.  We had to break down and get the trapper back or we would be flooded out to no tomorrow.

Our neighbour's Garden Centre will be opening tomorrow for the Season, so no it can not be flooded out.

Thank goodness the backhoe was doing the work, as the guys were looking on.  When the job was all done Rob came back up to the house, and he had picked me some daffodils.  How sweet he is my dear Husband (most of the time in my books)

It had struck me funny to look over to see Rob trying to read part of the menu I had brought home from the new Chinese Restaurant opening downtown Wiarton.  We all can suspect who had the other parts of it, can we not?

Rob was pretty steady at work today, while I got a head start on some of the billing.  Late this afternoon, actually after  5 pm, I had taken my Cousin Peggy up on her offer to go walking.

I am very happy I was only 25 steps off my 10,000 step a day goal.  By the time I get myself to bed I am sure I will be pretty dang close to completing my goal.

Rob's exhausted and gone to bed.  I am exhausted and will be following him there very shortly, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

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