Sunday, 12 April 2015

Easter Luncheon

I was awake at 5 am, and got up at 6:15 to get ready for Rob & I to be out the door heading Southbound on the Highway towards Kitchener.

Today we were heading into Costco then onto New Hamburg to have Easter Luncheon with the kids, and meet Liz's parents as well.  We were all to have luncheon together.

We arrived at Costco where we stocked up on food for our Aussies and a few other items.  We had also picked up a Lemon Cheesecake & a dozen of Grandmother's Pecan Tarts to take along as dessert, as I had been too ill to make one yesterday.

We got to Liz & Paul's around the noon hour, before Liz's parents, Jean & Brian, had arrived.

Rob & I were entertained by the "big" kids, Liz & Paul, in the kitchen kibitzing while getting the last minute things for lunch done, or while Liz was I should say.  Liz put on a wonderful luncheon of Ham, Scalloped Potatoes & Corn.  Jean brought fresh bread and a really yummy Broccoli Salad.  

After lunch the little kids, Chloe, Briar, Connor, Aiden & Josh, were sent out front while Liz & Paul were on backyard doggie detail cleanup before hiding Easter Eggs for the Hunt.

Liz's Dad, Brian, Mother, Jean, Liz, Paul & Rob were watching all the action of the Easter Hunt.  It sure kept all five kids busy for some time.

While some of us went inside for coffee & dessert, Grandpa Brian stayed out for a bit of skipping fun with the Grandkids.  It couldn't have been a better weather day with a high of 16*C.

Paul's best man is his long time friend from Grade School, Blake, who was also a neighbour when we lived in Woolwich Twp. abutting Waterloo.  Blake and his fiance, Jenn, also live in New Hamburg.  Four months ago Jenn & Blake had a baby boy, Oliver, and Paul knew I was itching to get over to see the little guy.  Paul & I just did that while everyone else had their dessert & coffee.

Blake was always at our house, or Paul at theirs right up until we moved up to Wiarton 11 years ago.

Oliver is the sweetest little guy and I was in my glory to be holding him !

I even got some peak a boos, then smiles, before handing him back to Mom Jenn before we left.

Oh yes my boy, Paul, had to have some fun with Rocky the Bull Mastiff before we took our leave.  I reminded him of when him & Blake used to get out in the field riding the donkeys way back when .... and sometimes even the sheep.  Those boys were always having fun with something or another.

Before we left for home Josh was trying out a flint to get a fire started in the pit.  It hadn't gotten started by the time we had left so I will have to call to find out if he ever did get it started or not.

Rob and I arrived back home shortly after 5 pm.  Are we tired? always !!!   Did we have a good day?  absolutely !!!  I love spending time with the kids, and can't wait until this Summer when they can come up for weekends, and I can go down for a couple of week days.  It was very nice to get together also with Liz's parents, Jean & Brian, before the Wedding Day.

I am going to have an early night tonight, as tomorrow I am hoping to get a handle on some housework that REALLY needs doing, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. It looks like you had a good day.

  2. Oh wasn't the weather grand yesterday!?! You couldn't have had a better day for your get together. That is one LARGE dog!


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