Monday, 20 April 2015

Another Fix

Rob had been waiting 3 days for a guy he had contacted earlier last week to come remove the plugged culvert from our drainage ditch.  No show after being told he would be here Saturday or Sunday.

The rains arrived last night causing the fields, and our neighbours pond, to swell even more today.

After his morning calls, Rob stopped back to see Ross Davidson, who we have depended on and been treated so well by the 12 years we have been here.  Ross told Rob if he was stuck to come see him, which exactly what took place.

Unfortunately Ross just had a knee replacement and will be laid up for 6 weeks, however his son Ben just happened to be there when Rob dropped in.  It worked out all perfect as Ben said he would be right up to get the job done.  Another fix done !

Our neighbour, Mike, also dropped over.  It is so great to have a wonderful neighbour on the one side of us, and people like the Davidsons in business to look after peoples needs.  Needless to say the ditch has been cleared and the water is now flowing down into Colpoy's Bay.

It was noon by the time Rob got back in the house.  As soon as he came in I left as I had some running around downtown to get done.  I had just gotten parked and recogonized a van parking on main street.

Amazing who comes to Wiarton !  I love spotting people before they spot me, however Uncle Basil had seen me when Auntie had been parking.  Sure wish I could maneuver parallel parking as well as she does ... she is a wiz at it from my observations.

Uncle, Auntie, and Cousins, Vi & Ross, were up to have lunch at the Green Door Cafe.  I returned a dish I had of Aunties, and she had some magazines and something "special" for me for my Birthday.

Things that made me happy today ....

The beautiful Rose Auntie had gotten for me, thank you again, Auntie.  The k-cup holder I purchased "on sale" at Rankin River Trading Co., which made my counter top more organized looking, and the first steak of the Year my wonderful husband grilled.

Late today Rob had a friend over, who does amazing woodwork and renos.  He was the guy who did the frame work between our dining/living room areas a couple of years ago.  He came to check our Bedroom, and the Kitchen, so he can give us an estimate on the work I would eventually like to have done in those rooms.  I am thinking this is what my 52 Week Money Challenge Money will be going towards this year.

All was good this day in my Life, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. sounds like you had a good day, despite the weather,

  2. Well, the other guy's out one job, and if he's that careless with a schedule, word will spread about him.


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