Tuesday, 7 April 2015

An Unexpected Surprise

The alarm went off at 5:00 am, however I was already wide awake.  Rob was up and out the door before 5:30.  I tried to lay there but really there was not much use when one is wide awake, unless it is warmer in then out of bed, right?

After I had completed all my morning duties I got ready myself heading out the door by 8:00 am.  I picked up my friend and we headed to Owen Sound where she was attending a 9 am meeting, and I was going to a hair appointment at 10 am then meeting up with a friend for lunch afterwards.

We made good time on the drive over ending up have plenty of time to get a coffee at Timmies first before I dropped her off and she had to go in.  I had time to kill before my hair appt., so I piddled a 1/2 hour of time away browsing in at the Feed Store.

I went to my appointment early, and she was able to take me right away.  I had my hair cut not too long ago, however was thoroughly disappointed in the cut going back to get it "fixed" but coming away the second time disappointed.  With my Paul getting married in July I wanted to get a cut I was happy with.

On the recommendation of a few people I thought I would try Shear Experience.  I had booked with Susan last week when I had dropped in on my way by.

I had wanted to keep my length, however have layers and feathering at the top to the sides.  I was very happy with the cut I had and will definitely be going back to have Susan cut my hair again when I need to.  She not only spent a good deal of time "fixing" my hair the way I wanted it, but listened to what I wanted, and that went a long way with me.

It was after 11 am when I called my friend Sharon, and she suggested we check out the new Japanese/Chinese Restaurant located on the strip in front of the No Frills store.  Thanks Sharon !

Not only did Sharon & I have a great visit as usual, we were both very happy with our lunches.  With "tip" included both lunches were under $10.00.

Sharon & I both agreed we would go back, and take the guys along for a lunch or dinner sometime.

The QQ Sushi & Chinese Food Restaurant do have a website that can be found by *clicking* HERE.

I headed back home to Wiarton after our lunch as the Aussies were all probably crossing their legs waiting for me to return.  Once everyone was looked after I put in a call to Sears.  After much deliberation Rob and I decided to go for the newest Dyson that has not been out that long, as we did have a credit coming up on our Sears Card that would cover the price of it all but maybe $60.00.  The newer model has the feature of not replacing or cleaning a filter, whereas the other models the filters were washable.  I told them I would be in later this afternoon to make the purchase.

At 2:30 pm I headed back to pickup my friend first before heading over to Sears.

At Sears I explained to the Sales Clerk in the Small Appliance Dept. that I would be contacting Sears to send me my credit by cheque, and I would put the Dyson DC78 Vacuum on my Visa Card rather then my Sears Card.  Why ? someone might wonder? because when you pay for an item on your RBC Visa Card they double the warranty offered by the manufacturer.  Since Dyson's warranty is for 5 years, I have extended it 5 more years with RBC Visa, giving me a total of a 10 year warranty.  Might as well get the best available when you can.

After we had discussed all this and the Clerk was heading to get the unit, I had inquired to make sure it was the Animal model.  She responded "yes", and "by the way it is on sale this coming Thursday with $100.00 off".  Totally prepared with paying full price it had been an unexpected surprise to hear that fantastic news !  Instead of making a trip back in Thursday for a credit adjustment on my bill, the clerk was going to fill in the necessary paperwork and have it credited for me.

I am hoping this apparent "state of the art" Dyson Cinetic DC78 Animal Vacuum will last me the remainder of my lifetime.  

All details of the model we purchased today can be found by *clicking* HERE.  And of course I tried it out as soon as I had gotten it home ... but there is much more needed to be done with it then trying it out, but that will have to be another day.  And never mind being happy to find out I am still ahead of the game with a bit of credit to the good (finally a bit of a break I am truly thankful for) !  Should anyone remember this money was the money I had saved a year ago by doing the 52 Week Money Challenge, so it does pay off for those things we need to save for.

Oh man it was a full day, as by the time I had gotten back home, got the Aussies all done, put the vacuum together and tried it out, then made myself a salad, it had been 7 pm !  and now looking it is already 8:14 pm.  That was one full day behind me !!!

Blogging is cutting into my time watching The "Voice" ... signing off now, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. you were a busy girl today. Hope you like your new Dyson..

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Sorry about that blogger comments was on the war path with me for a bit lol
    Busy day for you that's for sure ! I find that hairdressers don't know how to do the basic layer and feather cuts any more they get too choppy with it now I also like the top and sides of my hair layered and softly feathered but can never find anyone to do it properly now a days so I do it myself haven't been to a hair dresser in 6 years lol ! Glad you found a hairdresser that knows the basic layered feathered cute it is what I was taught and most were back in the day in Cosmetology in high school and collage ! Hope you get good results with your new Dyson . I have a central vac , I love it and boy does it ever pick up cat and dog hair and other stuff with ease . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  4. I have a Dyson but not the Animal model and now I have TWO cats...so I see a new one in my future!

  5. That looks like a complicated vacuum!


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