Monday, 27 April 2015

An Early Mother's Day

My Mom has always enjoyed getting "special" occasion cards early so she can view them up to the day of the occasion.

This morning I did a bit of housework then called to see if my niece, Joanne, wanted to go along with me to visit and have lunch with her Grandma.  She agreed to come along.

Today was an early Mother's Day for my Mom.  She was very surprised by our visit, and then more surprised to find out we were staying to have lunch with her.  I love surprising people and making their day ! don't you?

I took along Mom her Mother's Day Card, a plant, and an addition to her Box Hat Bear collection (she loves bears).

My Niece, Joanne, also loved Miss Strawberry Bear.

We were down for lunch before it was time, as Mother is NEVER LATE FOR HER MEALS, and has been like clockwork as long as I can remember, even when she cooked herself.  My Mom and youngest son, Paul, are like two peas in a pod and love each other like no tomorrow.  Every time I go visit Mom I text him a photo of her, and he texts me back one of him for me to show here.  

Part of our conversation before lunch went sorta like this:

Me:  Mom, Joanne is selling her place and will be looking for a new one.

Mom:  Joanne you would like it here, I will find out if there is anything available for you.  They do your laundry, make your bed, and do the meals.

Joanne:  That would be nice.  And a bath twice a week.

I then told Mom I would find out if there was anything available from the Head Nurse, who I got then to go over to tell Mom the residence was full up right now but she would let her know when something came available.

Bless Mom's Heart.  This is about the 2nd time she told Joanne she would like living there with her at the Nursing Home.  Joanne? still has a few years to go before that happens ... hahahaha !
Lunch? it was very good.  Cheese & Mushroom Strata, Peas & Mashed Potato with a Lemon Mousse for dessert, along with a cuppa tea.

I don't know about Mom, who opted for the cold cut sandwich, but Joanne and I had both been stuffed after eating our lunches.  Once we walked Mom back to her room and said our goodbyes we decided to walk all the way downtown from Gateway Haven to the Sally Ann, and then back.

So far today I have walked 6575 steps (2.6 miles).  That is enough walking for me today as I am beat!  Dinner tonight? I had salad and Rob had leftover Turkey with all the trimmings.

Tonight is The "Voice" and it is getting closer to the finals week after week.  I think I am going to be sleeping early this evening with all the walking I have been doing the past three days.

That is all she wrote, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Ask your mom if she wants a roomie! Sounds like I could use that place, and the food looks good too!

  2. that lunch looks really good, they feed them well there don't they?

  3. Looks and sounds like you all had a lovely day ! Good for you doing all that walking I love walking makes me feel good every time and I do it every day with my Miggs for an hour or so and we walk about 5 miles or 9 Kilometers and 10,000 steps up and down hills in our valley let me tell you Miggs sleeps well after that lol . Next as the weather gets better I will get back on my bike hopefully , I used to do long distance cycling but for now I will just chug along lol ! Thanks for sharing Lovely photos ! Have a good day !


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