Sunday, 5 April 2015

A Quiet Easter Sunday

Do you ever wonder how Easter Colours came to be? it must have been from the morning skies.  The sky was amazing this morning even though it is a sailor's warning.

The new toys sufficed as Easter gifts for the Aussies.  One has been totally de-stuffed and all over the floor now.  Another pickup job for me.  An Aussie Mom's jobs are never done.

Rob never got in until 5 am this morning.  Needless to say he was beyond beat.  His phone rang at 10 am.  It had been his driver wanting to meet up with him to hand over his week's sheets ... geesh poor guy never catches a break it seems.  
We drove down to meet up with him in Hepworth, then Rob wanted to go for breakfast at the Green Door Cafe, as they were open today from 10 am til 2 pm.

Regardless of us both being tired we still managed to "goof" around with each other as usual.  

When we got back home I forced myself to go out for a walk.  My arms and legs felt like dead weight but I pushed myself to walk 2 km.

Rob helped me outfit Portia with a Puppy Pack before we left.  She didn't even mind it whatsoever, and I had even put a bottle of water on each side.  

It was an absolutely gorgeous day so I was happy I pushed myself to go.

Overlooking Colpoy's Bay from the boardwalk in Wiarton's Bluewater Park.

When Portia and I got back home we both had an afternoon snooze.  Late afternoon Rob was called out to go over to Owen Sound; I went along with him so we could spend a bit more time together.

I thought maybe I should go for another walk around 5 pm when we had gotten back, however opted to have a hot shower and do my blog post early, so here I am.

New Aussie photos and Videos on The "Checkerboard Aussies" facebook page.  Drop on over for a look by going HERE.

I am feeling a bit apprehensive about the weather forecast as it is calling for freezing rain and snow this evening and tomorrow morning.  I am far be it from being a fan of freezing rain, and surely do not know who could possibly be.

I am hoping the Aussies go to bed early tonight, and I can spend some quality time with my tired "Crabby Cabbie" husband, who truly wasn't too crabby at all today considering the amount of sleep he has had.

Easter Blessing to You & Yours from us here, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. you two are running on need a rest the pair of you!!!

  2. I sure couldn't manage on that little sleep. Poor guy! But the two of you made the best of it like you always do :)

  3. Hopefully the weather behaved itself- we ended up getting some snow on Easter Monday.


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