Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Beginning & The End

My day began at 2 am this morning.  The insomnia has apparently returned, but no worries with me truly believing how well I survived this day.  It not only started out with another beautiful day with billowing clouds up in the sky, it ended with an equally beautiful evening with a huge Moon..

Once again I had plans for my day, and once again those plans did not go as planned.  Really I am pretty happy that I do not let these things upset me as much as I once used to.  I can not change everything, so I have became more accepting of this fact.

What I did accomplish was getting 1/2 my bathroom cleaned, if one can imagine that (this is something has happens to me quite often lately).  I also got done a list I had prepared for the Crabby Cabbie meeting we were having with our Drivers late this afternoon.  This in itself had taken me a little bit.

What had interrupted my day was my darling hubby calling me to go downtown on an errand for him..  This wasn't really too bad as I had to go to our bank anyway, so it all came together for me.  When I was out it had crossed my mind there was something I had been wanting to see over at Colpoy's Bay which I had been hoping I had not missed out on.  A quick detour on my way back home did not lead to disappointment by any means ....

.... they were still at Colpoy's Bay which is minutes from our house.  I was "over the moon" to see they were here for me to capture their elegance.

Their stature and elegance captures and intrigues.

After my fill of beauty for this day, I had to head back home, prepare for the afternoon meeting to once again head back out the door for a late afternoon meeting in Southampton.

Today on Facebook it was totally awesome to see another of my favourite downtown Wiarton Stores had themselves a brand new Facebook page.  For those who follow my posts on a regular basis, will know the times I have been in at Rankin River Trading Co..  Should you have a Facebook Account, drop on by to give them a Thumbs Up with your LIKE on their Facebook Page by doing so HERE.

I know we appreciate new LIKES on our Facebook pages, so truly it gives a great sense of being when one is first getting started.

We had just arrived to the designated meeting place to see a lady fall on ice beside her vehicle, way across the parking lot from where we had parked.  Our newest driver ran to her aid to help her recovery herself.  A definite wonderful thing to do which told me plenty about his character by his act of kindness.

Our meeting was excellent.  Rob and I could not be more fortunate to have the guys we have work for us.  Even with a bad experience with one of our first drivers, these guys have made up for that tenfold.  I count my blessings everyday that we have them as our employees.  They are each down to earth, honest, caring and considerate, caring about us as a whole, rather then an attitude "what's in it for me".  Yes I do count my blessings (even though they are all men, and they seem to have that odd warped sense of humour my Rob has, but still I can live with calling them ours).

We arrived back home to find a message from my Auntie.  I called her directly hardly believing my ears that it had been her that had taken the fall !!!  Oh my .... we had been so far away that I could not make out who it had been, and she had also been driving my Uncle's new truck that I had never seen before Sunday in their driveway.  I felt awful, but not as awful as her poor body will feel after such a fall tomorrow.  The ice in some places is so treacherous, terrible even in our own driveway.  I am grateful that our new driver had ran to her rescue and more so that nothing was broken.

It had been late by the time we had gotten home ... dinner was simply a bowl of cooked macaroni with stewed tomatoes.  I loved this dish as a child, and still love it.

It has been a very long day, I am very tired with another busy (no surprise) day ahead of me tomorrow.  I need to be grounded and stay at home soon as there is so much to be done here, not running the roads away from, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Very îcy driveway here too today, Our driveway goes uphill, so I spent two hours slowly spreading sand.

  2. Ice, ice, everywhere. I have to walk down a hil on our sidewalk to get to the garage and I have been creeping down the past 2 days as I am so afraid of falling. Today we had a heavy snowfall so it is under there somewhere and will surface again when Barry gets the snowblower out, but it was easier to get in from the garage this morning. I can't imagine what it must be like for those people who got so much during the big storm before Christmas when we just got snow. We have been to Toronto both Monday and Tuesday and the damage as we went through Brampton and along the Lakeshore is so sad. Hope you poor Auntie does not have any repurcussions from her fall, sometimes it takes a day or two for all those muscles to decide to tighten up and pull this way and that. You must be so proud of your drivers. Nice that you were able to get to see the swans. Where will they go when the bay freezes over? Alice


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