Saturday 25 January 2014

Holy Drifts !!!

The wind must have been having quite the party out there last evening, as there was quite the surprise this morning when Bruce County residents starting waking.

Holy Drifts !!!  There were some pretty crazy "wave" drifts out there.

Rob got going on getting the laneway cleaned out.  Our Leyland Tractor was working hard this day.

The diesel in the tractor ran out before Rob was finished, so it was a trip into town to the Gas Station.  The Highway was closed just 2 houses up from ours, so we slipped through as at that time the blowing had subsided and the skies had been clear.

All that snow was quite something to take in coming in the driveway from the North.

Bandit was not let out the front door this day, and we had to dig ourselves out the side door before anyone got out this morning !

The Crabby Cabbie was closed down for the day, as not only was Hwy 6 from Wiarton to Tobermory closed, so was Hwy 21 from Springmount to Goderich.  Need a place to check Road Conditions/Closures? just check out the link HERE.

This is Winter with Winter conditions much like they were when I was growing up in Southampton.  I think we have been spoiled the last few years with the exception of one or two, forgetting what a REAL Winter is like anymore.

I was in my glory today with it being another "snow" day at home.  I got more laundry done, and not half of my bathroom cleaned (Aunt Gerry) but it all cleaned with even the floor washed !!!  Usually my days get interrupted with me ending up only get half of something done when I get started.

How many times have I mentioned  I LOVE my Crock Pot ??? many times, and I will many times more.  What a better day then today, or most days as far as  I am concerned, then to throw something into the Crock Pot.

Today it was a whole Chicken that went into my Crock Pot.  Washed first then set on a rack sprayed with Cooking Spray to be set on HIGH for 6 hours, and sprinkled with a bit of Seasoning Salt.  It was fall apart goodness served up with boiled Russet Potatoes & French Cut Green Beans.

Barely 24 hours old and the new Facebook Group, "Dropping Weight Sensibly" already has 7 members.  It is nice to have a support system without judgment or criticism when trying to loose weight and stay fit.  The more the merrier, so please drop in, if you should have a Facebook Account, by *clicking* HERE.

Beginning back on my treadmill, I completed 2 x 10 minutes again today.  The only problem I am experiencing with this is my Fibro is not too happy with it causing my arms to bulge feeling like my muscles are going to come right through my skin.  I am persevering as with more time into it I am certain this will mellow out for me.

Oh man I am tired, but then again my middle name is "tired" most days I am sure.  Truly I have been enjoying these past two days of snow and staying put at home, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Holy, what a difference from yesterday's photo! Your new wood pile is nearly covered with all that new snow. It is a good thing you have that treadmill for your walking, I couldn't imagine leaving the house to do anything on a day like that. It is pretty to look at from the inside though.
    I love your facebook group, it is what got my arse out the door to walk today.

  2. Done with snow...done with cold...done with winter.
    Jane x

  3. Wow.....we had a little smattering today but nothing like this!


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