Tuesday, 1 January 2013

HAPPY NEW 2013 Year !!!

" 2013 is here !  it wasn't waiting for anyone to catch up to it, so if you weren't ready for it yesterday, you best  had been ready for it today.  I was happy to replace my 2012 Lang Calendar with the new 2013 one my Son bought me for Christmas."

I shocked myself by staying up until 2:30 am this morning watching TV !  that is the first that had happened in YEARS.  

"Some of us weren't able to even think about making it to the New Year ... I did  eventually wake them both up after midnight to send them off to their designated sleeping areas."

My "Crabby Cabbie" didn't arrive home until  5:30 am.; poor guy was beyond tired when his head "hit the pillow".  I am sure he barely was able to say two words to me.  I stayed in bed just before 8:00, then our "Checkerboard Aussies" needed my attention.

The day was cold when I went out, just below -12 C (10*F).  Even the girls were holding their paws up it was so cold ... brrr.  The morning progressed into a beautiful day with the sun coming out in full force.  What  a perfect day to start the 2013 New Year off.

"Paul packed his gear up to head out early back to his home, but not first  without gushing good-byes between himself and Bandit.  What a pair the two of them are."

"Umm.... -12 and shorts?  Really Paul?  Really ????   Off he goes heading South, hopefully with it being a bit warmer in that direction for his sake."

I had just happened to hear through the "grapevine" that my "Crabby Cabbie" had his very first local (or first of any kind for that matter) newspaper debut !  I had Rob bring me a copy home.  

Wow Rob you and the Grey-Bruce VON Piggy for Pennies are looking pretty good.  Oh yes, the lady sitting on the far side of my "Crabby Cabbie" Rob is Carolyn, who Rob is very pleased that he now has such a nice lady now working for and with him.  Thanks for joining the "Crabby Cabbie" team Carolyn !!!

"Should you see the "Crabby Cabbie" vehicles out and about, please be sure to feed the VON Piggy with Pennies (or dimes, nickels, loonies and toonies) !  Special thanks to the "Shoreline Beacon" for the BIG SHOUT OUT !!!

Should you happen to be on Facebook?  my "Crabby Cabby" sure would LOVE if you dropped on by his Facebook page to give it a big old LIKE, by going to it via HERE.  Thanks in advance for all your kindness and support.

My poor sweet Rob really never got too much sleep this morning at all.  Between the two of us, we got a bit of the last Quarter paper work begun by completing the December billing.  Poor guy had been barely up when he had a call to go out,  so go on back out he did.  While he was gone I got going on putting our Christmas Dinner into motion by stuffing the Turkey, and getting the veggies ready to be cooked.

Finally back home, Rob helped me with one thing that had been on my mind to get done for the past 2 weeks or so, however it was something I needed his help with.

"Christmas 2012 Photo Shoot had not been done with Buddy; it had to be a Winter 2013 Photo Shoot instead.  Here he is all ready and unsuspecting, hehehehe ... okay Mom whatcha think you are going to be doing with those things?  Big grin now for Dad ... see I just know I am styling now."

"Wow it all is a blur to me, what is going on here ????  Oh there that is much better.  Dad get them off please, get them off !!!"

"Okay let's get this over with if she is going to insist.  Okay this is the very very "Best" I got for ya Mom !!!  Happy New Year Everyone !!! from "Checkerboard Aussie" Buddy."

We no sooner finished up with the pictures and had Buddy for a big run when the "Crabby Cabbie" phone rang and he was off and gone on another call.  I had lots to do by getting a little more prepared for our Turkey dinner ... oh why were we having Turkey on New Year's Day, you might wonder? well I had a flu bug on Christmas Day, so we had missed out on it that day, making do with leftover Ham and Scalloped potatoes.  Thank God we had been blessed with leftovers that day !!!

Rob gave me a call when he was on his way back and not far from home so I would have a "head's up" to get going on the final preparations.

"This 8 pounder is going to be keeping us happy for a few more days this week.  Rob LOVES himself some Turkey leftovers."

"With the Turnip and Potatoes all cooked, I got going on getting the gravey made by using the water drained from the veggies.  I used Cornstarch to thicken my gravey.  When in a "pinch" I have used flour as my own Mother used to use, but prefer Cornstarch way much better."

"Easy Peasy as 1-2-3 it was putting it all together, and YES that Turkey was very moist and full of good Turkey flavour, let me "Tell the World"."

Do you make New Year's resolutions?  I have found over the Years the one that work the best for me to make is "My New Year's Resolution is NOT to make any, so that way I won't break any".  This way it  is pretty much a "win win" situation for me.  

However one thing I would like to make as one of my Goals for the whole of 2013 is to try and be more "kinder", as I really don't think there is such a thing as being "too kind" is there?  and besides .....

Now is that the truth !  Who would like to join along with me on the Goal of being "kinder" this Year..  I really don't think it should to difficult a Goal for anyone NOT to keep, and I certainly would LOVE the extra company.

Minding my manners, I would love to extend a warm welcome to my newest follower,  LuAnn of Back Porchervations.  Thank you for joining me here for my daily journey in life, and the odd opinion or two or three or .... I feel I might have to vent about from time to time.

Do you know what?  I really think I will be keeping my middle name of "tired" for the whole 2013 Year, as this is how I am feeling, "a little bit" here", "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Happy New Year to you too! 2013 is going to be a great year for all of us Cindy....

  2. Happy New Year, Cindy and Rob, I'll gladly join you in your resolution to be kinder this year, that's one that I just bet I will keep!

  3. Happy New Year to you and that road running man.

  4. Happy New Year! Love Buddy's photo
    Aimee from Craftmates

  5. That's so funny seeing Buddy smiling in his photo. Turkey dinner looks good also!! I have a six pound turkey in the oven for later on in the month.


  6. Happy New Year Cindy! Being kind is a thing you totally rock already, my friend :)


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