Tuesday, 14 June 2016

A Little Slow

I have been a little slow posting since my last Blog Post, however I have had great intentions to do so before now, however Life just kept getting in my way.

I was back at my Doctors last Friday.  He increased my new meds by 25mg, and we are hoping we can stay at 50mg without any increased.  The good news? I graduated from seeing him every two weeks to seeing him in a months time ! also that I have actually been feeling like a human being again !!!  Hooray for the new meds and me !

Our friends, Doug & Vicki, had been up with their RV to visit with us this past weekend.  We had a great weekend !  Vicki and I managed to hit up a couple of yard sales, then Saturday evening we all had dinner at the Harriston Park Inn in Owen Sound.  Vicki & I had the Lasagna, which we agreed was as good as our own homemade, and the guys each had a steak dinner.  More on the Harriston Park Inn by *clicking* HERE.

Now onto a few photo/highlights of the past week:

Rob and I had been at Subway for a meal Friday evening.  With my sub I thought I would try the Pure Leaf Green Tea with Honey....oh my did I ever like it.  We found that Shopper's Drugmart sells the large bottle (1.75 L) at the most reasonable price, so Rob picked me up a Raspberry as they didn't have the other.  Yes the raspberry is very good too, however I think my fav is the Green Tea & Honey.
A great Summertime beverage.

Growing up we had a patch of Rhubarb growing in our backyard, quite large if I remember correctly.  Every year I remember my Mom making Rhubarb Stew (some people call it Rhubarb Sauce).  I started a couple of Rhubarb plants a couple of years ago.

Saturday I made Rhubarb Stew for my brother, who absolutely loves it.  I think I have pretty much made it for him since I have had Rhubarb, except for one year.  He is very appreciative when he receives his Rhubarb Stew.  It is so easy to make:  6 cups of cut up Rhubarb, 2 tbsp. of water, and 1 cup of sugar, simmered on medium heat until the Rhubarb breaks down and sugar dissolves.  Cool & serve plain or over Ice cream if preferred.  Yummy !

My rose bush at the west side of our house began blooming.  This is the exact kind of rose bush that was at the side of the house at my Mom & Dad's when I was growing up.  Love when it is blooming and showy.

This is one of my favourite times of the Year with everything fresh and coming into all its glory.  Three of my many Hostas which I love admiring, and one very nice Iris full of colour.

Rob got going on getting our Gazebo cleaned up after this past Fall/Winter.  We have all our Summer furniture put in, so now it is just a matter of me getting it the way I want it "just so".  Not sure when this will happen, but hopefully by next week.

Rob was out this afternoon pruning some of our pine trees, and maple trees.  The lower pine tree branches needed pruned so we could get by with the lawn tractor.

This is how & where my husband relaxes.  He obviously never is short of beverages some days !

Today I actually got my kitchen floor washed as well as the area around the Wood Stove and along the patio door.  Will wonders every cease? it has been a long time coming, and believe me I am so happy I am able to get at things once again.

When my friend, Sharon, & I had been out walking the other day, Wiarton Willie had been out having himself a bit of dinner.  He does not mind having his photo taken at all, as you can see.

I got a text from an unknown person today, asking me how I was.  I was delighted to know it was my friend, Lynn from Turnips 2 Tangerines.  It is so nice to have friends close and afar, is it not?  Lynn has a Foodie Blog, and that is how we became friends through our blogs.  Interested in some new recipes? check Lynn's blog out by *clicking* HERE.

I have a Chamber meeting this evening, so I best be off and running here (can you believe I am running again, just after spending months on my couch??  YAY me!), Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Willie looks like he's doing well! I had to look twice at the bottles before I realized: iced tea. It just shows you I don't drink iced tea.

  2. I like that spring leaf tea. I can't drink regular bottled iced tea because of the 500g of carbs (diabetes) and the diet stuff tastes awful. I buy the unsweetened kind and find it very refreshing.

  3. Reading back over your posts, it sure sounds like you've been feeling human again! Such good news!


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