Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Garden Is Alive !

This morning I was up and at it early getting the dishes done up, the bed made and whatever else needed it doing as two of my friends were arriving at 9 am.

I had broke down a couple of weeks ago and asked my friends, BJ & Marg, if they would consider coming to help me with my flower bed that I had neglected for 2 years (since I had no desire the last couple years to even attempt weeding)  Now that I have been feeling better, after considering taking out the garden, I decided I wanted to keep it as I have enjoyed it in so many past years after I had first put it in.

The three of us got going just after 9 am, going until 12:15.  The time went really quickly with us talking and laughing as we worked.  I made them stop, as they would have kept going, since I had made lunch reservations for us at 12:30 at the Green Door Cafe.

We managed to get 3/4 of the garden weeded.

What a huge difference as you can tell from the before & after photos.  The garden is alive!!!  A few perennials got knocked around, however they are hardy and will all come back to their normal state.

The girls told me they would come back to help me finish it off.  We are hoping for a big rain day so we can weed a day after when the soil is not so hard.

The beauty of all this, in my books, is that I had two friends not only come and help me, but also never judged me.  Good friends are the best !!!  I am blessed with fantastic friends.

To be quite honest I am very much "out of shape" as that bit of gardening has set my muscles to aching and I am tired.  It is a good tired, one of those that make you look at what you have accomplished and take pleasure in.  Pleasure? something I hadn't been feeling for a long time, and quite ecstatic to feel this way once again.

The rest of my day?  I had to go out to take some photos this afternoon, then Rob and I had a lovely dinner of BBQ's Spatchcock Chicken and fresh asparagus.  Oh yum it was !

To all my Family & Friends supporting me through my illness .....

This is all she wrote this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Looking good Cindy~
    I need to check out that
    "Spatchcock Chicken". I've
    never heard of that~

  2. Quite a difference from before and now, Cindy!

  3. You did good girl!! I hate asking for help but have slowly come to realize that people enjoy helping! I know I do! And now you'll be able to enjoy your garden AND you had a nice day with friends!!


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