Monday 27 June 2016

Got 'R Done

Rob was sick last weekend, and now I am.  Apparently it has been, and still is going around.  I have ear aches, sore throat, swollen glands and headaches (yesterday I also had stomach cramps).  I am just feeling crappy.

Despite feeling crappy, life still has to go on, does it not?

We have been busy getting at our property.  Our old horse trailer had been filled to the brim with scrap and junk that needed disposed of.  Not only did Rob dispose of the junk, he also disposed of the horse trailer !

A friend had lent Rob his dump trailer this past weekend.  Another friend had came over Saturday and Sunday mornings to give Rob a hand loading it.  One load went out this morning, and the dump trailer had came back for Rob to load up the horse trailer which they had cut up into pieces yesterday.  Believe me, you can ask Rob what a huge job this was.  Me? I am tickled pink to have that junk removed from our property.  As the old saying goes, "better late then never".

My friend Marg had snuck out on Saturday when I wasn't home and finished off the weeding of the front flower beds.  Rob and I had picked up new dirt to fill in the hole left from where we had removed the large perennial grass. I got it all spread around and it is ready for when we are able to get it mulched (hopefully still this year).  I am thinking I would like to put in a couple more Hostas as well as some Lavender (love lavender, doesn't everyone?).

Two big jobs off our list makes us feel pretty darn good.  It took us a bit to do well we worked around our usual daily commitments, but we got 'r done.

Since I am not feeling well, I have been informed there are not to be any kisses given out, so I am thinking I had better get feeling better real soon so I won't be missing out for long!

My heading is pounding, but I have been meaning to get a post done for the past few days, so this is it for this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Get your rest.... sounds like you need it.

  2. ouch, I'm having the same symptoms. Been blaming all the darn pollen flying around here.

  3. Aww.. No fun! :( I hope you're feeling better soon!! Hugs!!


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