Tuesday 7 June 2016

A Happy Mail Day

I really hate wishing my Life away, but I am happy, and relieved, I have gotten through the last 24 hours....

My yesterday, which was going along pretty good up until after I had posted my blog post when I then had received a phone call that sent me topsy turvy and right back into my roller coaster mode.

Last night I barely slept as anxiety had me in its grips once again.

Fortunately by 9 am this morning I had some news which got me somewhat levelled out again.  Loosing a night's sleep, feeling anxious and stressed had left me for exhaustion this day.

It just happened I had an appointment with my counsellor today.  Truly an hour session didn't go far enough, but I did gain some insight in what emotions I had been dealing with those last 24 hours.  It is difficult to change the mould after so many years of ones thought process being one way.

My support system, girlfriends, Vicki and Shannon, thankfully were only a phone call or a message away for me today.  Thanks girls xxx !

After I had been a bit evened out this morning I did manage to get the dining room floor vacuumed and washed (much needed).  This evening? Rob grilled us a perfect Striploin Steak dinner that was to die for.  I am very blessed to have, not only a supportive husband, but one that is an excellent BBQer (new word).

So much for washing the floors, as it had rained last night resulting in wet muddy feets of a couple of four legged furbabies .....

Bandit not only had muddy feet, he also had a bit of an attitude with his "smirk", or as one of our puppy owners called it, an "aussietude" !

I received some Happy Mail in today's post.  I have had a Facebook friend from Ireland for the past eight years or so who was so kind to post me ....

.... these lovely magnets of the largest river in Ireland, the River Shannon, which runs outside of where he lives, and an Irish Wolfhound.  More on the River Shannon may be found HERE.  Thanks Dave, I so very much appreciated getting happy mail from you. (don't know if he reads my blog but wanted to make certain my thank yous are all in order).

In the mail I had also received a note from my blogger friend, Lynn.  Lynn writes under her foodie blog name, Turnips 2 Tangerines.  You may drop into Lynn's blog by *clicking* HERE.  Thanks Lynn! xx

I LOVE HAPPY MAIL ! don't you?

I have been rambling and babbling this whole post.  I am tired.  This is how I will leave it this day while I head towards an evening hopefully with a fitful night's sleep for me, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Those letters certainly have an uplifting effect.

  2. Your Back!! I so enjoy reading your posts....
    Just remember Cindy,
    you have to start with the baby steps:)

  3. I wish for you a refreshing sleep! Getting adequate sleep can make or break a day. I'm glad you had a nice day:)


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