Thursday 14 January 2016

Downpayments & Savings

Yes this was exactly what Rob & I had been thinking as we did a quick shop in our local Foodland Store yesterday.  Rob mentioned he should check the price when he was over in Owen Sound next, I told him not to bother as $7.00 per head of cauliflower is the going rate this Season..... can you believe we would ever see the day of these prices for veggies? or anything else for that matter.

The bonus this Winter? gas prices have stayed down .... "touch wood".

I was in need of a double boiler.  Rankin had one for $59.00 of very good quality, however I could not justify adding another pot to my already "overstuffed" pot and pan cupboard at that price.  This morning I checked with the Wiarton Home Building Centre and found an insert for $21.99.  They called me back to tell me they had one in stock and they were on sale for $4.99 this week !  I didn't even hesitate to take them up on that deal of the week ....

.... oh yes a photo of not only my great deal of the $4.99 double boiler insert, also a photo of the yummy chili I made from Moose meat yesterday.  

It seems like the last few days we have had a whole Winter's worth of snow dumped on us.  Of course our tractor has not been working just when we need it the most.

The Small Engine shop downtown at Pinkerton's Carquest had a used walk behind snow blower for sale used.  They brought it out for Rob to try, against my better judgement.  If anyone should have any idea how large of area our horseshoe lane way and parking area is, you will also know we are not keeping the walk behind snow blower, and our tractor will be going in for repairs on Monday.  In the meantime we have a neighbour who we have hired to keep our lane way cleaned out until we get our tractor back.

Rob's back and hips were not going to be able to do this even on one of his "best" days.  Regardless there is a really good deal on a Snowblower downtown Wiarton at Pinkerton's Carquest.

My girlfriend, Sharon, called me from Florida today !!!  they are having cool weather down there too, but only in their 50's , not quite as cold as here yet.  We had a nice chat.

I had told Sharon I have been wearing out on my walks the cowl she made for me two years ago.  I LOVE it, and thanks again Sharon !!!

I most certainly appreciate when anyone does anything  for me, or gives me something.  I am flattered that I am cared enough about that someone is thoughtful enough to have me in their thoughts, so I could never imagine not be grateful.

I was doing some more reading up on my enemy "depression" and "bipolar".  I need to lighten up on myself somewhat as for the length of time I have been sick over the past couple of years my body has suffered in not only weight gain by the medications, but also by loosing muscle mass as well since I have not been so active for many of these past months.  I have to realize it will take time for me to regain energy levels I had once, being careful I do not become "sick" again in a bipolar "high", but hopefully to retain a somewhat "norm" state.

Yes at times I am my own worse enemy, but the more I have been educating myself on Bipolar Disorder the more I am being aware of what is what with myself.  You can not educate yourself enough is my opinion.

With more Mental Awareness out in the open now a days, thanks to organizations like "Bell Let's Talk", there is no reason for ignorance any longer.  Check out how you can you be a part of it every day and on the 27th of January by going HERE.  Thank you in advance for your support.

Today I managed to do 1/2 mile walk with Leslie Sansone, and another walk with my other friend, Sharon.  So far I have walked 5923 steps (4 km) today !  My long term goal will be 10,000 steps a day once I get myself built to do that on a daily basis.

It has been this kind of day for some of us this day .....

..... Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I can relate to the dog!

    I'm surprised by the gas prices staying low... I've seen it as low as 79 cents a litre, something I never thought I'd see again.

  2. Love that cowl!! Veg prices are ridiculous...the quality isn't even that good here.
    Jane x

  3. Keep on taking care Cindy. Hope the tractor gets fixed soon; a walk behind blower is not made for a driveway like yours!

  4. Really like the cowl. You sound a lot happier. Your writing gives off a totally different vibe! I read,that frozen veggies have more vitamins than fresh as they are picked at the height of freshness and flash-frozen. The fresh veggies in the stores have sometimes been in cold storage for,days after being picked.

  5. You are not your own worst enemy!! It's not your fault you have Bi-polar disorder so yes, I agree, lighten up on yourself. We all have our crosses to bear, not of our choosing but as a challenge I guess. You're doing great - getting outside always lifts my spirits!


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