Tuesday 19 January 2016

What To Say?

Yes some days, believe it or not, I find it difficult to find what to say?  I am pretty certain if I would say this to Rob he would be like, "when do you ever not have anything to say".

My story is I am Bipolar, and it has nothing to do with being one of the Masterson traits ! that is that.

I must be feeling somewhat better as my sense of humour, no matter how warped it might be at times, has begun to surface here and there once again.  Watch out !

Winter apparently didn't get the message it was to arrive by December 21st, as it has been fashionably late this Season.  Not only did we get dumped on within a matter of a couple of days, the temps have plummeted well below the freezing mark as well.  The winds have somewhat of a cutting edge to them, or so I have found when out walking the past couple of days.

Yesterday my brother, Allan, and I, took our Mother to see the "specialist" about her cataracts. Medicine is amazing when you think about how many people just used to go blind in days long past to lazer technology where cataracts are removed.  Nothing short of a miracle I would think.... you ?

Whenever we take Mom out it is pretty much a whole day.  We picked her up about 11 am to return her around the hour of 3 pm.  After her 12:20 appt, which ran well over an hour, we had to stop for some lunch before heading back home.  All three of us had been hungry, to the point I caught Mom looking at her watch well knowing it had indicated well past the lunch hour.  MacDonald's made an easy stop for us to go in for a bite of lunch before we did head back home.

Even though the day had almost been spent, I managed a quick brisk walk with my friend, Sharon, late in the afternoon.  We might not have gone miles, however we did get out.

What have I done today? pretty much nothing other then attend my counselling appt. this morning to come back home to do up dishes, as well as finish up some year end paperwork.  Not certain yet if I will get out for a walk or not today.  What I do know is I have a Chamber meeting this evening which is a definite outing I will be attending.

I haven't had much time, or taken any time, to take many photos with my new camera since I had gotten it.  I am hoping once the weather gets warmer I will be more inclined to do so.  I definitely hope to be using it once Portia has her litter of pups on or about the 9th of March this Year.  I am hoping I will also be in a better frame of mind then her last litter, so to enjoy them more so.

Puppies are fun, however still much work as well.

My Rob is fast approaching the 60th year of his life, then will be heading into his 61st year come January 31st.  I gave him two choices of where we are to go for a Birthday Dinner.  Since we have not yet tried, he has chosen Andres Swiss Country Dining in Port Elgin where they are famous for their Schnitzel.  More about Andres by *clicking* HERE.

Maybe if Rob and I really really love Andres we will go back to dine on my Birthday on the 18th of March? we will see, as time will tell.

Oh good news !  the new prescription has been helping me sleep !  It has been quite heavenly to have gone years of going on 2 hours sleep per night to almost 8 full hours now.  Once again, something else just short of a miracle I am certain.

Should someone not know what it is like to function on no or little sleep, let me tell you it is not a nice place to be, this I can personally testify to (as I now sit here with a very large yawn or two).  I am hoping with more sleep under my belt the remainder of the depression will lift, sooner then later, so I can regain some much needed energy.  Prayers for energy are foremost and center, with weight loss running a very close second.  Hopefully it will all work together if it should ever come to this.

Before I forget, how has everyone got started on this Year's 52 Week Money Challenge? this week will be the 4th Friday of the Year.  I started working backwards again, so will be depositing $49. this Friday.  Happy Challenge ! and please share what you did with your challenge money from 2015.  I have saved mine for my PEI trip this Summer.

Well, "what to say?", I am pretty certain I have said quite enough for this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Love reading your posts :) We are going the money challange this year and I also found a "kids" version so the boys are doing it to. PEI sounds like a perfect trip It is on my bucket list. What girl doens't like Anne of Green Gables

  2. Progress is being made.

    Schnitzel sounds good!

  3. Do you know that lack of sleep leads to weight gain? Happy sleep! Jane x

  4. I am doing the 52 week challenge backwards again as well. Last year's was spent on tuition for a course I'm taking. Not very exciting. I hope to use this year's for some home improvements.

  5. A sense of humour and sleeping at night! That's sounding like big steps in the right direction!


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