Friday 8 January 2016

Three More Years To Go ....

My friend posted on her Facebook page the following ....

I still have three more years to go, however my Rob is going to be a "Seenager" this month on the 31st.  Hahaha ... thanks for sharing Sharon !

Has anyone heard of Bell's "Let's Talk"?  Bell canvases once a Year to educate people about Mental Illness.  Discover 5 simple ways to help end the stigma about mental illness by *clicking* HERE to read more.

Educating ones self is the way to "snap" on it !  Support "ending the stigma" attached to mental illness today !!

I can honestly say, as one who has Bipolar 2 disorder, that "mental illness" is no picnic with lots of compassion and understanding from others holding its weight in gold towards one who suffers from a mental illness.

There is a young girl who I have know for a couple of years, who also suffers from mental illness, if I would have given up on her we wouldn't be friends today.  Accepting and supporting can go a long way with some ....

I am almost ready to give in to all this weight I have gained from medications. It is pretty overwhelming to have gained 60 lbs in the past two years, never mind trying to think about how I am going to loose it.  I have been fixated about the weight I have gained.  It gets me down.

Thank goodness I have a friend who I can get out and walk with almost every day.  I might not be loosing any weight, however I am trying to stay "fit & healthy", and that just has to count for something.  I am hoping by this Summer I can begin loosing some of the weight I have gained.

I am seriously thinking about not going to my family reunion this Year, as the one last Year I had a cousin bring about my weight gain.  I am not certain I want to attend if I haven't lost any weight by then.  Time will tell.

Usually if a person had never had a weight problem it would be safe to assume there must be issues if there has been a noticeable weight gain whether it be stress or medications (in my case both).  I hope I am kind enough towards others to see this myself.  I would hate to ever intentionally hurt someones feelings, and surely would not go out of my way to if I could help myself.

Kindness goes a long way, does it not?

My thoughts for the day.  This is all she wrote, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Cindy, there are many people is this world that put their mouth in gear before their brain. They usually are just insensitive and do not realize what they are saying is hurtful. When I worked in child care kids would blurt out things like, you are fat, right Vicki! Guess your cousin is stuck in preschooler mode! Hang in there I'm with you!

  2. Fit and healthy...whatever your and healthy.
    Jane x

  3. Never realized i was a seenager! Feels good!

  4. Seenager... that's a new term to me.

  5. Try to concentrate on "health" rather than weight. The fact that your cousin made a comment about your weight reflects badly on her, not you. Walking is my favourite exercise :)


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