Saturday, 28 December 2013

The 2013 Money Challenge Has Ended !!

Yes this is the Balance in my 52 Week Challenge Account which ended this week for the Year 2013.  The Total saved is $1,378.00, my balance reflects this amount plus the money I had put in from my Sealed Jar last year, and any interest accrued.  

Have we decided what we are going to spend this money on yet? kinda, sorta.  I am buying myself a new Cell phone, as Rob received one for himself in the Spring and I have had my old Blackberry Curve for 3 years now, so I am getting one of the new Apple iphone s5's, that are ON SALE at Best Buy until the 2nd of January 2014 for $99.00, thanks to the tip received from my girlfriend, Vicki ... *smile*.  

We also both fell in love with a set of furniture we seen this month in Meaford, but really we can make due with our old stuff, as I think a new mattress would be more practical as well necessary at this time (as much as my heart strings are pulling me towards the furniture).  After the mattress purchase, I am hoping there will be enough left for new flooring and paint in the bedroom as well.  It is soooo overdue for a make-over ! or maybe a new mattress, bedroom window and some paint, leaving the flooring until later? choices and more choices !

Who joined me in this 52 Week Money Challenge this past Year?  Let me check the list I have kept for the past year ....

Toni, Judy, Stacey, Michelle, Diane, Ellen, Debby of Nanny's Place, Cathy of Cold Lake Cathy, Jean, Karen, Elsie (LC), Gill of That British Woman, Darlene, Vicki (my g/f), Abby of Miners Maple Products, Marg, Janet at Simple Homecraft, the Farmgirl Files, Christy, Alice, Monica, Kathy (Member of Cindy's Recipe Exchange), and my Rob.

The ones who have been crossed out are the ones I know had to drop out for whatever reason throughout the Year.  I would LOVE to hear from everyone else who continued on the Challenge with me on what "big" plans they have for their savings?

Now who is IN with me for the 2014 ~ 52 Week Money Challenge ????  I would LOVE having company again for the upcoming New Year.  If you are up for the Challenge, please let me know by leaving a comment on my post, or email me at  

You may right click on this image to save as is to your computer to print off as a handy reference throughout the 52 weeks.

YAY !!!  I am pumped for this challenge in 2014.

Another Challenge I have signed on for is Carla's LOW/NO Spend January Challenge

For this Challenge I will be:

1) cutting back on any grocery money spending by utilizing what is in our freezers, buying only basics such as milk and bread;

2) adding an "extra" $10.00 a week to our savings account that the 52 week Challenge money goes into.

This is all I have come up with for goals for this challenge this time around. I will be saving my grocery receipts for the month of January to track my spending.

NOTE:  NO/LOW spending does not apply to the 2013 52 Week Money Challenge Money I have saved, as that was meant to be or not to be spent.

On to the day at hand.  Today I met up with my Cousin Paula, who is married to my first Cousin, Brad Masterson.  Josie's of Wiarton was having their Annual Boxing Day Sale with 30 - 50% most Winter Clothing items and accessories.

I got a beautiful Point Zero 3 in 1 Coat for 50% off, and Paula a lovely sweater for 30% off.  We both walked out pretty happy with our purchases.

Afterwards Brad joined us at The Berford Street Tea Room for a Spot of Tea.  Actually us girls had tea, and Brad had a coffee.

With  our hot beverages we also enjoyed a homemade treat of a Raisin Bran Muffin, or Tea Biscuit with Homemade Jam.  The Berford Street Tea Room also offers light lunches at  very reasonable prices

Paula and I also went in to Rankin River Trading Co. for a couple Christmas items I picked up for my Auntie, and Paula a couple unique Christmas Ornaments for herself.

This afternoon was spent doing a whole lot of nothing, and by that I mean spending time on the phone trying to check out all the plans I can upgrade to with the new phone I am getting.  Holy Moly I can not believe the plan I can get and what it included from what my old plan have giving me, which in comparison is nothing !  You really, like car insurance, have to check in every so often with service providers to see what upgrades they have, as they won't call to let you know.

Rob had to go out today to get the Wheelchair accessible van we purchased for a Song, thanks to a very wonderful person who sold it to us.  When he was leaving I starting walking down the steps towards him to give him a kiss good-bye when I stepped out and missed two steps landing on the foyer on my right bum knee, also banging my knee pretty darn good.  What a Klutz I am !!!   I am sure I will live after the experience.

The weather has became mild today with temps well above the freezing mark.  With yet another change in weather comes the headaches.  I have been trying to hold this one at bay all day, but it seems to be winning the battle the more tired I become.

With a great day behind me, I think I will take my headache with me to bed to hopefully get rid of it there before a new day breaks, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. WAY TO GO!!! I fell off the wagon at just over $800.00, (got lazy) I used our extra cash on Christmas gifts, it was a nice addition to our Christmas account. Count me in again this year!!

    1. YAY ! Signed you up, Debby. Yes I did see you post that extra $800.00 came in handy.

  2. Count me in this year. It sounds like fun! And productive!!

  3. I stopped in November and used the extra money for Christmas. The money is still in the bank and will likely be put towards new furniture, sometime in spring. I'm in for 2014.

  4. Good stuff, Cindy!! Well done!! I was thinking about joining in, but have a higher goal in mind for our savings, so i'll probably keep on keepin' on as I have been. Enjoy that new iPhone!!! :)

  5. I dipped into ours when Dave first moved out west but I do wish I had of continued. SO COUNT ME IN AGAIN THIS YEAR! I think it's awesome what you accomplished - congratulations!!!!! And your new coat, btw, is beautiful!!!! Good luck with the new phone!

  6. Barry and I were having a conversation about our "purchase" as we did the lunch dishes. I think the money will go towards the side excursions we have picked out for our cruise through the Panama Canal in April. The little bit that is left over will be a start for 2014. Barry says he thinks I should put in twice as much so he can be part of the next go around. We'll try !

  7. So you gonna be a girl with a "fancy" phone, huh? Just kidding :) Let us know how you like it. I really wanted to join but the looming ER bill and a few other expenses at the beginning of next year just make it impossible again :(

  8. I am doing the challenge. I found out about it in June of this year so saved for 20 weeks and used the money to pay cash for Christmas gifts. I'm really excited to start in January and go the whole 52 weeks.

  9. Count me in again this year ! Happy New Year !

  10. I'm in again! I used what I had saved up in October for eye surgery (not covered by insurance). New year, another eye surgery, but will keep plugging along.

    Happy New Year Cindy!

  11. I think I'd be inclined to enjoy that tea room!

  12. It was such a great day! I am looking forward to being part of the Money challenge this year....

  13. just read about this and think it is a great idea.
    count me in for the challenge!

  14. Count me in. I wasn't able to keep up last year about the job loss, but I will try again this year. Even if I don't complete the whole chart, something is better than nothing, right?

  15. I am going to attempt it again, fingers crossed I can stick with it this year!!

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