Friday 27 December 2013

Finally A Decision !

This day pretty much flew by me it seemed.  I now look at the clock reading 5:29 pm wondering where the past 12 hours got to?  Obviously I was participating in most of it as I am weary enough at the moment as evidence.

Rob was on his way early this morning leaving me behind with the usual "first thing" household chores consisting of making the bed, doing up the dishes I was too tired to do up last night since it was only a couple of plates and such, and of course most important attending to our Aussie's needs.

My brother, Allan called at 8 am, dropping over shortly after to pickup the laptop Rob and I had given our, almost 14 year old, Great Nephew, Riley.  This was in lieu of the usual GC we gift him for his Birthdays. This will be a good start for him to work himself up to a new one down the line some time.

This morning I was scheduled to attend a meeting at the Wiarton Chamber Office to learn a new computer program.  It didn't seem too much of a learning curve for me with many of its features similar to that of Blogger that I do my daily journal on here.  I will have to put it to practice on a day that I am not feeling so weary (must be all that leftover Turkey we have been eating lately).

The meeting carried on for about 2 hours, bringing me back home after the lunch hour.

Back home I had myself some lunch consisting of a wonderful moist Turkey sandwich, before answering a couple of emails before Rob arrived back home.

The Source Store, downtown Wiarton, has After Christmas Sales running until the 31st of December, so I headed down there to check out the cameras they had available.  This little excursion took at least another couple hours out of my day, as I also had to stop in at The Berford Street Tea Room, and the Rankin River Trading Co..

At the Rankin River Trading Co. all their Christmas decor, gifts and wrappings were 50% off.  I had a great time in the Christmas aisles deciding should I or shouldn't I for next Year.  Funny thing was there was a lovely lady there too doing the same as I was.  She also begins her Christmas Shopping afterwards and all through the next Year, having it all done but for a few trinkets by the time December rolls around.

I got 2 beautiful tea light holders (it is kind of smokey looking so does not photo too well), 10 gift bags, 2 pkgs of napkins, and a table runner I was googling over when I was in browsing last Saturday.  I also spotted these little mittens that were Tree ornaments, thinking some of my knitting friends would like this idea for next Year.  Would a tree not look lovely with a bunch of mitts down up in a multitude of different colours?

After I checked out each and every Camera at The Source, I headed back up the street to The Berford Street Tea Room where I had a lovely chat with owners, Jim and Debby.  Their neighbour, Victor Last, had gifted them a collage of photos of days gone by in Wiarton.

To view these bits of Wiarton History collected and put together by Victor Last, drop into The Berford Street Tea Room.  A spot of tea, along with one of Debby's homemade goodies, or a light lunch might be a plan as well while there.

Leaving the Tea Room I collected my packages I had left at Rankin River Trading Co. and headed home for the second time this day.  Rob had also been gone, and also returned not long after I had.

I think I am also weary from spending so much time checking and re-checking specs on different brands of Cameras.  It takes a lot of energy reading through review after review, spec after spec, and then sometimes re-reading when you forgot what you have checked already as you have checked so many !  Oh Man ....

I think after two days of all of this checking I have found a durable Point & Shoot camera that might work for my needs.  Check it out HERE.  If anyone out there has had any personal experience with this Panasonic model or any other one, please let me know, as I would love more personal input if possible.

The percentage of reviews in favour of this camera I had read did outweigh the cons, HERE.  Finally a decision ! (I hope the right one).

Well that is pretty much my day, with again another early night ahead of me I am sure, as last night was a restless sleep night.  There seems to have been a lot of early nights for me lately, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I love the knitted mitts ornament - they are so adorable!!!!!

  2. I too am all set for gift wrap and Christmas cards for next year!!!

  3. Cindy, my last camera was a Panasonic Lumix. I was very pleased with it and Barry won't use my new one. The reason I got a new one was 1) I wanted a viewfinder, can't see the screen on the Panasonic in the bright daylight. and 2) I wanted a SLR with a telescopic lens. Otherwise, I would have been very happy to keep on snapping with the panasonic. I still keep it in my camera bag, use it when I want to go walking with a camera in my pocket or when Barry says, take this, take that, I hand him the Panasonic and let him take whatever. (He will not touch my Canon). So you have probably made a good decision. Looks rugged and waterproof, bonus. Hope it works out for you. Alice

  4. I have so much Xmas stuff collected over the years that I won't shop any sales this season :)

  5. I made it. Finally made my last deposit into my 52 Week Money Challenge account tonight. That brings my total to a few cents over the actual ammount we were to have as I made a few cents interest. And the goal has been reached in time to have something concrete ready to spend it on. There always seems to be something to spend our money on, right. However, this one is going to be fun. Alice

  6. I know nothing about Panasonic cameras but I think most are pretty good these days unless you're going professional. I do love a turkey sandwich! xx

    1. You've been busy as usual!

      We used up some leftover turkey in an omelette.


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