Friday, 6 December 2013

Rambling About

Did I ever get back to that list I made yesterday?  no, as there was something more important I had to do, and that was to go visit my Mom first thing this morning.

In Gateway Haven you most certainly get into the Christmas Spirit with all the delightful decorations from entering then going from floor to floor, even though I only seen the first and third floors, I am sure the 2nd would have been as beautifully decorated.

I had a really good visit with my Mom.  She loves brooches, so I had taken 2 brooches I had put away from last Year to take to her this Year.  They were very simple, both made from felt, one a Snowman and one a Santa Claus.  Mom LOVED both brooches, asking I put the Snowman one on her blouse.  Mom's room has a bit of Cheer all Year round with the poinsettias I had gotten her earlier this Year.  I was so happy I had found her new ones, as the old ones she had, had been pretty tired.

Mother reminded me she was coming to my house for Christmas this Year.  She had decided for herself she would switch from Year to Year Special Occasions from my house to my brother's.  This was my Year for her Birthday, and Christmas.  I will be keeping her gift back so she has something to open when she is here with us.  

Christmas will be very quiet this Year, with only Rob, myself and my Mom.  We will see the children in the New Year, and have already set a date for that.  I get a bit sad not seeing the Grandchildren at Christmas, but would rather have them with me in the Summer Months when I can be outdoors more with them.  I can not take the cold too much ... brrr.

I had a few more happy moments in my day today, and one earlier this week too with having had ...

... receiving an email with a photo of one of our Spectacular Six pups from 2012, Riff Raff.  She looks exactly like her father, Bandit, from what I can tell from the photo.  I was feeling a little down today, but when I had stopped into the Foodland Store to see our Everything 8 pup, Rusty and his Forever Mom, Jenn, it made my day !!!  Look at that *smile*, as he had been Over the World to see me.  Jenn told me he only does this when he sees me.  I am flattered our pups remember good experiences from our home.  Then there is our dear Bandit, who had a new bed purchased for him by his Forever Dad.  Rob does spoil this boy, but tells me I spoil them all.  Right !

Back home well after Lunch time, I still did not find myself making an attempt at that list from yesterday.  Rather I got snooping around in our bedroom closet which resulted in getting some Christmas Cheer happening at our house.

I am happy with a bit of Christmas within our walls, and besides what would Christmas be without a Christmas Tree ? such as it is, I love it.  Every Christmas it was our Paul's job to get Grandma's Ceramic Tree out and decorate it ... I miss those times.

I do not know what has came over me today, but I have been really feeling a bit on the meloncholy side.  I had missed out on a few calls with my Sister, Donna, finally touching base with her very late this afternoon as we have both a bit on the busy side.  We ended up having our conversation while I multi-tasked by taking Lexus and Bandit out at the same time we were talking.  And my sister, Jeanne? I spoke to her the other night to catch up with her a wee bit.  My brother, Allan? I just happened to run into him at the Co-op Store this past Monday, where he said he would catch up with me after Black Powder this week (I hope he remembers?).  My Son, Paul? I got to speak to him a couple of times late on in the day, and then to all the kids after he had picked up the boys for his weekend with them.

I suppose feeling melancholy can be alright some days, but I feel a bit off balance when there are tears that arrive that I seemingly have no control over at times.  Tears are not a bad thing, however can make someone uncomfortable other then yourself when you are in the presence of others at times when they happen.

Here I am rambling about much, but nothing much it seems.

Tomorrow will be a busy day as the Crabby Cabbie vehicle will be going into the Wiarton Christmas Parade tomorrow night.  I am truly looking forward to going out to have some fun for myself, with hopefully my husband in tow.

Okay enough of that, and onto the moments ahead, spent joining my husband in watching some very very old Christmas Movies on TV, that he always LOVES doing, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Looks and sounds like you had full yet lovely day ! Wonderful photos . Thanks for sharing have a great time at the parade and a good weekend !

  2. Hi Cindy~ This year it will be quiet around here for us as daughter and her family will be spending the holiday with my ex-husband, so I know exactly how you feel....melancholy is the perfect word. I also want to tell you that I collect ceramic Christmas trees! In all sizes! Last count..10 minus the 2 I recently gave away! Lynn

  3. I have had my share of melancholy days....

    The dogs have you both wrapped round your paws.

  4. *passes you a Kleenex*

    I'm having my own fair share of melancholy days. This will be the first Christmas - ever - that I don't spend with my two boys and it saddens me greatly. However, we do plan on visiting in a few months and I can't wait. In the meantime, my mom is travelling out west to spend a month with us and I can't wait for that, either. I guess all we can do is try to stay focused on the good things and enjoy a good cry once in a while - it does wonders!


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