Friday 23 August 2013

Eww Just Nasty !

Poor Rob and I both had an awful night with barely any sleep at all between the two of us.  I had gone into a semi-lull when Rob starting talking to me.  I was very nice about it and answered him quite civilly.  He finally got up and went into work around 11 pm.  I never really got back to sleep and called to check on him at 2 am.

3 am arrived with Rob getting into bed, and tossing, turning and getting up as painful Charlie Horses were menacing him all night long, in turn keeping me awake, no fault of Robs.

Needless to say by the time our one driver pulled in just before 7 am to start work, we were both ready to have a fitful sleep .... a never fail.

Rob and I both had an appointment with our Good Doctor, North of the Checkerboard, in Lion's Head this morning so off we went.  I had my allergy shot and a great blood pressure reading this day.  Since my x-ray results on my sinus came back showing nothing, a MRI has been ordered.  I really do not know what they don't skip the x-rays in such cases and go right to an MRI in the first place to save costs.  This also happened when I had a torn Mencius two years ago, which showed on the MRI but not on the x-ray.

Some things are way beyond my understanding at times.

Once back home Rob headed on his way down to work in Saugeen Shores with his Crabby Cabbie hat firmly set upon his head.  Me?  I managed to take all the Aussies out and about, do the dishes then head on out myself ....

Yes I drove up to Tobermory right after the Lunch hour to pickup some Hikers to return them to their vehicle left in Lion's Head.  What a nice couple they had been.  Since the other Crabbys were too busy I have to "fill-in" on occasion.  For some reason these occasions are becoming more frequent then not lately ... hmmm.  It would not be so bad, but when a girl doesn't get a paycheck I begin to wonder what my forehead says ... *smile*.

With the hikers safely dropped off to their vehicle I made my way back home as well.  Barely finishing up some lunch when I got another call to pick someone up at the Hospital and take them home.  What a kind helpful Soul I am beginning to see myself as ... ha !

The Crabby Cabbie Wiarton does enjoy meeting Hikers who are from all over.  This nice young couple happened to be from Hamilton, Ontario.

With most of the day eaten up I was happy to have gotten the bed made and a bit of laundry waiting to be folded and put away done.  Anything else done?  NO !!!

When Rob and our driver, Jeff, returned late afternoon from work, Jeff was kind enough to help Rob replace some Brake Pads on our Wiarton Crabby Cabbie vehicle that needed replacing.  Before they had gotten to that my friend Gayle had came out to pick some veggies from the garden for their dinner this evening.

We found some garden culprits that were just down right nasty !!!

I am glad Gayle found them on the Tomato plants, as I could hardly make them out since they blend so well with the plants.  Yes these are big fat, obviously well fed, Tomato Hornworms.  Ewww, ewwww, and triple Ewww !!!  

Would you care to learn more about these unsightly "Eww Factor" creatures? then *click* right HERE.  And as suggested in the article to step on them, I could not bring myself to do that, so into the burn barrel they went.  I didn't care for doing that too much either.  EWWWW !

Despite my fatigue today, I did take a moment to admire the flowers.  These Clematis make such a spectacular show who could not gaze upon them in admiration.

Our dinner was very simply a bowl of Homemade Hamburger Soup and a grilled cheese.  This suited us both just fine.

The dishes have been done, Rob is having a wee siesta before returning to work this evening, I am going to take the Gang all out for the last time this evening, then very shortly after call it a night myself, "Just North Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Hi Cindy....
    I have the solution for your tomato cut worms. Next year when you put your tomato plants in the ground, use a plastic cup w/o the bottom so that it surrounds the base of the plant. I bury half of a 10/12 oz.cup in the soil. The worm won't be able to crawl up the plant. Works just about every time. Bess

    1. Thanks Bess; you will have to remind me about this next year, this I am certain of. *smile*

  2. Oh you guys must be exhausted ! I have had the pleasure of these bugs on our farm as a kid in the veggie patch . I do not remember what my mum did to get rid of them as I was a young kid at the time but they sure grossed me out enough to remember after all these years what they were and looked like ! Thanks for sharing hope the bugs.. bug off lol Have a good weekend !

  3. Hope you both can get a good nights sleep tonight!! Nasty looking bugs, ewww is right.

  4. Sounds like Bess has the right idea...

    Tobemory's quite a drive up...


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