Wednesday 28 March 2012

Two "Road Trips" With Days Of Each Other !

 Before I being with my today, I really must finish with my "yesterday".

"Each of the speakers at yesterday's VON Grey-Bruce's "Day Away for the Caregiver" were given a little gift as token of appreciation."

"The "note" that went along with the gift I received, was one that made my heart sing ...."

If I can share my experience, or knowledge gained from it, with others, with it even only helping one person, then I would be satisfied.  Should it help more then one person, then I would be totally elated.  I am a firm believer in "You Reap What You Sow", are you not?  so "Pass it Forward" whenever you can ....

Our day began with heading out in a different direction of Ontario, then the one we had taken Sunday.  Actually very much so in an opposite direction ....

"Out our driveway heading further "South of the Checkerboard" into the rising early morning Sun we traveled."

"Down the North Hill into Wiarton."

"Proceeding no further then the local Tim Hortons so we could first pickup our morning "fix".  Two extra large, double double and double cream please?  Trust me I needed an extra large this morning."

"We made our way into Shallow Lake, right past McKay's Cycle, who deals with HDs.  That would be the Harley Davidsons, not the Hound Dogs with the waggly tails and huge "woof"."

"Down another big hill into the City of Owen Sound we go, heading towards Hwy 26 ....."

"...which takes us through the Town of Meaford , being noted as Apple Orchard Country around these parts of Ontario."

"Just coming into the outskirts of the Town of Thornbury at this point."

"With the Blue Mountain Ski Resort and the Blue Mountain Village, not too much further on down the road."

"Beautiful Georgian Bay just on the edge of Craigleith."

"With it boasting one of the last remaining wooden CNR stations (although Wiarton does have one as well)." 

 "What appears to somewhat of a "mishap" going on here,  just on the outskirts of Wasaga Beach."

"Here we are in Stayner, where Reinhart Foods is located and Allen's Vinegar is made."

I missed taking photos of Collingwood which is the next place we pass through, but "captured" on our way back home ....

"A ways up the Horseshoe Valley Road there we made a "pit stop" for the girls.  There is little Missy Mercedes, saying, "let me out, let me out of here", she is !"

"Here we are just entering the Horseshoe Valley.  The most beautiful part of the drive was through this stretch of Highway."

"This here place is Coulston, another "don't blink or you will miss it" place.  However I did happen to notice the sign in front of the "one" store that said, "Elk Meat" for sale."

"This here would be Jarrett we were coming upon."

"Finally almost three hours later we are almost at our destination."

"Hooray !!!  We make it to Orillia, with only a couple of blocks more to get where we are headed."

We really didn't have to stay long at our destination with our transaction completed within minutes and everyone pleased with all concerned.  We were soon turned around and backtracking our route, homeward bound ....

"Held up for just a little bit here at the railroad tracks at this point."

"That guy ahead is "waving" back at me !  Could it be?  Yes it is .... my very own Rob in his new backup "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle that we had purchased only minutes prior .  Darn, here I thought it could of been some "well to do" stranger" attracted to my staggering beauty through his rearview mirror !  LOL, but "someone much relieved knowing it was the "love of my life" giving me the "wave"."

The "coolest" part of this whole vehicle transaction that went down, was the guy who we bought the vehicle from let us use his plates and insurance to drive it back home.  His parents reside in Southampton, with Rob dropping off the plates around to their home tonight !!!  Oh man, what I nice feeling to be respected and trusted .... almost unheard of anymore, is it not?"  ...not to mention a nice little "break" for us not to have to go to the bother of purchasing a temporary "trip permit" either.

"That "mishap" we had came across earlier?  .... guess it wasn't such a little one, as it appears a pickup truck ran into the side of this Propane Refill Station's tank.  *Sigh* I am sure precautions are being met here with fear of "propane leakage".

"Here we are going back through Collingwood.  Pretty mountain view way over there, is it not?"

"Hepworth !!!  My father's original Hometown, way back when.  We aren't too far away from home now."

"HOME, SWEET HOME, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".  Home to the "Checkerboard Aussies", the sometimes "Crabby Cabbie", and his not so "Crabby" wife."

Home Sweet Home it sure was to my poor tired eyes, as I had been awake since 3 am.  My muscles and joints feel like they are going to come right through my skin.  Although I am happy my dear Rob "struck" a deal for a backup "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle, as we all know there are some things you need as "backup" for in this life, with this being one of ours.

It is still early evening here with the warmth from the wood stove making it feel cozy, inside and well protected from the blowing winds outside our windows here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Great trip and terrific photos - I'm starting to get the guilts 'cos since I've been laid up i haven't had the camera out!

    Must be being missed - HLSS rang yesterday and again today - they are desparate for drivers - but I still said "No! I'm not well enough yet!" I have the safety of my passengers that is a paramount consideration.

  2. I really enjoy going to Stayner we bought our kitchen table from there.

    Great photos,



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