Thursday 15 March 2012

I Did It ! I Did It ! I Finally Did It !!!!

This morning started out pretty good, well oiled and smoothly ran.  The "pack" attended to, Aiden looked after, the "chicken" rinsed then placed into the oven, a whisper into Rob's ear it was exercise morning, and I was "off like a herd of turtles".

I was so proud of myself this morning !!!  It was the  very first time I single handed lead the VON SMART Wiarton exercise class through the whole second half of the Flexibility and Strength exercises (with a little help from my notes, of course).  I finally did it!  My dear partner, Andrea, who lead the first half of the components with the warm-up, aerobics and cool down, stated I hadn't even sounded one bit nervous and that I had done a wonderful job !  Yeah me !!!!  Took me long enough, now didn't it?  LOL ....

Last Fall I had "blogged" a video put out by Dr. Mike Evans.  I was amazed when I seen him interviewed on last night's News.  Fantastic message Dr. Mike's Video is; fun to listen to and watch as well.  For those who might have "missed" out when I had "blogged" Dr. Mike, please have a look see yourself now ....

Were you able to answer the two questions put to us?  .... in 23 1/2 hours can you spare 1/2 hour?  What is the single best thing you can can do for your health?

I am of the opinion, "Exercise is the Best Medicine", are you?

When I returned home from exercise, Rob had the "white" turnip I had bought the other day, peeled and cooking.  All I had yet to do was peel potatoes and get them to cooking.

"Rob was pretty leery when I had picked up three of these not too attractive looking veggies  (a tad scary looking is it not?)  Let me tell you, he put a little bit of brown sugar in along with them when they were cooking, and we both liked them better then the "regular" turnips for their flavor."

"Our main entree for Dinner today was one of our own Home Grown Chickens.  It was very tasty if I say so myself."

"I received some "more" early Birthday Cards today.  I love getting cards early so I can enjoy them before the "actual" day."

"This is what had been placed in the card my Niece, Joanne, had sent me .... LOL.  I can remember those days when "nobody, and I mean nobody was to even look sideways at a person's diary !  Not no more ... lol.  Isn't this priceless?"

My afternoon was spent doing up a pile of dishes from Dinner, sweeping all the floors and cleaning our bedroom.  It was a gorgeous day out there today with such warm temps it was amazing !  There had been a severe Thunderstorm Warning earlier, however it appears it is no longer, *phew* ... really didn't need my "Crabby Cabbie" out there with them calling for hail the size of "loonies" !

"The warm weather has not only brought out the flies, the caterpillars have also been emerging the last couple of day too, just like this one Aiden found today.  Fuzzy wuzzies are so cute."

Aiden and I made a "pickup" run down to Hepworth for 6:00 pm tonight, as I had made another "score" from a Swap group for some pretty cool dishes from "Stokes" for a totally awesome deal.

"I am going to have to use the sandwich plate for my Dinner plate I am thinking?  as the Dinner plate filled would surely "add" more to my hips I am thinking?   LOL.  Blue Murino with a bit of antiquing brown throughout is the colour."  

"Aiden was all happy we had just happen to "hookup" for the Dinnerware at the Hepworth Tim Horton's where he "scored" a donut for himself !  "This is the one Grandma.""

When we got back home, Just North of Wiarton, from Hepworth, there was still plenty of daylight for Aiden to play outside before he came in to have a bath to remove the "pound" of dirt from his body that he had acquired this day.

I have one of those whole days of running around tomorrow, which I find so exhausting but one I am unable to avoid so I best "shut up, put up and suck it up" and do it, as I really don't have much of a choice otherwise .... *sigh*.  Since one of the appointments is in Owen Sound taking up most of the morning between driving and the appointment, my friend, Sharon, was kind enough to invite Aiden to spend the time with her and her grandsons.  Aiden is overjoyed about the prospect of spending more time with his new found friend, Ben !

I am going to take myself out into my kitchen to fix myself a nice cup of Green Tea, take care of all the "pack's" needs, then put my feet up for a little TV time here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. well done you..when is your birthday?


  2. Horray for you at exercise today !

  3. Good for you for doing your exercise routine!Literally :)

  4. Happy almost Birthday. I know your grand is enjoying having time with you, but they take up a LOT of energy!! Ha Good luck on your running around today I HATE doing all the errands


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