Thursday, 22 March 2012

Always Making A "Mess" To Clean A "Mess" !

I have not accomplished a dang, dang, triple dang thing all day today.  My head feels like it is going to come right off my neck, if my neck doesn't fall apart first, and I feel pretty much "void" of all known energy.  Hopefully the "pill" works its magic here very shortly putting me in a better place ... enough about all this belly aching as I best be getting onto what I didn't get done today !!

It was an early morning, so I was dragging my behind to begin with.  The two Java infusions I had first thing didn't seem to do the trick so I carried on dragging myself right downtown to the weekly VON SMART exercise group where I volunteer each and every Thursday morning.  Once there I seemed to get a little bit of a "lift" once I got motivated ... I love the gals at this Thursday morning group, we have "fun" together which takes the pain out of the "exercise" part of it all .... lol.

Rob had left about an hour earlier then myself this morning as he had made arrangements to pickup a friend to go help him pickup up a mattress and box spring we had bought for the spare bedroom we are re-doing.  When I got back home from exercise, they were here just getting ready to unload it and bring it on in.

"Since the spare room is sitting empty waiting to be painted and have new rug layed, here it sits."

"Our other spare bedroom, which was recently decluttered only last month, is full of everything else from the one waiting for paint and carpet .... always making a "mess" to clean a "mess", so it seems .... but I do believe "progress is being made" !!! "

After the guys had the mattress safely leaning against the hallway wall, they got a couple other things Rob needed help with outside while I put them together a lunch of sliced Havarti, hash browns, brown toast and eggs over easy.  Only thing I had that was Easy Peasy as 1-2-3 to put together on such short notice.  Oh dang, I just remembered we still have chili in the freezer I could of served them.  No problem as I didn't hear a "peep" out of either one of them with what I made.

With everything cleaned up from lunch and the dishes done, I decided I should make a run downtown again to pickup up some coin rollers, since Rob brought in a bag a chicken scratch change he had been saving up since September.

"I am curious to find out how much we get after it is all rolled up.  Whatever it is will be added to our Vacation Fund for some day Year."

"Lexus did go along with me to The Evergreen Forest B&B yesterday.  However since Bandit had been back in the drainage ditches earlier, he was all mud, so Lexus got to go for the ride again.  The majority of the time it is little Missy Mercedes that goes.  Isn't our soon to be "Checkerboard Aussie" Mama looking good?  One more month and there should be a few "Checkerboard Youngsters" running around here."

"The Parsley is making a brilliant appearance once again, along with the Chick & Hens coming back to a more "lively" looking state."

Holy gee willikers it is thundering like crazy outside the windows here at the moment ... hope the Hydro doesn't go "kaput" on me here, at least until I am finished up here with what I am doing !!!

"When Lexus & I were downtown, I also thought I would pop in to the local Foodland Store for a Beef Roast since it was the last day of the sale for $2.97 /lb.  For $10.00 we will have two meals with leftovers for sandwiches or Shepherd's Pie."

I forgot to mention on yesterday's blog that Caroline & Doug of The Evergreen B&B are also having a contest where you can submit a "Bear" story, fiction or non-fiction, on their website, for a chance to win a "FREE" (we all like that word "free" do we not?) weekend get away at their beautiful B&B located just before the Gateway to the Bruce Peninsula.

To submit your story, prior to August 31st, 2012, please go to the following link: 

I am looking forward myself to reading some of these "non-fiction & fiction" Bear stories, so please make sure they are good !  LOL

Rob and I are trying our hand out at raising some more Home Grown Chickens this year, without a partner as well this year ....

.... so if you should be interested in one, two, three, or more for yourself, please drop me a line at to place an order for this September.  Prices are $3.00/lb dressed, as in the above picture ... lol.  Thanks in advance for your order, and thank you to Family members and friends who have already placed their order with us.

Okay that pretty wraps up my day, with me sorry that dang "pill" hasn't worked it's "magic" yet on my headache or neck .... I think I will try a soothing cup of Green Tea to see if that will relax things a little bit for me here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. so is Bandit the father? Can't wait to see the little ones.

    Busy, busy day for you, hope Friday is a little more quieter...


  2. When I am doing a big clean up seems like the mess is bigger than ever, good luck in the new spare bedroom. Hope you feel better!!

  3. thank you for your kind off re albert
    any help gratefully received


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