Monday 5 March 2012

Guest Article ~ Stave Away Those Wintertime Blues

This morning, I would like to present a Guest Article by Liz Davies.  Liz is a recent College Graduate and Health nut residing in the State of Florida, USA.  Boy could we ever introduce her to some Winter Weather up here in Bruce County, now couldn't we?

I, myself, find Liz's article very informative since I have just found out I have a Vitamin D deficiency.  Her article also addresses SAD, something none of us want to be, and making things better by keeping ourselves social (something I never seem to have a problem doing).  

We all know how important our Health is to us.  Liz gives us great advice and facts on how to ward of any Wintertime Blues we might have until the arrival of Spring (hopefully this won't be much further away now).

Please lend your eyes to Liz's article as follows:

Stay Happy and Healthy Through the Cold

In areas of the United States and Canada that experience winter weather, the cold can often result in a strong desire to take after the bears, and hibernate until the spring. In fact, many people are so affected by the change in weather that they suffer from disorders directly related to winter cold and darkness, such as with seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. This disorder is a form of depression that occurs during the winter months, as less sunlight and warmth is available for the body. Luckily, there's a broad range of remedies that can leave almost anyone feeling healthy, happy, motivated and positive throughout the winter until the spring sunshine and warmth return.

While it may be cold outside, bundling up in warm clothing and going outdoors can help combat the winter blues. This benefits by exposing the body to sunlight and fresh air, which can increase vitamin D production and mimic similar feelings to walking in the sun during the summertime. To increase the mood-boosting benefits, get outside with friends and family and perform activities that are fun or relaxing, whether simply going for a walk, or heading up the mountain to ski or snowboard. Mood-boosting benefits can also be found indoors by increasing the sunlight in the home. Avoid closing the curtains or blinds during the day. Consider trimming away trees or tree branches that block light from streaming into the home, or installing skylights to increase sun exposure during the winter.

Exercise can also help decrease depression and improve motivation during the long winter months. While it may be difficult to get motivated to exercise at first during the winter, doing so activates the release of mood-boosting endorphins and neurotransmitters, which combat both anxiety and depression. Exercises also promotes a feeling of well-being and increased health, and may also boost mood by elevating self-image through changes in body appearance from weight loss and muscle gain. Combine exercise with friends or other companions both for accountability, and to gain further mood benefits by socializing and interacting with others.

When depression starts to overwhelm during the winter, doctors often prescribe light treatments, or phototherapy. Phototherapy utilizes light therapy lamps or light boxes with special bulbs that emit light similar to outdoor light. This light has been shown to help improve mood similar to how sunlight can during the summer months. Even better, phototherapy has little to no side effects, works for most people, and begins working within two to four days, suggests the Mayo Clinic.

Another way to feel better in the winter months is to keep in close contact with friends and family. Now it is much easier to keep in touch. Social media and long distance calling are great ways to keep in contact with everyone, whether it is an old high school friend or your sibling. An old fashioned letter is also a nice surprise to receive on a chilly day.

Whatever the case may be it is important to focus on your health and staying happy throughout this time of the year. Get yourself outdoors or stay in and call your favorite relative. Just make sure to keep yourself out of the wintertime blues!

Liz Davies is a recent college graduate and aspiring writer especially interested in health and wellness. She wants to make a difference in people’s lives because she sees how cancer has devastated so many people in this world. Liz also likes running, playing lacrosse, reading and playing with her dog, April. If you would like to contact her she can be reached at

Liz can also be found on her own "blog", which hopefully she will be adding more to as time goes on, at the following link:

I was pretty late publishing my post yesterday, so if you haven't been by there yet, please do stop around HERE.  I will be also be back later today, hopefully at some point with more of my musings and adventures from the day.

Thanks Liz for joining us all here, as it has been a pleasure having you as a Guest on my "blog", Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard"

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  1. Great post! Even a little time outside really makes a difference in my day.


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