Tuesday 13 March 2012

Lots Of Clustering Happening With Spring On Fast Track

The warm Springlike weather also brings out the worse with those pesky Cluster or Blow Flies emerging literally out of the woodwork, brickwork, or whatever crevice they crawl out from when the slightest warmth hits our windows.  Anyone out in Farm country, or remotely close to a "pile or two of shite poop" knows how irritating these dang things are.

Oh man, I do hate those fly sticky rolls that hang down from the ceiling.  We used to have them on our outside back porch when we lived in Waterloo ... how many times I walked into one of those "suckers" have my hair stuck to one.  Gross !!!! and then some !  Yech, yech, yech !!!

We get quite a few of these flies at our basement's back door window facing the Western exposure.  There have been swarms of them at this location at times.

Last Year I had come across a fly catcher that gets placed on to the window (I am thinking I found them at the Co-op or TSC store).

"I am pleased to say they seem to be doing the trick, are somewhat attractive in the fly catching sense I suppose, and the dang things are not hanging from a rafter where I walk into them to have my hair stuck with gunk forever...ewwww."

Here is a link to some other helpful hints that might be of some assistance in the aid of ridding one's self of Cluster flies:  http://www.howtogetridofstuff.com/pest-control/how-to-get-rid-of-cluster-flies/

I manged to get at our downstairs freezer today, which I might add is by the back "fly" door where I hadn't been bothered by one pesky fly.  I didn't really have time to pull everything out and wash it all down as I had hoped to, however I did organize it better then what it was.

"The "Before" photo ....."

" .... and the after.  Top shelf, bread, turkey, some veggies & chili; 2nd shelf, home grown chickens; 3rd shelf, beef & venison; 1st Basket, applies & peaches; 2nd Basket, pork chops, ribs, and pork tenderloins; Door, hold a little bit of this & a little bit of that.  Trust me I think it is more organized then it was."

"Unfortunately there was a bit of waste, dang it all.  Not too bad though with a bit of ice cream, two pkg. of meat, 1 pkg. of fish, and two pkg. of fruit."

I am obviously not making deserts as much as I was last Year, as I can't remember having this much fruit still in the freezer at this time last year.  But then again, Rob wasn't working the hours he is now, and my Mother had still been living with us, so I baked more last Year.

Once the freezer was done, it was time to think about getting some Dinner on the table for Rob, Aiden and myself, but not until Aiden and Bandit were called in from where they were outside playing.  

"As reported by Aiden, Bandit had been rolling in the puddles and mud outside, so he had to "dry out" a bit in his crate, the poor old "mud hound"."

LOL, actually I have seen him much worse looking then this.  One time in the Summer he had been swimming in the drainage ditches, then rolled in the sand .... there was not one white spot on him to be seen !!!  Now that was a true looking "mud hound" that time !

It was so nice this afternoon, Aiden and I met up with my walking friend, Sharon, who also has her three grandson visiting her this week.  Her and her youngest grandson joined us for a walk this afternoon.  

Once back home again, we had our supper before we headed back downtown Wiarton so Aiden could attend at the Salvation Army's "Pioneer Club".  They all seemed to be having a great time there when I dropped him off and picked him back up ....

"Here is Aiden and Sharon's youngest grandson, Ben, who just happens to be the same age as Aiden.  Bonus !!!"

Oh yes, today was also a great day to get the mail, as there were a couple of goodies in the mailbox rather then the usual "bills".

"Whoohoo !  The Kraft Foods "what's cooking" magazine."

"...and a "freebie" I had applied for on Facebook."

I was so pleased, as yesterday we had picked up some Compound 90 to fix the few holes and blemishes in the walls of the spare room we are re-doing, and Rob had actually began the repair of such today for us !!!  Yeah, it is getting closer to being newly painted every day ....then new carpet, new baseboards and window/door casings and a new mattress for the bed.  I can hardly wait til it is finished, cause then maybe our bedroom will be next????

For some reason I am totally exhausted, totally feeling major fatigue, as well as a little on the "grumpy" side.  I am thinking this means I have overdone myself, once again, in one area or another and best be getting my butt into bed and getting myself more rested up.  When one starts seeing two computer screens it is time to "give it up", wouldn't you think?

I do appreciate the new followers of my blog who have recently came "on board".  Thank you for joining me here with my humble daily mumbles, opinions and musings of the day.

Grammar, spelling errors?  Too tired, don't care !  Okay, okay, but now since my eyes are burning, I think it is time to "call it a night" here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Go get some rest, dear! You deserve it!!

  2. I am also sooo tired tonight but the kids did have fun today so it is all worth it

  3. Glad we don't have the flies you have!!!! I have been dragging this week as well, wondering if the time change could be the problem. Have a great day with your grand, you are keeping him busy for sure.

  4. hope you're having a better day today?

    Take care of yourself,



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