Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Lunching With Mother

More things ahead of me today there was.  Before I left the house I did get the dishes done and our bed made.

I had an appt. with my GP, Dr. Diodati, at 10:45 am.  He was a bit on the busy side this morning so I really didn't get in until 1/2 hour after my appt. time, and then back out to my vehicle at 11:37.  

The Doctor was quick to tell me how fantastic Rob has been doing with his weight loss and exercise.  It must be nice to see a patient be dedicated to going forward and away from getting diabetes, as Rob's numbers have dropped and he really is doing good all around.

We addressed my fibromyalgia and not sleeping issues again today by increasing the medications with another follow-up in a months time.  While I had been waiting for my appt. time Dr. Kaal's office had called me and booked me in for next week to address my stomach/liver/pancreas issues.  

A scan had also been ordered for Rob's back as it is full of arthritis, and also needed to be addressed.  

We are both very happy with Dr. Diodati, and his being thorough with wonderful bedside mannerism as well.

After leaving the doctor's offices I headed over to Gateway Haven to meet up with my Sister, Jeanne, and her husband, Cecil.  We had decided we were going to have lunch with our Mother today.

We had a nice bit of a visit together over lunch.  Mom is always happy to see us.

Not to mention what an awesome lunch we had.  Mom had the Egg Salad Sandwich with a Cucumber Salad on the side, with jello for dessert, while the rest of us had Chicken a la King with carrots, a Corn Muffin, and mixed berries for dessert. 

I got back home to enjoy a coffee before heading back downtown to another appointment I had this afternoon.  

I had been very happy today as Rob ordered the new window for our bedroom.  Progress is being made !  hooray !!!!  That should be a couple of weeks by the time it is custom made and come in.  After it is installed I will then be able to think about painting the room and putting the new carpet down ... maybe maybe maybe it will be all done before Summer?

Before I had went to my appointment this afternoon I had put a small roasting chicken in the oven for our dinner.  Rob had put potatoes on to cook just as I was coming home, and I steamed cauliflower to go along with it.

Dinner was not only simple, but had been simply delish too.

I have been thinking all day about what I am going to be wearing to my son's wedding in July.  I figured I was going to settle with the dress I had purchased a couple of months ago, deciding I didn't need a long Mother of the Groom's dress.

This is a Black dress with some nice "bling" on the neckline and will only require a nice blingy bracelet and sandals to finish setting it off.  Should I loose a significant amount of weight prior to the wedding then I might consider purchasing a different dress, however in the meantime I will remain my cheap frugal self and be satisfied with what I have and count my blessings for that.

Rob has already gone to bed as he had a very late night last night.  I will be not long heading there myself as I have to be out the door by 7 am  in the morning to attend a Breakfast meeting.  Rob will  have to hold down the fort for me first thing, as well as look after our Aussies, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. it's always a great help when you have faith in your family doctor. We are not as lucky.

  2. Cauliflower is always welcome to eat. I like it with a white sauce.

  3. It is wonderful when you find a doctor you really like! I love that dress, but if you lose weight, you do deserve a new one!

  4. You are so lucky to a doctor who listens to you and addresses the issues Cindy.
    I love that dress too. I can so see you in that one. Are you going to pin your hair up with a bit of bling too????

  5. I love that dress - it's perfect for the occasion.


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