Friday, 27 March 2015

Happy Birthday Lunch

What happened to Spring? it had been snowing and -13*C this morning when I got up at 5:30 am.  Everyone had been hep to the warmer temps last week, and now they have gone down, down, down.

I headed downtown this morning to do a bit of shopping, then returned home to a quick shower and get ready to pickup my friend, Pari.  We were heading into Owen Sound for lunch, drop off our books to the Accountant, and go to my appt. with the neurologist. 

I picked Pari up at 11:45 am and we headed out.  After stopping at Staples we headed over to Joe Tomatoes, where my Niece, Joanne, met up with us to join us for lunch.

We began with a Spinach, Artichoke, Cheese Dip, then Joanne and I had the Chicken Greek Wrap, and Pari the "hot" Chicken Wings.  I was surprised afterwards with the staff coming out to sing Happy Birthday to me with a Brownie topped with ice cream and whipped topping.  Thanks to Pari for spoiling me with this Happy Birthday Lunch today.

After lunch Joanne headed over to her boyfriends, while Pari and I dropped around to the accountants.  We then went on over to the Owen Sound Hospital where Dr. Young's office was located for my appointment.

Dr. Young went though some of my history with me, then did some tests.  He also checked the MRIs which have been done on my neck.  He concluded the problems of my experiencing dizzy spells, unbalance, headaches and of course chronic pain are stemming from the osteoarthritis in my neck.  His comment was, "you have a lot of arthritis in your neck".  Yes this I knew, and once again yet another Doctor has validated this.

Dr. Young said he was sorry there was nothing which could be done about what I am experiencing, however suggested a neck brace worn for short periods might give me some relief.  I tried a neck brace some time ago and it had caused me more or the same discomfort.  He also gave me some new meds to try for when I get a migraine, and to keep him informed of how, if, they worked for me.

I found Doctor Young to be one of the most modest empathetic Doctor I have met. His bed side manner is impeccable.  He listens, giving information directly and with suggestion.  Should I have to go back to Dr. Young, I surely will look forward to doing so.

Pari and I made two more stops, one at Sears, and the last at the Giant Tiger before heading home.

Pari had given me a nice grey purse and silver bracelet.  Oh yes some Ferrero Chocolates too which I put in the freezer as I do not need any temptation after the huge lunch I had.

It had been way after 5 pm when we got back home.  For dinner I had some raw mushrooms and curry dip which filled me right to the top.  Rob? he had leftover chicken wings and half a wrap from Joanne and Pari.

I am done like dinner, however once again grateful for having such wonderful friends and family. 

Oh yes is everyone still "in" on the 52 Week Money Challenge?  as I am working on it backwards, I deposited $40.00 today, and have a total of $625.59 to date in my account.  I am thinking on what we will do with the money when the challenge is over ... endless possibilities at our house.

Not certain if I would appreciate a belly rub with Rob's foot as much as Bandit does, however I most certainly know I would enjoy one on my back with his big strong hands.

This evening will be rest, rest, rest for my aching tired, but very happy, body, Just North of Wiarto & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I am still doing the challenge - backwards as well. I also deposited $40 today but you have more in your account than I do!

  2. good to hear the doctors visit went by well. You sound as though you had a good day overall with your birthday lunch etc.

  3. That does sound like a good doctor.

  4. I had to do some catch up deposits last week after missing a few weeks due to some unexpected expenses. Back on track but I am not going backwords.


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