Sunday, 29 March 2015

One Of Those Days

It had to be around 1 am, or shortly thereafter, I heard our Buddy crying downstairs from his kennel.  I went down to take him out, assuming that is what he needed, to hear water running.  Walking into our furnace/laundry room areas to find a pipe had let go and there was about one inch of water across the floor.

I pulled the plug to the pump.  Then I moved Lexus from her kennel into the whelping pen, taking Buddy into her dry kennel.  After I had the dogs settled I then went back up stairs to get Rob up.

We got the shop vac, dehumidifiers and basement wood stove going to get a handle on it to dry up.

Thank goodness Buddy woke me up as I never heard the water pouring out and onto our basement floor.

Yes after this mess to deal with at 1:30 am both Rob and I were very tired today.

With not much sleep between the both of us we waited to head off to the Wiarton Home Building Centre when it opened at 9 am.  $78 dollars later we came home with Rob fixing the problem.  I am very grateful Rob knows how to fix such things, as anyone can well imagine how much it would have cost to have a plumber to come in on a Sunday.  Thank you ROB ! xx

No Frills stores have Cook's Shank Hams on "sale" for .97 cents a pound this week.  I called my neighbour, and we headed on over to Owen Sound to do a quick shop.  Driving back, Rob called to see if we wanted to meet up at the Green Door Cafe to have ourselves some lunch.  I was exhausted and thought that was a terrific idea as cooking was not on the top of my list today.

We were all very please, as usual, with our lunches at the Green Door Cafe.  They now are featuring their Spring/Summer Menu.  Pari had the Curry Chicken, I had the Ginger Chicken Salad, and Rob the Shepherd's Pie.  Oh YUM YUM YUM ... it was beyond satisfactory for my breakfast, lunch and dinner today, with some snacking the remainder of the day.

We had just finished up our lunch when my sister, Jeanne, and her hubby, Cecil, had came in to have lunch.  Too bad we were leaving, however we did get to chat for a bit before we left.  One never knows who they run into.  The Green Door is also frequented and enjoyed by one of my first Cousins, Bob, and his wife, Marlene.  Yes it is good food priced very reasonable for one's budget.

Since Rob & I both quit smoking, Rob coming up a year, and myself five years, and neither of us drink alcohol, we feel a dinner out is a very minimal expense in comparison.

This afternoon Rob had himself a sleep.  I cleaned out the upstairs wood stove later in the day.  A very huge mess, of course, with the fine dust settling everywhere.  It is unavoidable.  After two pails of ashes cleaned out I began dusting.

I lost my balance, in turn knocking something a top the china cabinet which shook it sending the 
Galileo Thermometer smashing to the floor. What a mess was that to clean up, as it is oily inside them, not water.

The good part of my day was admiring the one flower left from the bouquet the kids had sent me for my Birthday. There is always some good to be found in "one of those days", is there not?

The headache I had this morning still persists on being noticed within my being.

I am going to put my feet up with hopes of an early night and good sleep this evening, and dream of NOT having another one of those days again tomorrow, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. what a day, here's hoping tomorrow will be better. Saw those hams, but figured I would just pick one up from WalMart for Easter Saturday.

  2. Oh Cindy, I hope you both get some rest and don't have a repeat of Sunday! You were so fortunate that you dog woke you up as it could have been worse! Glad you could still enjoy your one flower that is left! :)

  3. What a nuisance to have to start the day with. Very good of Buddy to wake you up.


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