Sunday, 1 March 2015

Almost 8000

I slept pretty dang good last night, so much so that I did not even hear Rob come to bed.  I think I must have been asleep before 11 pm.  I woke this morning before 5 am, and out with the Aussies before 6 am.

Today was much warmer at a balmy -9 with a sky full of Sunshine.

Happy March 1st ... it came in like a Lamb so we will have to wait see if it goes out like a Lion.

This morning I did the Crabby Cabbie invoicing, made the bed, and that was pretty much it for my morning.  My Niece, Joanne, sent me a text asking what I was doing today.  I suggested maybe this afternoon we get together for a walk.

We met up at the Wiarton Tim Horton's around 2 pm, had a coffee then headed out for a walk after collecting Portia from the back of my van.  This was Portia's first walk downtown.

Portia did very very good, and finally slowed down on the last blocks on the way back to our vehicles.  Anyone we passed she did want to go out of her way to give them some of her loving personality, causing me to hold her back on a few occasions.

Including this afternoon's walk I did almost 8000 steps today !!!   3.5 miles.  The walk was invigorating, and I so miss my daily walks.  I hope I can get out a couple of times a week.  It sure went a lot faster with Joanne & I chatting the whole time.  I am happy she contacted me this morning as I would not have gone out for a walk today.

I left a house behind me in a total mess, but the way I felt out for a walk did me a World of good, so that was all worth it.  Besides it wasn't like I didn't do anything today.

The past couple of nights at bedtime I have been doctoring my poor dry cracked hands and fingers.

Crack cream in the cracks, my hands smothered in Coconut Oil, then covered with gloves which I sleep in all night.  They are beginning to heal already, and should be good as new with another couple of applications.  How do you remedy your dry skin or cracked fingers?

The support and encouragement from family and friends I have been getting the past week has been appreciated more then I could ever express, helping me through every day.   I could not begin say thank you enough, but here is one very big sincere one ....

Tomorrow I hope to get one big thing done, whether it be clean out the fridge or do the bathroom.  I will try to work at one thing a day until I can manage more each day without feeling overwhelmed.

One very nice "highlight" of my day was the compliment The "Crabby Cabbie" got on his Facebook page as follows:

 If anyone in Port elgin needs a cab call crabby cabbie... ive seen many near miss collisions lately from the erratic driving of our other cab companies. Crabby all the way!

Kudos to my Crabby Cabbie Rob and our Crabby Cabbie driver, John !!!  I couldn't be more proud of how they are thought of.  Good job "crabby" men.

This evening I will now put up my feet and relax the rest of the evening, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. well done to Crabby & Co for their great work. I agree one thing per day is a great way to start. Well done on reaching nearly 8,000 steps.

  2. A good walk is a lot better for you than a tidy house!

  3. More walks as the spring approaches should do you some good.

  4. I remedy my cracked fingers with udder cream. Years ago a farmer told us about it.

  5. Good to hear you got out for a good walk Cindy. I took the dog and had a good one yesterday too. He's got a bit of an injury right now so I'm kind of surprised he was able to do as well as he did.
    I finally had to go to the Dr with my cracks and itchies. NOTHING was helping. She put me on a steroid for a bit. Someone told me about some stuff that Canadian Tire sells that I'd like to try too.


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