Saturday, 11 January 2014

This, Then That & That

 Still the scratchy throat persists, insisting it stays with me.  I am certain it could find better company then "moi".  Not only the throat but nasty little dizzy spells throughout the day ... oh me, oh my illness does not fair well with my poor immune system.  Nevertheless, Life goes forward ....

I did not get going on my morning as much as I had planned, but I did get a couple of things accomplished. I had some Christmas stuff still sitting around to be put back into our bedroom closet.

Since the "big" decluttering session I had 2 years ago it somehow got away from me again.  I had to tackle my bedroom closet.  Trust me it was only a light tackle but more organized then these messy photos are showing.  The spare bedroom is cluttered with all the new bedding as it waits for our new mattress to arrive.  After next week I am going to begin some major decluttering and deep cleaning around this place so no sickness best be holding me back !!!

I had taken Moose & Beef Ground out of the freezer yesterday to get at making Chili today.  I was off to a great start until I realized I had no Chili Powder (do you not just hate when you don't check off your ingredients before starting something to find you are short one?).  Off downtown I went to purchase some.  I returned home to get it nicely going again.   After doing a few more things I took a bit of a break.  Darn it all I had the burner set to medium and by the time my Tea break was done, so was the chili burned to the bottom of the pot !!  The times this has happened to me over the years are enough I do not care to think about counting them.  After some soaking & scrubbing the stock pot is once again sparkling clean (And the Chili transferred to another pot).

Rob got back home today mid-afternoon, so we decided to have an early Dinner.  I thought I would make something fresh baked to go along with the Chili ... Scones were on my mind and quite easy to whip up with a baking time of only 15 minutes.

I googled "Easy Scone Recipe" and found one from  I had to adjust the flour by increasing it about 1 more cup then the recipe called for.  Mix, knead, form, cut and oven ready they were.  Rob helped by putting the finishing touches on them by brushing them with butter when they came out of the Oven.

Dinner was ever ever so GOOD !!! 

Recipes please?  For the Scone Recipe, please *click* HERE , noting I had to add approx. 1 more cup of flour, and for my Homemade Chili Recipe, please *click* HERE, which I re-adjust from time to time, adding chopped red sweet pepper & using ground Moose meat this time around.

I also must share how proud I am of my husband, Rob, The "Crabby Cabbie".  He received two awesome compliments two days in a row commending him on what a great Service he provides.  The first compliment came directly from a Doctor telling Rob that he appreciated him taking a culture over to another hospital right away, as it had been very important.  The next day a Nurse, Rob had to transport, told him it was great they didn't have to worry about being stranded or waiting for hours since he has been driving cab.  Both Doctor and Nurse were from local Bruce County Hospitals.  It is nice to know and hear your efforts are appreciated, is it not?

Happy to say 4 Ontario Bloggers have signed on for the Ontario Blogger's Day on the 17th of January 2014.  Should anyone else be interested please find out more by going HERE.

It has not been too bad of a day, considering it was a this, that and then that kind of day, not getting as much done as I would have liked to. Tomorrow is another day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. That sucks big time that you still aren't feeling well. You are doing great at staying busy though and getting stuff sorted. Today I got the Christmas Nativity put away and the other decorations all that is left is the tree and that will stay up until likely the end of the month. We enjoy to turn the tree lights on during the bleak rainy days for comfort.
    Your dinner looks delicious especially with the scones.

  2. I've got a painful scratchy throat too. Darn illnesses, eh?

    Coincidentally, I'm making chili today and I think those scones would be the perfect accompaniment!

    Feel better, Cindy!

  3. Oh, and congrats to Rob on the compliments! Makes a body feel good!

  4. Decluttering seems to be a never-ending process here. As soon as I think it's done, more junk has magically appeared. I blame the children ;)

  5. Bravo to Rob!

    Scones are always welcome!


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