Monday, 6 January 2014

The Oddest Things Happen At Times

Holy Moly and Great Balls of Snow !!! did it ever come down last night or what ! and now there are Blizzard Warnings issued for most all of Ontario ????  Really? we do live in the Heart of Canada do we not? so what is all the complaining about? oh I know, I do NOT like Winter !!!  

That is not wholly the truth, I do not mind Winter as long as I am toasty warm and it snows everywhere but on the roads.  We know this would only happen in a "perfect" World though, do we not?  *Smile*.

Before venturing out too far this morning, I changed up the bedding on our bed fresh and nice.

I LOVE the new Quilt I had bought recently from an acquaintance on a local Buy, Sell & Swap Facebook Page.  It suits me just fine, and the price was more then RIGHT !  Oh Bandit also made up his bed fresh too, but not sure how he manages it?

I did eventually venture out to a foot of fresh fallen snow in our driveway from last night...  Very pretty though.  This pretty snow left many people snowed in this morning, or even worse stuck in their own driveways.

Doors to the East, West, North and South were filled in with Snow !!!

The Snow on our deck had more then doubled throughout the night.  My work was cut out for me this day. 

Rob came home late morning.  We decided the roads were better then yesterday, so thought we would head back to Owen Sound to order and pay for the mattress we had decided on.  When we got to Sears there had been no Salesperson in the Dept., so Rob and I "tested" out a couple other mattresses we had not tried out yesterday.  I am happy we did, as we changed our minds completely from the original pillow top, and went with the one with the Posturepedic one with gel in it.  It was an awesome deal, regularly priced at $1,799.00, on sale for 55% off at $899.00.  The oddest things happen at times, and hopefully like today it worked out in our favor.

Yes I am definitely sure we are both very pleased we went back and took another look around.  We also bought a new mattress pad, as that gives us the 1 year non-satisfaction return guarantee, which allows us 1 year to return the mattress if we are not happy with its comfort.  Can't beat a deal like that for an extra $89.00 on something we will use anyhow.  We also got 4 new pillows, which we needed, and pillow covers too.  

Sears had some great Sales going on.  I got a new dog brush for the Aussies for 50% off, the bedding was not on sale though, but I did get new place mats that had been marked down to $3.99 each for another 25% off !  All Christmas items were marked down 80% too, but really I do not NEED anymore of that kind of stuff.  I bought my girlfriend her Christmas gift for next year, but cannot post as she reads my blog.  You are going to LOVE it Colleen !!!

I can't believe it had been almost 2 pm by the time we had arrived back home !!!  

I had almost 1/2 the deck shovelled off this morning.  Rob did a wee bit more when we got back home but I stopped him real quick as his back could not take it.  I went back out and got it almost all cleared but for the corner by the BBQ. 

We had to head North of the Checkerboard to our appointment with the Good Doctor Loney at 4:00 pm.   I got my usual shot in the arm, found out my blood pressure was great at 120/72, and we were on our way in no time at all.  The roads were clear and smooth going all the way there and back.

With a busy day behind me, I was very happy to have leftovers.  Truly my Crock Pot and leftovers has to be two of my best friends some days.

Rob just came back in from being out with the Aussies, and the Snow is coming down in Buckets !!!  yes, and the Blizzard Warnings for Bruce County is still in effect, as you can see here:

Truly I hope everyone is safe and sound in their own homes staying off the roads tonight.  It had been storming all day long down in Saugeen Shores, with our Crabby Cabbie driver going home at 2:00 pm as the conditions were not safe for him to be out in with the white outs and visibility.

Hopefully anyone who is shut-in, or living alone, has someone who has checked in with them to make sure they have everything they need before a Blizzard hits us.  We checked with our one neighbour today, and I will check in again with them tomorrow.

I am certain there will be LOTS more snow to be cleared tomorrow, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. We have been having the craziest weather. Last week our temps. were down to 4 below zero, then got a foot of snow on Thurs. This morning we had fog so dense and the temps. rose to 55. Tomorrow it's back to the deep freeze again. And Spring is still a long way off. Bess

  2. The quilt is soo beautiful, Cindy!! I'd be happy too! It is BONE CHILLING cold out there!!! Supposed to hit -41c at *least* tonight... I have the heat cranked 'cause it's not staying warm in here... :( Far too cold to venture out for long! Stay warm!! xo

  3. A new bed! WOOT! That is SO exciting! Hope you love it!!!! Sorry about all the snow - if it's any consolation we have a ton of it here, too. Good ol Canada, eh? :)

  4. Oh Cindy do be safe and keep warm if you have to go out this morning it is colder (if that is possible) than yesterday. Yes even I a lover of winter is having a hard time with these temps. Keep warm love the bedspread. Hug B

  5. we need a new mattress and the last one we got was from Sears and I think the next one will be as they are great quality. Stay warm as it is bitter cold out there!!

  6. I think we'll still be digging out tomorrow. Aren't Sears the best?!
    Jane x

  7. That last system from a few days back was definitely a monster.


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