Friday, 3 January 2014

Ho Hum What A Day

I am totally wiped out today, feeling like I never slept a wink last night.  Once we have been on a high powered "day trip", the next day I am feeling it more then I would like to admit.  I am not only tired, I am feeling slightly on the grumpy side, and truly I do not care to feel grumpy, although it does happen to the best of us at times.

After we had got settled in last night, the three "stuffies" we had picked up at Costco for the Aussie had been all laid out on the chair for inspection.

Ha !  Rob and I had a bet on which one Bandit would choose.  Rob had picked the White Bear, and I don't think I really choose one.  After much deliberation, Bandit ended up with the Canadian Beaver, leaving the Polar Bear and the Reindeer behind.  It was fun to watch him choose.  Now if it had been Lexus, I am sure she would have tried to make off with all three.

Back to my "today".  Rob headed out to work, while I stayed back to do the usual humdrum chores I do every morning.  There was lots on my mind to get done, but I just did not have the "get up and go" to do any of it other then the necessities.

After lunch Rob and I had a few things to do over Owen Sound way, so off we went to get them done.  One was to get a camera to replace the one I had returned from Christmas.  Should everyone remember me posting I had spent endless time (or so it seemed) scanning previews and reviews of Point & Cameras before choosing. 

We headed in to foto art on 2nd Avenue in Owen Sound to purchase the Panasonic Lumix TS25 I had decided on.  Not only was it on sale for $179.00 from $199.00.  It got a bit better then that, as it was the so to speak, "case model", so they were kind enough to give me another $20.00 off.  It is a light little camera, but built to be water, shock and dust proof, something that hopefully suit me fine, especially when I am out with the Aussies.  However now looking at the first photo here with the "new" camera and the second with my Fuji, the latter is much sharper.

I also had to go to the No Frills store to get a couple of baking supplies I needed for tomorrow, so what a better time to try it out.

Not only did I do a few shots while shopping, I also tried out a couple more when I got back home of my Snowman Globe and a Plate.  Any thoughts other then my own?  Truly I hope it will suit my needs.  I am sure if it does not I could probably return it?  The colour is most certainly vibrant.

Lunch today was simply dish, and Dinner? so so but tender good.

Nothing like a bowl of hot Homemade Turkey Vegetable Noodle Soup to warm the Soul on a frigid cold day in this Ontario Deep Freeze we have been experiencing these past few days, along with made up fresh Egg Salad on a Multi-grain Ciabatta Bun.  Really a good lunch.  Dinner was good with leftover tender Roast Beef on a Bun.  Rob had the leftover potatoes and a veggie along with his "hot" roast beef sandwich, me opting for the lighter version.

This week is almost over, and it is the first week of the 2014  ~ 52 Week Money Challenge.  It is still not too late to get "on board" !  check it out HERE.  To date we are 19 Strong for the Challenge, myself, Kathy, Debby, Diane, Cathy, Christy, Eleanor, Cathy, Linda, Alice, Barry, Vicki, Cassie, Paula, Penny, Elsie K, Janet, Jean, and Mander.

Did I mention how tired and grumpy I was today?  Good reason to call it an early night while I can keep my eyes open long enough to find my bed, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard."


  1. Try not to be too grumpy! Poor Rob works hard enough!

    1. As long as we aren't both grumpy on the same day, it passes quickly, *smile*

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I made my first transfer for the year today. I always do it every Friday. That is payday isn't it? It was easy to do the double payment today. Hope it stays that way when I get to $52.00 X 2. Hope you enjoy your new camera. Trying a new camera is always scary isn't it. Alice

  3. Made my transfer today to the savings account. I am starting on week 52 and working my way backwards. We always have a little more extra $$ in the winter and spring

    1. Oooh, my husband and I talked about starting backwards... sounds like a great idea. We're "doing it" tomorrow. The savings thing, that is.

  4. Are you a big ol Grumpy Pants today? That's what Dave calls me when I get my grump on. Which is practically never, you know, because I'm practically perfect. (HA!) Cheer up, girlfriend! And by the by, that soup looks AWESOME.

  5. We watched the final episode of series three of 'Homeland' last night and I woke at 4.00am with a certain scene burnt into my retina, so am feeling a bit weary too Cindy! Early night tonight??? x

  6. That does look like a good camera, Cindy!


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