Thursday, 16 January 2014

Crazier Then Busy !

The time I spent at home today was barely 2 hours the whole of this day ....  should I be crazy? then that is exactly how busy I was today.

Out the door before 10:00 am for a meeting at The South Bruce Peninsula Township Hall with the Economic Development Officer to go over some changes for the Wiarton Website that you might enjoy browsing through HERE.  Should you have a Facebook Account, we would love to have you follow the Wiarton Facebook page as a fan by going HERE.  Truly I am passionate about the Community I live in, and if I wasn't I would think thought would then be given towards a move.  I truly believe ....

~ Unity Creates a Strong Community ~ 

Time flies when one is having fun !  it had been well after 11:00 am by the time I headed back home to take of some Aussies, and tidy myself a wee bit to head back out the door, after chomping down two apples, with the time being after 12:00 off to Hepworth where I was attending a Seminar at 12:30.

The Seminar took place at Duffy's Farm Gate Market in Hepworth (originally Dufffy's Tavern when I was growing up).  It boasts a lovely cafe and very professional office spaces on the 2nd floor.  Our hostess of the Get Found Online 5 Free Tools from Google You Must Master to Help Your Customers Find You Online Seminar, was Andrea Stenberg, The Baby Boomer Entrepreneur .  She spent the afternoon explaining the values of having a Google Plus account for businesses.  

By the time 3:00 pm rolled around it had been time for me to get going, as I had to be home so we could head up North of the Checkerboard to a Doctor's appointment Rob and I had.

The Good Doctor was explaining to Rob what was going on with his back and hips.  Do you think Rob was paying as close attention as he should have been? he does look like he was listening intensely ???  Loose weight and exercise was the prescription for this day.

We got back home well after 6 pm.  I am so grateful my husband is not scared to cook.  He had the pork chops in the slow cooker earlier this day, and potatoes and brussel sprouts all ready.  All I had to do was turn the burners on under the vegetables.  A half hour or so later we were sitting down to a nice meal together.  

Thanks Honey, you saved the day. xoxoxo

Don't forget tomorrow the 2nd Annual Ontario Blogger's Day will be going LIVE ... you can find out more about it HERE.

I am thinking I would not surprise anyone should it be mentioned I have yet another busy day ahead of me tomorrow? and I still have to make my bed before I get back into it tonight !!! is that crazier then busy or what?

I am so tired at the moment I feel like I could be a blubbering fool should I have to talk to anyone for any length of time.  On that note, I believe I will take myself for a shower and then to my bed, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. You've got a very busy day tomorrow, busier than today!

  2. You sound like the energizer bunny, always going.

  3. Most of us could do with losing some weight! I know being busy all the time and on my feet (other than blogging!) helps me keep too much weight off. Driving a cab can't help I guess. Give him a glass of slimline tonic from me. x

  4. our doctor is always telling us to lose weight and exercise also.......


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