Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Busy, Busy & Busier

I have been, what I felt like, very busy today.  Could I possibly get any busier? yes I am afraid I will be again, tomorrow, the next day and then the next !  When will I be able to catch myself a break? hopefully next Monday ... nope now that I think about it I will need to catch up on some badly needed done housework around here which = BUSY !!!

*Sigh* I must be one of the most wicked people going if the saying, "no rest for the wicked" is true ????

I thought I would be really organized today by getting a few things done this morning and a dinner put into the Crock Pot before my appointment this afternoon.  This was not to happen as my husband required me to do an errand for him smack right in the middle of my morning.  You do realize once you leave the house to come back home there is nothing getting done, do you not?

I only had time to get the Aussies all looked after and get myself somewhat presentable before it was time for me to be out the door again.

I did manage to take a wee bit "extra" time with the girls though before I got ready.  Lexus loves jumping up (her part kangaroo personality), always to give me one of her great big kisses.

My neighbour was going to go along with me for the ride today.  Rob had decided he was going to go along with us, as it was my Auntie Gladys' Birthday today, and she was also going to meet us in Owen Sound around the lunch hour as she also had an appointment in Owen Sound today.

Rob managed to have himself time for a quick coffee and 10 minutes of R & R before we headed out the door.  Yes Bandit has NO problem lounging himself on Rob any given moment.  I wish some days he would also go to him to be fed and let out ... 

Today is my Auntie Gladys' Birthday.  Happy Happy Birthday too youuuuuuu, Auntie.  We all LOVE you !!! xoxoxo

We met up with Auntie Gladys at one of the Tim Hortons in Owen Sound where Aunt Gladys, my neighbour, Pari, Rob and I had ourselves a "light lunch".  After a really pleasant luncheon, I headed off to see Dr. Joe McKenna, the Ear, Throat & Nose Specialist.

This appointment I had with Dr. McKenna was a follow-up appointment for my ongoing Sinus issues and chronic headaches.  What was decided today was me to continue to use the Nose Spray.  He has also ordered a Cat Scan of my sinuses to actually see what is going on in there.  As far as surgery goes for my collapsed nasal tunnel, we have decided that Surgery was not the best option and we would stay clear of that.  As far as the Chronic headaches go that have been ongoing from a teenager, he is referring me to a spanking brand new Headache Clinic in Toronto.  I am to begin a diary from here on in, recording my daily headaches (something else I need to remember to do !  how will I ever manage ? )

Wowsers !  he is being very thorough.  I liked Dr. McKenna when I had first been referred to him in 2009, and I really enjoyed going back to him, not to mention that he is not hard on the eyes either, if you know what I mean?  *wink*wink*.

I am very excited about the prospect of going to a Headache Clinic as there is never a day that goes by wherein I do not suffer from some type of headache rather it is Sinus, Tension or Migraine.  What would my life be without headaches?  I truly do not know.  The only thing worrying me about the Clinic is the drive into Toronto ... it has grown way too much since I lived there in the early 80's.  Nevertheless I will go.

Once I had been done at the Doctor's appointment, Rob was kind enough to take us girls to Sears to check out their awesome sales they have going on right now.  I managed to pickup a couple great Christmas gifts for next year.

Finally when we got back home where I thought I could get a couple things done before Dinner, I was soon to realize that was not going to happen since I had phone calls to return which kept me busy for almost 2 hours !!!  I counted my blessing there were leftovers to heat up for our Dinner this night.  Rob had chili and I had ....

... one of my favourites my Mom used to make when I was growing up.  Macaroni & Stewed Tomatoes.  What was your most favourite "retro" dinner you still LOVE from days gone by ... ?

Oh for those days long ago .....

... yes at times I long for those "carefree" days when a child, but then there are times I would never give up what I have found in Life for myself now, continuing to learn more each day on my stepping stones of Life through all its trials and tribulations.

I must be tired, as I am becoming melancholy.  Is that a bad thing? I think it not to be, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Your Aussies are so pretty. I couldn't imagine all the brushing you must have to do to keep them tidy.
    The headache diary sounds like a good start does the doctor also need you to put in it what you ate before you got the headache? I was in Toronto 6 yrs. ago on holiday and couldn't imagine myself to ever be able to drive anywhere in the city. You are very brave.
    Don't think this is a retro dinner but a favourite my mom used to make was Beef Stew, loved the way the flavours set by the next day.

    1. Nothing like a homemade bowl of beef stew; stews, soups and chili always seem better the next day to me in the flavor department. Yes I will had to try and remember foods I eat, however since I no longer drink anything with caffeine & trying to abstain from chocolate (yes I really have NO life now I can call my own), I know those are not triggering them now.

  2. Great news about the headache clinic Cindy. Fingers crossed! Happy birthday to auntie Gladys too of course.

  3. Lexus is such a sweetie!

    My favourite dish from back in childhood is a good macaroni and beef, very similar to that.


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