Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Bruce County Blizzard of 2014

It started last night about 5 pm, and is still going strong outside our doors and windows this Blizzard of 2014.

All major Highways and County Roads have been closed in all of Bruce County.  OPP has warned everyone to stay off the roads (unfortunately people do NOT ever listen to these warnings, do they realize their car insurance is not valid when driving on closed roads?)

Facebook as been a frenzy of posts all day long about the Blizzard.  Rightfully so with many of them WARNING people to stay off the roads.

Us? well we have made the best of it, just like any other day in our lives.  Of course none of the Crabby Cabbie vehicles were out on the roads this day, and had been pulled early yesterday afternoon.

Actually when I think about it, this was most usual weather when I was growing up in my Hometown of Southampton, nothing out of the ordinary really.  I kind of like storms.  Really what would be an emergency other then Health to take me outside our doors?  but we did go outside our doors today and we did have us some Aussie fun.  This fun can be checked out by *clicking* HERE.

This was our vehicles this afternoon.... really does that look like we were going anywhere?  YIKES !!!

What would I get accomplished on a day like today with my husband home ALL day long?   Well ...

I finished organizing all the Crabby Cabbie paperwork for December.  All I have to do now is enter the last quarter for 2013 onto the books, and that is that for 2013.  I also was out with our Buddy on my own, then took Lexus out with me while I cleaned off our personal Van.  I want to see how much snow accumulates from when I did it at 2 pm until tomorrow morning again.  I am sure I removed over a foot off of it.  Rob was experimenting with my camera while I was out there (at least he was doing something).

What else would be better to warm us up for lunch then Homemade Turkey Noodle Soup.  I almost panicked when I realized I had no carrots, then quickly realized I had dehydrated carrots and leeks in the cupboard.  The soup was perfect, along with some of our own Garden Peas that had been in the freezer.  Thanks to Debby @ Nanny's Place for getting me onto dehydrating foods,, as truly they are a Life Saver in times like these.

 I had a couple of, what else but ...Crabby Cabbie calls to make today.  When I was on the phone with our Insurance Broker, Rob thought he would play with my camera again.

It took me a little bit until I realized what he had been up to, then he got the "look" !  If you would notice, photo one I am talking, photo two, I am listening, see proof in living colour that I DO listen.  And photo three, the "look" ..... hahaha.

I had forgot to post yesterday that I had found a lovely new coat at Sears yesterday for my Mom.  She has not had a new coat for years that I am aware of, and really it will be nice for her to have a new one when she has to go out to anything in the colder months.  I hope I got her the right size.  It is a lovely soft material, and I really hope she likes it, one never knows with Mom these days.

The Blizzard continues outside our doors with Road Closures still in effect.  For those who might be interested in the most recent up-to-date report, please *click* HERE.

And if you have your volume turned on you can hear the wind in this video outside our patio doors at a more calm part of our day by *clicking * HERE.

A Blizzard day it was outside, but inside our doors it was just another day spent with the one I love (without one disagreement all day long, *smile*) and our Checkerboard Aussies, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. talking to a couple of "old timers" today and they said this was the worst storm in many, many years, but was pretty typical back in the 50's.......

  2. This weather is horrendous... it's supposed to be balmy on the weekend with a high of 3!! Oh the glory days! haha!! Hope your mom likes her new coat!! You have to watch the video I shared on FB, Cindy! SOO funny!!

  3. Same sort of day here, and our dog loves the cold and snow too.

  4. Burrr, I think I would be in the bed with the covers over my head in your weather!! We broke a 130 year record cold here yesterday but nothing like the storm you are having. I too used deyhdrated foods this week to make stew, love how quick and easy you can put together a meal and all from fresh foods.

  5. You really did get hit hard by that storm!


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