Monday, 20 January 2014

A Spectacular View

“Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.” 
― Albert Camus

What is it like to sleep in until 6 am in the morning?  I think about once a year I might have slept until 7 am, and that was probably when I wasn't feeling well.  Regardless after a "big" day yesterday, and a willie willie busy week beforehand I was tired today.  

The cold weather also seems to stir up the Fibromyalgia causing the pain to heighten and the muscles to feel as they are jumping moreso through my skin.  How I love the heat of our wood stove and my electric blanket.

This was a "typical" morning for me before I was out the door before 9:30 am:

- Stoke the Wood Stove;
- Get the coffee maker ready for when Rob gots up;
- Let Bandit out & in;
- Made a cup of Tea;
- Update Facebook Business pages;
- Let 3 other Aussies out & in;
- Made our Breakfast of Oatmeal;
- double check addition & submitted the Payroll;
- Made bed;
- Got myself dressed somewhere in the above and headed on out the door.

I was downtown Wiarton until around 11 am.  I know when I got home I let all the Aussies out & in again before making myself a bit of lunch and doing up the dishes.  I barely made myself a cuppa tea when Rob asked if I could do an errand for him.

Out the door I headed to collect my neighbour to go along with me for the ride, then North of the Checkerboard we headed.

This day had been bright and bitter cold.  The roads had been good this afternoon, however a bit on the slippery side first thing in the morning.   Snow? no lack of that has you can tell as I headed on into Lion's Head.  I had to drop into the RBC bank while there, and did a small shop at the Foodland store as well.  My neighbour loves water, so we did a  wee detour down to see the Harbour.

Spectacular view is it not ? how do birds not freeze their little feeties off I wonder?  Brr.

Back home Southbound on Hwy 6 there had been some serious snow banks.  Once home Rob had been bringing in the very very last of our wood.  Boy oh boy I sure hope the wood we ordered arrives this week, or we are going to be in a "fix", especially with the temps dropping to a cool -30* C this evening.  Mercedes was out having herself some fun while the wood was being brought in to the basement.

A "drift" has taken over our front lawn.

Truly I am not unhappy about the amount of snow we have had this Year as hopefully it will somewhat help the diminishing water levels, but really I wish it would learn to stay off the roads ... geesh !

I never accomplished another darn thing today other then making Rob and I a simple Dinner of Baked Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast, boiled Russet potatoes & Cauliflower.  The dishes still sit out at the sink waiting for me to wash them.

My name I think I no longer know, but what I do know is I am extremely tired, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I really must get up to Lion's Head sometime in the winter.

  2. I would be very sad if I couldn't sleep until 7 am every morning :)...Very sad...

  3. Love that view of your front lawn - it looks arctic!

  4. Love the shot of the harbour !
    Jane x

    1. Can you believe it is actually 2 shots together? I could not leave those cold gulls out of the pic :)

  5. Did you get your wood CIndy? I hope it is good stuff.
    My FM is in a big flare too. As I was going to bed last night, a couple of my toes were getting sorer by the minute. I got to thinking it might be gout! By about midnight all of my joints and big muscles were just aching. I had to take a pretty big dose of pain killer to just kick it down to a tolerable level. Tonight I'm dragging my tail feathers.......just what we need eh?
    Talked to my DD today. They are putting surgery on the shelf for now but keeping her in hospital and on some strong meds. Surgery will be the last resort. She hopes to be home for the weekend.

  6. The harbour is amazing to look at, and those snow drifts are very appealing!


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