Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Nitty Gritties Of This Day

I am completely exhausted, with that inner voice saying, "do not post today", as we all know when one is beyond tired the World does not always look as rosy as it should, or we do not deal with matters as well as a much more rested person would.

*Sigh* oh well, maybe some day I will look back on this day's post and laugh about it, or be in the state I am now, feeling like a damn good cry.  

It has been a very stressful week, this one pass, with an "Over the Top" stressful day today as well, with one particular incident too raw to even mention, that I have to chew inside about until I can think more clearly, hopefully when I am less tired.

My poor Rob has had barely any sleep, and I not much better with this silly CSD that seems to pair up with having Fibromyalgia.  Maybe that is why I have had a sleep problem most of my life?  Hmmm....

Okay enough of feeling sorry for myself and carry on to the best parts of my day, letting the goodness of the day & past week bury the crappy parts.

We had to head on down to Thornbury this morning as we were picking up a little something for our Paul, to hopefully make his Christmas a little bit brighter.  I was a little nervous as the weather was pretty gloomy and not seeming too too delightful.

Really though there was a bare track on Hwy. 26 making it much nicer then it had been when we had been driving this way on Wednesday evening.  Regardless it was Christmas Card pretty with all the fresh snow coating the trees.

Despite how tired Rob had been, he took the time out of himself feeling tired to make a couple of stops just for me, and our neighbour friend, Pari, who we had invited along for the drive.  He stopped at the Value Village in Owen Sound, and the Meaford Market before we landed in Thornbury.  Thank YOU my dear husband, that was so very unselfish of you, and I did not even have to ask.

By the time we got to Meaford we had all needed a hot beverage, so Pari treated us to a Tim Horton coffee and each a Maple Pecan Danish which "hit" the spot.  By the time we had arrived in Thornbury, made our pickup and headed back home the highways had been cleared of all snow.  Rob wasn't too pleased I am thinking as it was a long 60 km per hour drive all the way to Owen Sound stuck behind a Snow Plow.  At least the roads were good !

From Owen Sound all the way home huge snow flakes had made their appearance and were teaming down.

We had  three happy purchases today which were:   a Tree with decorations I had gotten for my Mom (I wanted her to have a bit more Christmas in her room, and know she will just LOVE this little tree and the few red apples to put on it) @ a Total of $5.00; a Pair of Snow pants for our Connor, who needed a pair for when he is at his Dad & Liz's place (I also couldn't resist getting him the Spiderman jacket I had also found as Connor LOVES Spiderman) @ a Total  of $12.00; then last but not least a totally awesome 1992 Toyota Camry 4 dr, 4 cyl vehicle purchased for almost a Song & a Dance, a  found Gem indeed.   The car was the reason for our trip, and would be a vehicle I would LOVE for myself if it had not been spoken for our Son, who I know is going to appreciate it so very much.

And now for a bit of nitty gritty downer stuff that really was pretty minor ....

By the time we had arrived home the Snow had been coming down pretty fast and steady again.  The problem with this? Rob went to start our tractor yesterday to find the battery had froze.  He had gotten another battery yesterday, but of course we are so busy getting other things done and almost no sleep does not get a new battery installed.  We had also stopped at Canadian Tire on our way home where I had spotted a "snake" for the sink at the check out.  I am sure glad I bought it a I think I have  gotten to the nitty gritty bottom of the smell coming from the bathroom sink that nothing seemed to work getting rid of it.  Now that it has been cleaned out, I think it might be the nicer smelling answer.   The driveway?  I am hoping we can still manage to get out until Rob finds time and energy to get the tractor going, the poor dear.

On a lighter note, again, how is everyone who went  in on the  52 Week Money Challenge with me doing? as you know it is almost over for 2013 !!!  Hooray US !!!

Check out all the interest I have been getting on my investment !!  Whoohoo ....and the total when the 52 weeks is up will be a lovely $1,378.00

Truly I have had so many ideas of what I want to do with this money I do not know how to decide?  pay down the mortgage, give our bedroom a much needed makeover, buy a new mattress for our bed, have the inside stairs that need doing, refurbished, install new windows in the kitchen & our bedroom ... decisions, decisions.  A decision I want to make that I will be very satisfied with and not look back to think, "oh I wish I would have done that instead".  Maybe Rob and I could put a list of choices in a hat and let the draw decide for us; good idea?

For those of who have gone along on this Challenge with me, have you decided yet what you will be doing with your savings yet? will you be going in on the new 2014 ~  52 Week Challenge with me?  Let me know as it won't belong before the New Year 2014 will be here along with me starting a new challenge.

I am truly happy I blog.  One of the main reasons I began blogging was to give myself somewhere to vent and somewhere to go for just ME, where nobody could take it away from me as it is all mine, as my thoughts and feelings are my own.  There are days, weeks and months blogging has helped me to focus, project and be myself, this I am forever grateful to myself for choosing to blog, even though there have been some days it is the last thing I feel like doing.

Another day behind me almost, with a new day ahead.  I must remind myself, time does not wait for me to enjoy my Life, so I best remember that as best I can, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I will admit I have slacked off on this challenge in the last month. I am happy with the amount saved though. I would to put it towards a new mattress or couch. I plan on doing this again next year, but may do $26.50/week to even it out better.

  2. Now I know why I haven't been using this account. Lousy interest rate ! However it came in handy to keep this money separate. I hate to give it up as T.D. Is longer giving seniors no fee accounts.

  3. I am so happy you blog too:) Take care and keep warm I do hope sleep will come this darn cold does not help. HUGS B

  4. Why not spend it on a holiday. It sounds like you need it! x

  5. That certainly is Christmas card pretty!

  6. Hugs, Cindy. I hope you are feeling better.


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