Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Just Giggle At It All !

Rob and I had both been up before 6 am this morning & raring (not) to go !!!  Rob was out the door by 7:30 am, after being reminded the garbage had to be taken out, while I stayed behind to do the usual morning household chores, Aussies and whatnot.

I was getting ready to head out the door, as I was on a very important mission on my mind, when the phone rang.  I was so happy to find that I would be getting into have an Ultra Sound this very day at 2 pm.  I was very happy about this news.

After a quick visit with my friend, I then headed right on over to see my Mom at Wiarton's Gateway Haven.  Was it ever nice to see every resident's doors individually decorated with Christmas Cheer.  I had taken along a Christmas Card that one of Mom's friends from Kitchener had sent her.  The best part was the look on her face when I took the "tree" I had gotten her from its bag.  Her eyes "lite" up !!!  this had made me very happy.  When I drop back next to see her I bet she has each little red apple decoration, I had also gotten her, on her tree.

Mom does not care for the little boxes of Kleenex they provide in the Home, so when Rob had been over in Owen Sound today he had picked her up so more "large" boxes for her.  She will be happy later this week when I drop them around to her.

When I got back home I had to deal with some business via a phone call.  It ended up to be very unpleasant business, so much so I had been outraged at the unprofessionalism I had to deal with this person.  In a fit of upset I publicly published my distaste about dealing with this person on my Facebook page.  This is what I wrote:

I have always liked to think I have never been a prejudice person, as my opinion has always been we are ALL Human, and ALL bleed the same, and ALL have Hearts that pump blood. It is very difficult to remain un-prejudice against a person who so openly displays prejudice of others out of their own circle of people. I was very disappointed to have heard this outburst against my husband & myself, especially when this same person(s) must be passing prejudice behaviour onto their own children, which is very sad.

I have now chewed over it through and through, spitting the bad taste of  it all out, but it has been not forgotten.  I can not believe how some people in this day and age can still be so prejudice over another person or people.  Have we not yet evolved and left the past histories of our forefathers behind?  There is GOOD & BAD in every Race, and as I stated we all have the same red blood pump through our Hearts, do we not?  Hopefully the bad taste of what was said to me this day will leave soon, so I can carry on as Life has so many other Sweets to offer us.

Speaking of Life's Sweets, I got to see my friend, Diane, who just happened to be the Ultra Sound Technician this afternoon at the Wiarton Hospital.  Diane and I met almost 3 years ago while I was there having an Ultra Sound at that time.  I believe she had never missed one of my blog post since our first meeting.  We have become friends through email, Cindy's Recipe Exchange on Facebook, and the times we have been able to get together on a personal basis.

The Ultra Sound Department in Wiarton is going to have a great loss once Diane leaves their premises within a few weeks time, as Diane told me today she will be retiring at the end of this Month.  I know she will be very much missed with her smile, and for all the care she gives for her work.  Diane even had a little "Care Pkg" ready to send home for Rob & I.  Thanks Diane, I absolutely LOVE the Gingerbread Men ! and since Rob does not like Ginger I got to consume both all myself .... xx

Truly the Gingerbread Men were totally awesome.  Since I LOVE to share with others, here is the recipe Diane used to make them:  http://tonispilsbury.com/recipe-for-a-perfect-gingerbread-man/

Back to my Ultra Sound ... results will be acquired once I have my follow-up appointment with the Good Doctor on Thursday afternoon.

Update on my Brand New Whirlpool Aqua-Lift Range I purchased in the Spring of this Year. After contacting Whirlpool Canada's Customer "Experience" Dept last week they told me to go back to the Dealer. The Dealer, who is Square Deal Neil in Southampton have been amazing. The other day I posted my displeasure on the Whirlpool Canada Facebook page that how sad it was Whirlpool was passing the buck to a Dealer instead of standing behind their product. I had a response less then 8 hours. They have contacted me and set up an appt. with another Registered Whirlpool Technician who is coming Thurs. Updates to follow after this appt. Poor performance? Cakes taking over 2 hours to bake, Sugar Cookies taking 50 minutes yesterday ... frustration with a Capital "F" is right ! it has been that kind of month, I think I need some Dark Chocolate to take the pain away.

In the meantime back to the "now" at North of Wiarton ... today via email a friend reminded me  about something I had posted last year that I will share again now.  Got your *giggle* ready?

After the bad taste of prejudice displayed earlier today it had been brushed aside while I went on to enjoy friendship, kindness and understanding from many many of my Friends I have on Facebook, seeing a friend in person who was thoughtful of Rob and I to give us a little bit of herself, and then to have the pleasure of sharing a "giggle" from someone else who had shared it with the World to view on Youtube.  

Life is good, even though some days we have crosses to bear that seem a little heavier then other days.  I just need to stop to smell the roses more some days then others, or "giggle" at it all other days, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Some people need to get a life don't they ? Do you monitor your face book at all ? I do through e-mail nothing can be put up with out my ok ! I hope this person gets a life ! Sounds like you have had a full day . Hope the ultra sound is good news . Been having a snow storm here since 4 pm . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  2. It has been my experience in life Cindy, that there are people in this world who are just plain mean, miserable and unhappy. They are hell bent on making other people's life miserable and unhappy by saying things that are hurtful. I truly believe that some people would rather be unhappy than happy. I always say, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!! Nasty people need to be avoided, they aren't worth the grief~ Lynn

  3. Prejudice is never a good thing Cindy, Well done for standing up for your beliefs. xx

  4. I agree with Lynn. There are people in the world who are just mean and bitter, and they express it in many ways... including bigotry.

    One of the many reasons I don't get along with my idiot ex-brother-in-law. A nasty, toxic person.

    Such people are living a life sentence, and when they're gone, no one will care that they were ever here.


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