Friday, 9 August 2013

A Pleasant Family Surprise

I am pretty certain I was wide awake around 4 am this morning, and know for certain it was 5 am when Robs work phone rang loud.  He had to go out on a call.  I got up and stayed up.

I needed a hot coffee to warm myself with as it felt like Winter was just around the corner this morning ... brr.  Much colder then it was and that heavy dew would have been frost !

I was not too bad once I got going.  Did my usual first thing in the morning chores before I headed downtown Wiarton.  I was putting in a bit of time while waiting for my sister-in-law, Delores, to call.  They were coming up to Sauble Beach for a funeral as her husband, Darols brother, Garwood Hammel  of Wiarton had passed away.  I was meeting them there to also pay my respects.

I took some of my Homemade Black Bean & Corn Salsa down to my friend, Abby Miners, at the Wiarton Farmers Market.  This woman always makes me laugh no matter what ... I swear she really does mix up her meds !  Ha !

I did get the call from Delores, and headed on over to the Whitcroft Funeral Home for the visitation.  After paying my respects to the family, having a wee visit with our Nephew Jody and his wife, Lauren, and their children, and a bit with Delores and a hug to Darol, I made my way back home.

Driving home it hit me like a brick.  My muscles started pulsating and feeling heavy, as did my whole body did.  I got home where I attended to all the Aussie, then hit the couch to lay my head back to see if my muscles would settle down.  Finally after a couple of hours the pain withdrew to a dull roar from the heights it had been at.

By this time Rob was heading home.

The phone rang at 4 pm.  It was Delores, someone wanted to speak to me.  Ha ! the voice on the other end of the phone was Robs oldest brother, Wayne.  Him and his wife, Marjorie, had come up also to pay their respects.  Wayne wanted to know if we would like them to drop around.  Of course I did, as in the 10 years we have been here it was the first visit from them.

Rob arrived home shortly after I had gotten Waynes call.  We headed downtown to grab some burgers, as I really had nothing otherwise as quick to serve them up some Dinner before they headed back home to Elmira.

We had a nice little visit, as well as a dinner of burgers, coleslaw and a relish tray of homemade pickles.  They enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed having them.

When they were here, Rob called us out onto the deck where he was barbecuing the burgers to say the Crane was back today.

A way out in the field, but there he was, one of many Sandhill Cranes, who nest out in our bush.

Rob had to show his brother his Mennonite Van he had recently bought for a new cab.   Rob does like joking around.  This is a new to him Van he bought to replace his very first Old Blue Crabby Cabby Van he has had for the past 2 years.  Old Blue is still going strong with almost 400,000 km on it, so we thought we would rest him and only bring him out as backup when needed.

I made sure I got a photo of Rob and brother, Wayne, and one of Wayne and Marjorie before they left, as it indeed had been a pleasant family surprise that they had came to visit.

With Wayne and Marjorie heading South on their way back home, Rob and I sat on the front stoop together for awhile watching our youngest Australian Shepherd Female, Mercedes, run around having fun for a bit.

Rob has now left himself down the highway South with his Crabby Cabbie hat firmly set upon his head, while I stayed here behind to let the rest of the Aussies out and about for the last time this evening.

The wind got up and dark clouds rolled in with the Sun still in the West we had a Sun Shower.  Maybe there will be more rain later in the evening, but it was not serious enough that my laundry I brought off the line had still been dry.

YIKES !  I almost forgot ....

The Wiarton & District Optimist Club will be having their annual yard sale again on Saturday August 31st 2013. They would appreciate your help with contributions again this year. If you are cleaning up and clearing out please contact or 519-270-4670 (evenings only) and they will make arrangements for drop off or pick up of your donation items. Baking is also welcome, as there will be another Baking Table set up as well this year.

I am going to put my feet up, relax and call it a night in another hour or so here.  I have only two more sleeps before my trip when my friend, Toni with an i, and I fly down East.  I am getting pretty excited here, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Will you be posting when you are away?
    Jane x

    1. Yes I will be trying to do my best to, Jane. x

  2. That's awesome after 10 years ! Lovely photos ! I am off in the morning with out my Miggs to go and get some photos of the Crane hopefully in the woods by the river that is steps away from our house ! Thanks for sharing ! Looking forward to some photos from your trip ! Have a great time !

  3. Wiarton Market must really be a fun place. You always seem to get photos of Anita, laughing or smiling and Abby is the same. I hope the rest of the vendors are as happy as those two. Once again. Have a wonderful trip. It was quite mild here this morning. I put on a sweater, went outside, came back in and took it off. Dreading going north, but that is the way we are headed. Alice

  4. Elmira's quite a trip out from the peninsula!


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