Friday, 11 January 2013

Watch My Step So No "Oopsies" Happen

This morning for me arrived at 5:00 with my Rob out the door at 6:00 am with his "Crabby Cabbie" hat on.  Got going on my routine with my first priority being COFFEE, then onto to each and everyone of The "Checkerboard Aussie's" needs.

It was mild out first thing, but it was also pouring rain.  I suppose it could have been much much worse with it being "freezing" rain instead.  Thank goodness it wasn't or I would never have headed North of the Checkerboard to my weekly appointment with the Doctor had it been.

"This is our driveway today ... treacherous it was, even to drive on very slowwwwwwly."

I arrived to my Doctor's appointment, however there was NO Doctor this day.  I waited until almost 10:30 am, then had to leave as I was meeting someone a bit further up Hwy. 6, above Ferndale.  I am hoping the Doctor hadn't slipped off driving along a back road on his way to work ... that wouldn't be the nicest thing to happen, as Cellular phone service isn't always the greatest in some back spots up on the Bruce Peninsula.

I didn't arrive back home until close to the noon hour, by this time the dull headache I had left with had developing into one that was raging, rather then the previous annoyance it had been.  I very carefully took the girls out, one at a time, for a bit of a run.  It can be very tricky, especially if they see something and pull me I could go for a "loop" on the ice if not careful.  I usually always have my Cell phone in my pocket, just in case something does happen out of my control when I am outside.

My girlfriend asked me the other night if I was ever nervous, at night when out with the Aussies, should there be Coyotes come along to "attack".  Trust me that has crossed my mind more often then I care to think about .... really what would I do?  Bolt back towards the house if I could?  Let's pray it never happens that I have to tell the story of what I had to do, okay?

"Yes sirree Bob, I think if I seen something like this coming at me I would be "running for the hills" or to the door of our house pretty darn quickly, pulling whatever one of our Aussies I had out with me at the time along at full tilt !"

I can remember growing up in my hometown of Southampton, us kids walking from town through the bush following the Saugeen River all the way up to Denny's Dam.  That was quite the trek, however my point is we never had a care or fear in the World that we would ever run into any wild animal such as a Bear or Coyote.  Now I am always hearing about Coyotes being "bolder then brass" coming up to people's decks, as well as Bears doing the same.  *Sigh* I will just have to be quicker then them I suppose, so I best be getting myself in better "shape" then I am maybe?

"Violas never cease to amaze me on how hardy they are, looking at these today ... most Perennial Plants are though, although I still have managed to "kill" my share of some varieties."

I felt so "poopy" today, I actually laid back in the recliner and drifted into a bit of a slumber until, of course via Murphy's Law, the phone woke me up.  No matter as the phone call had been good news, and good news we can never get enough of in my books !

It was going on to 4:00 pm when my "pack" started up as someone had pulled in the driveway.  Who else then no other then my Rob !  What a surprise ... he had gotten his Driver Carolyn (who he fondly calls "CCC" for Crabby Cabbie Carolyn) to cover him so he could come home to help me with a project I had really wanted done.

With all the thaw, rain, and freezing, not only was our driveway a mess, so had been the outdoor kennel run.  Since we had purchased a dog house, having had it delivered today, Rob thought this was a good time to help me de-ice the run.

"It was had been really thick, but he finally got it lifted and thrown out over the back yard.  Buddy is loving his new dog house by the way.  We had an outside shelter for the kennel, but not as well constructed as the new doghouse we purchased.  It is nice for those days for him to make sure he is out of the rain.  Nights there is no worries as our dogs are never left outside overnight, with everyone all cozy and safe inside for bedtime every night."

Once the puppies arrive, it will give them something to play in and out of as well, as the last bunch had themselves such a great time in the plastic kennel we had placed out for them.

"After a big run, Buddy was placed back inside his run.  He ran right into the new dog house to investigate ... he LOVED it !!!  Rob was glancing over just to double check Buddy was all happy happy happy.  Oops ... there is that "look" I get from people when I have my camera in hand."

Today I received a couple Bills in our Mailbox, but hooray! to lighten things up a bit I also received some HAPPY MAIL through Post Crossing.

"Look at this lovely photo of Brisbane AU .  How nice of Post Card was this for me to receive? very nice."

I was also pretty excited as when I had been googling for something or another this afternoon at some point, wherein I had came across an Ontario Blogger in the Niagara Region who I KNOW my Crafty Knitting friends will absolutely LOVE !!!!

I contacted Chris first to inquire if I could use her photo, as well as linking her up, as she has so many "free" knitting patterns I thought some of YOU out there might enjoy.

"Should you travel up on the Bruce Peninsula, I guarantee you will see an Inukshuk at some point. This is one Chris actually knitted and made ... to cute, eh?"

For this Inukshuk knitting project by Chris, please go visit her blog by *clicking* HERE, where I am sure you will find many knitting projects that will "strike your fancy", thanks to Chris.

Those of us who would like to learn more about What a Inukshuk IS? please *click* HERE

Manners in order, pleased to have you here with me Marlys of This and That, as well as Janet of Simple Homecraft.  Welcome and thank you for being here for my every days, as well as the occasional one, or two, or three ... opinions or rants I might have from time to time.

Please don't forget if you are a Blogger in Ontario, please read my post  HERE, and let me know if you would like to be included, as well as giving it a SHOUT OUT on your own blog.  Thanks Virna of Craftmates for the BIG SHOUT OUT you put out there today !!!

When I am out with the "pack" for the last time of the day, I best "watch my step so no "oopsies" happen".

I would love to say my headache has gotten better, but unfortunately it has gotten worse.  This being a fact to give cause to wrapping things up here with hopefully calling it an early night for myself, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. as always a great informative post. I hope your head is easing off. No baby yet..........


  2. I do hope all the coyotes will stay as far away as possible! I de-iced our driveway two days ago, and now it's been snowing for the past two days in a row :(

  3. No de-icing in my part of the world just have to watch out for "Spring Fever" as the temps will be in the 70's for a few days. Hope you feel better after some rest

  4. coming here from Karen @Living in My Valley!

    We have coyote issues here too. Colin has 'removed' a couple right from our front door step. They have no fear. If you do ever come in close contact with them DO NOT RUN! I would try not to turn your back on them as you head for shelter. They love to chase.

    Hope your head is better today. I get bad headaches whenever the weather changes.

  5. My violas are still going too! x


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