Friday, 25 January 2013

Thank You Goes A LONG WAY

Yesterday I had plans to go visit a lovely lady who has been temporally restricted to her home for the past couple of weeks since injuring her hand.  Who doesn't enjoy company when something like this happens?  I am thinking unless I was very sick and out of commission,  I would LOVE to have company come calling.  I was so happy I had gone, since we had ourselves great visit together.  I was happy to go do my visiting after the lunch hour, however in the morning I first had to clean the van off.

"Regardless of the Sun being out, it was still COLD ! and there had to have been at least two feet of snow to be cleaned off of my Van.  I was COLD by the time I was finished and sure happy the wood stove was "fired" so I had a nice warm house to go back into.  Brr.... "

"After lunch I had headed down the highway South towards Wiarton on my way to have my Visit."

"Really who could NOT get "rocked" out by this tune?"

I had done my blog post in the morning, since I had a Guest post, thinking it would give me a break when I returned back home after an afternoon of visiting.  Once I had returned home to settle back in I checked my blog to find the following comment from Cathy, who had been my Guest yesterday....

Thank you Cindy for the wonderful chance to join your blog for a day! You are tireless in your goal of promoting local Bruce County businesses. All of us that fall in that category owe you a debt of appreciation! You certainly are a shining example of selflessness! The amount of traveling that you do, (all at your own expense), to hunt out new treasures, (as well as old), and then spread the word about them, is truly amazing! It makes you one of the unique treasures of Bruce County, and one very special lady!! Again, a huge thanks, and enjoy the rest of this beautiful sunny day! on Captured By Chocolate & Pastries

Wow ! truly I was flattered beyond flattery after reading Cathy's comment.  It is people like Cathy who really make my "heart sing" to know my time and efforts are appreciated.  A "simple" courtesy of a Thank YOU goes a long way, does it not?  And like Cathy, and others I have been blessed to have met along my journey of blogging, and living life, it is those people who have taken a moment to make me feel good by extending their appreciation and thanks.  Thank you Cathy for taking that moment out of your busy life to extend this courtesy to me.

I do LOVE supporting the Community and Small Businesses, as in my eyes it still  is people helping people that make it all happen and come together, is it not?  Do people get that busy in their lives that they can't send off a simple "thank you" to another?  some days I do wonder ....

I have terrible "dry" skin, with Winter causing it to dry even worse.  I have heard so much about Burt's Bees from friends (thanks Carla) and family (thanks Paula) that I thought I would give it a try.

"Just before Christmas I bought the Burt's Bees Daytime and Nighttime Moisturizing Creams for Sensitive Skin, since I have so many allergies I have to be careful."

It has been about six weeks now I have used the creams, quite often twice to three times a day.  I am  finding my face is still extremely dry and flaky.  I made a call to Burt's Bee Customer Service to see if I should have had results by this time.  The Customer Service girls assured me I should have had seen an improvement by now.  She suggested I try purchasing the Intense Hydration Creams.

"These creams were not available at the Shopper's Drug Store I had been in, however I was reassured they were available for purchase online at , and sure enough they are."

The problem here is I had already spend $60.00 plus taxes on the Sensitive Skin Creams with no results, and really wasn't to overjoyed at the prospect of spending yet more money for trying yet another product.

Without even asking the Customer Service Girl told me she would be sending me off a cheque to reimburse me for what I had already spent, and I could then go ahead to make a purchase of the new Intense Hydration Creams.  I was extremely pleased with the quality of Customer Service I received.  Thank You, Burt's Bees.

Once I purchase and begin using the Intense Hydration Creams, I will update on how I made out with the results after a couple of weeks of first using them.

The other day I had called my friend, Toni with an "i" to ask if she would like to go along with me to the luncheon being put on by my Auntie's Church in Port Elgin.  To my delight she had said she would.     I was happy for the company and not having to go by myself, since my Rob was otherwise occupied being The "Crabby Cabbie".

Toni and I "hooked up" in Hepworth prior to the lunch hour, and headed out from there.

"My oh my should you live in Saugeen Shores or close by and did not go to the Tolmie Presbyterian Church for their lunch today, boy oh boy did you miss out !  Homemade hamburger soup, a choice of four different kinds of sandwiches, and a very HUGE, as you can see I picked out the biggest, piece of Homemade Carrot Cake.  Really where can you get a lunch like this along with beverage for $7.00.  Nowhere now a days I am certain.  Stay tuned as I am thinking there will be another luncheon coming up in the Spring."

Really do you think Rob would be left out of the Homemade Lunch loop for one second? of course not as Auntie bought him a lunch of 2 Egg Salad Sandwiches and a piece of Carrot Cake.  Have I ever mentioned before how much she SPOILS Rob? of course I have, the big SUCK !  And again I say, what would he do without MY Auntie looking out for him !

After we had located my "Crabby Cabbie", who hadn't been too far off the beaten track, I dropped Toni back off to where she had left her vehicle and headed home.

"Something wrong with this picture?  Darn tooting there is, as I was dang, dang, triple dang stuck my own damn driveway I was so.  Jeez what a way to end a perfect afternoon let me tell the World."

After some rocking it just wasn't going to go anywhere, so I gave up and left it there.  I am please to honestly say there had been NO cussing whatsoever going on with this little incident, not one little cuss word.  

My brother had popped in for a wee visit on his way by, offering to pull me out, but there was no need as my wonderful hubby, Rob, came home to my rescue not only to give me a push out with the tractor but to clean out the whole driveway !!!  Thank you, Honey ... I do LOVE you everyday, even though we can both be "grumpy pants" some days ... *smile*.

A couple who have decided to purchase one of our "Checkerboard Aussie" puppies, which are due on or about the 6th of Feb, stopped by late this afternoon with a deposit for first choice on a male puppy.  I am going in order of deposits of who will get first choice from there on in, as last year I held a puppy right until the week before it was to be picked up and the lady back out on me.  This was *sad* as I like to think I am a good judge of character, and with the woman being a solid business owner in the dog/agility business I would never have suspected her backing out.  Unfortunately I now am requesting a deposit up front.  I have had three people seriously interested coming forth with deposits before the litter is even born.  These people in order of deposit with have first choice on sex and colours.

With all that done for the day, I had a most amazing personal, but not in person, goodbye with our young Australian friend, Nathan, via Skype.

"Yes years ago I can remember everyone talking about there were going to be phones where you see the other person you are talking to ... here it is via computer and SKYPE.  I was happy to say I was groomed nicely before this session between Nathan and myself.  Bye bye Nathan I will look forward to hearing you are safe and sound back home in Australia ! xx "

What was even cooler was Rob had called at the same time I had been skyping with Nathan, so I had put Rob on speakerphone on my Blackberry so he too could say "good-bye" to Nathan.  Truly it was our pleasure to meet such a nice young man, who I will be happy to stay in contact with.

A warm welcome goes out to my newest follower who has joined me here.  Thank you Michelle of Ms. enPlace for being here on my daily journal, with my sometimes opinions and ramblings.

Almost forgot ... checking in with Toni, Judy, Stacey, Michelle, Diane, Ellen, Debby, Cathy, Jean, Karen, Elsie, Gill, Darlene, Vicki, Abby, Marg, Janet, Marlyn, Christy, Alice and Monica, on how everyone did on their first month of the 52 Week Money Challenge (you can find on the sidebar) ?

"I began with $23.78 in my E-Account, adding the required amount per week as shown below.  Right on the "money" with this Challenge so far !"

Hope everyone else is off to a great start for the first Month of the Challenge?  I LOVE having the company along the way each week of the Challenge.

I am feeling very tired, with my neck giving me much grief today, and besides I have rambled on quite enough for one day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Love keeping tabs on you guys via your blog. My E-Account aka wooden box...has $85 as I am checking off different weeks depending on how much money I have. Hope I don't breakdown in the summer and use it for a new puppy or two!!

  2. Wow it worked!! I have been trying to comment for ever and couldn't do it!!!!

    1. Oh no G/F, keeping tabs & commenting ... wowsers! and no breaking down for puppies this Summer, we will get Doug to pay ! xx

  3. I have paid ahead to mid-March! We are buying a "new" house March 1 and I am sure I won't have a lot of extra money floating around at that time. My goal is to try and finish the challenge early ;)

    1. Way to go Christy ! and congrats on the new home purchase, how exciting for you.

  4. Aren't church lunches/suppers the best?
    Anyhoo, how come it is warmer but I feel colder? Would I be warmer with a generator?
    Take care
    Jane x

  5. Busy lady you are ! Oh that church lunch looks and sounds YUMMY ! I cant wait to see the pups . Glad you got your van out and that you had a nice Skype time with Nathan even though it was to say your goodbye's ! It has been snowing here since 9am we went from green to white in matter of hours lol ! lovely photos . Have a good evening !

    1. Yes it was wonderful to be say good-bye until he is safely back in Australia. You got SNOW ! we still have lots to spare I could send you more!

  6. Hey that's the kind of snow with which I am used to dealing from my childhood, so this dearth of the white stuff ...ugh, it's awful. The picture of the snow-laden pine tree makes me think of the time I broke an umbrella clearing snow off trees. There was so much snow the tips of the long branches were touching the ground.

    Excellent news on the "thank you" from your friend and the excellent customer service from Burt's Bees. So while it may be cold up there the community seems most comfortably warm. :O)

  7. That carrot cake is bigger than your VAN! (oh, maybe that's just perspective... but HOLY MOLY that is one HUMONGOUS slab of deliciousness!!!!)
    I love, love, love the money challenge... so far it's pretty easy. Me and Dave are both doing it and it's with glee that we drop our change in the box every week. (Change for now, anyway!)
    Sorry you got stuck in your own driveway... but amazed that you had actual pavement to drive on. Our roads have been solid ice for about a week now. Too cold for road salt so all they can do is sand. There are cars in the ditch everywhere we go. Nasty business. And YAY for Burt's Bees!!! That is really nice.

  8. By the way, I'm glad to hear you went visiting the woman with the injured hand. You are exactly right - when you're sick or stuck at home for some reason, you really enjoy a nice visit. I have heard so many selfish, selfish people say they won't visit terminally ill people because it makes them uncomfortable and they "want to remember them as they were." Seriously. I feel like telling them to grow up and start thinking about others for a change. You, Cindy, are an inspiration because you put others before yourself all the time. Hugs to you!

    1. Thanks Cathy with hugs back at you! Life is too short not to reach out to others when they need someone there for them.

  9. That lunch is such good value for money. Never had hamburger soup before?

    I have ten various weeks added to my jar. I am mixing it up like someone else suggested and putting larger weeks amounts in when I have the money and smaller weeks when I don't.


    1. Whatever works as the end result is going to be the best ! I have posted the soup recipe to the Recipe Exchange & will be making shortly myself.

  10. So far so good Cindy with this month's savings.Hope I can keep it up.Take Care. Heathen Woman

  11. Oh I love that you visit I do that a lot I pretend it is for them but I must admit it is about me. It helps both of us get through the days. There are a lot of lonely ailing people out there who would just love someone to drop in and chat for a bit.
    I sure wish it would warm up around here at least you have snow so it looks like winter we don't so it looks nice out and you open the door and you freeze and your nose falls off on the floor:) I am trying to be funny guess I am not. Keep warm. Have a nice weekend. B

  12. Oh Cindy, you are such a generous soul for visiting the lady with the injured hand. Cathy is right that you are a "shining example of selflessness". You give so much of yourself to others and I'm just happy to know you.

    Take it easy this weekend. We got a lot of snow here yesterday.


  13. How sweet to visit a friend who is stuck in the house, I know you made her day. That is a heck of a lunch the church put on for such a little amount of money!! I am still at it with the 52 week challenge, like Gill I am picking diffrent weeks along the way to deposit. I will update my blog on Sunday with all the challenges from the month. So many this month to keep up with!! Your snow is beautiful as are you

  14. I want my total done by the end of October so I have added extra and have just finished week 12.

  15. I am suffering from extremely dry skin this winter as well. the kettle is on the wood stove all the time and laundry hung in the house, but to no avail.This cold and having to be out in at least four hours a day doesn't help.

    My challenge is going well.I put loose change in one week which came to $29.00, then $50.00 the second week. I will come up with amounts for my next few weeks. This is going to be my bathroom renovation fund which I plan on getting done in December when drywallers are desperate for work. I made out your chart and colour coded the weeks I contributed.

    Thank-you for the gluten-free flour mixture. With Bulk Barn having $3.00 coupons the next two weeks I will be stocking up on different items, some regular and some gluten-free. I really appreciate your time to give this to me. sure can ramble on in your posts. I feel like you are talking via phone when I read them. Got to love it.

    You have more snow then us. I am envious. Wish to go for a ski.

    1. Yes I am hoping for a bedroom makeover myself in the reno department. Great job on your loose change collection. Nice for the coupon savings is for sure. I do ramble, hopefully I do it well ... *smile*. Lots more snowing coming down still.

  16. Cindy, what are you washing your face with? Email me & I'll give you suggestions on a few things... I had the same issues for years, so I'm right there with you!

  17. All is going great with the money challenge. January is all deposited and I will be doing the same for February when I get paid this week. I am trying to stay a month ahead of the game and will try to make my deposit all in one shot. That might be challenging the more I get into the year BUT I am so stoked with the savings and being able to pay my student loan off, hopefully, this year... YAY!! And I think church lunches/suppers are the BEST!

  18. Hi Cindy! So far so good with the 52 week challange! So glad you brought it to light here, what a super idea! Thank you!
    That's one big honkin piece of carot cake! The lunch looks so good and you are so right, can't find that kind of lunch for such a good bargain and to have great company to go along with it to boot! Love all that snow you have, my mom who lives near Oliphant isn't loving it that much with all the shovelling, but I keep telling her Spring is around the corner! :)
    Have a great week!

  19. Ah, carrot cake. One of life's great pleasures....


How nice of you to drop around to have a wee visit with me to see what I have been up to from time to time. I look forward to your comments as they add much brightness to my each and every day to know there are such wonderful people out there.

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