Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Part 2 ~ Bruce County Walkabout

Please take a moment to ~ Scroll down ~ to the bottom to older post to Read Part 1 before reading this Part 2 ~ Bruce County Walkabout.  I am delighted you took the time to have dropped in on me.

Once being "wowed" by the H.M.S. General Hunter, Nathan and I followed through to the World War I exhibits.

"The history encased behind these exhibits are too astounding for word, as their presence speaks for them, with no words needed.  The Victoria Cross is the highest military decoration awarded for Valour."

"Further down the corridor we learn about the "Beacons of Bruce County".  Displayed along the top of the walls are  pictures of the Lighthouse Keepers from years long gone by."

"This replica of the Chantry Island Lighthouse & Keeper's Quarters was made years ago by Lighthouse Keeper, Mrs Lambert.  To read some of the entries made in their daily diaries is beyond interesting.  My brother, Allan, told me when he was very young he had swam from Southampton's Long Dock over to Chantry Island and back.  All I can think of to say to that is "he must have been an extremely strong swimmer to have done so.", and I wonder who was Keeper of the Lighthouse at that time? as I am certain it had been over 50 years ago. "

"Ha !  I could not help but notice how tall the Long Boat was, asking Nathan to pose beside it to show this.  Nathan also took the liberty to demonstrate to me how the old Telephone Switchboard used to be operate.  Really I am of the opinion at times, Nathan is way beyond his 19 years of age."

Since the whole of the upstairs, as well as part of the downstairs of the Museum had been under construction, I was a tad disappointed there had not been more.  Also outside the main buildings, where the log home and one room Schoolhouse are situated, were "closed" for the Winter months.

Coming by a young man who worked at the Museum, I had mentioned my disappointment.  He acted quickly in escorting us outside with a set of keys in hand, to give us entry into both building.  Needless to say both Nathan and I were ecstatic and most appreciative of his kind gesture in doing this for us.

"We were far from disappointed as we walked in to see what might have at one time been a Parlor to the left of us, and then to the right a common room for where meals and such might have been taken.  Take notice of the outside "water pump" in the front of the home?  A luxury I am sure then pailing from a nearby water source I would think."

"Into the small kitchen we went next.  My first thought on seeing the "cook stove" was they must have been a rather well to do family for them to have owned such a lovely "big" cook stove such as this one."

"Upstairs there had been three bedrooms.  One room had a cradle beside the bed.  I loved the doll by the way.  Another room had a "trundle bed" beside the main bed, with the third room having a spinning wheel in it.  I did notice the doors to the rooms had been similar to a door that had been in the basement of the home I grew in up the street from here, which had been well over 100 years old at the time I was growing up there."

"Next door we entered into the one room schoolhouse.  Both Nathan and I LOVED the photo of Queen Victoria on the wall we had both noticed right off on entering."

 "That wood stove was long enough to hold some pretty good sized length of logs I thought.  Remember the "old tin" lunch pails?"

Our Tour of the Bruce County Museum came to an end.  The museum provides much more then it's exhibits at various time, so please do check that out by going into their website by *clicking* HERE.

I wanted to get a Post Card, forgetting to ask when I had been at the Southampton Town Hall's Tourist Information Centre, so back there we went again.  I was happy to received two such Post Cards to suit my purposes of Post Crossing.  We were also told there that we could obtain ourselves some Pumpkin Seeds from the World Known Annual Pumpkinfest if we were to drop over to the Saugeen Shores Chamber of Commerce located in Port Elgin.  

Since I had to make a delivery of a Birthday Present over there anyhow, off we went, picking up my "Crabby Cabbie" Rob along the way, as he is fortunate now to have such a fantastic employee to "cover" for him when he needs a wee bit of time for us.

"This is the Saugeen Shores Chamber of Commerce ~ Tourist Information Building located on Port Elgin's Goderich Street (Main Street for Port Elgin)."

"Here we are at my Auntie Gladys' to drop off a 75th Birthday Gift for her.  Auntie had a couple neighbours in for Tea, and Rob, of course, had eyed up the plate of goodies she was going to be serving  Yes, there he with Auntie after having wangled 1/2 Gum Drop Cake from her before leaving.  What would he ever do without MY Auntie, I do wonder some days ...."

"Here I am back at the Chamber of Commerce Building.  The first photo is where I had left Nathan, and the second is of him still there talking up a "storm" with all the gals in there; him learning something of Canada, and they of Australia from what I could gather."

"I could not head back home without first showing Nathan the Cenotaph in Southampton down on the shores of the Lake Huron Beach.  Nathan is looking down the beach towards the lighthouse located at the mouth of the Saugeen River."

"Out across the Lake is Chantry Island.  Beautiful is all is .... then it was time for us to head back home "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard"."

The day was well spent with many new memories made of the time spent with our new young Australian friend, Nathan Reynolds-Furrry, who traveled all the way from Yass, NSW to visit others and us here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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  1. Such a lovely place , looks very much like our Port Burwell town and shores. So much to discover in Ontario ! Thanks for sharing with us . Have a good day !

  2. As always, your pictures are simply stunning! I am more determined than ever to make my way there this summer.
    Aimee from Craftmates

  3. You have the best 'adventures' Cindy!! You must know everyone in your area I bet!! :) I love that you share all these photo's with us! Thank-you!!

  4. That was quite an "outing" Cindy! What fabulous photos you managed to capture! Awesome :)

  5. great set of photos Cindy. I see the spammers have found you........that sucks......


  6. Oh I really enjoyed the second part of this the museum is wonderful. I was delighted that you got the special tour myself.
    Happy Birthday Auntie at 75.
    I like your history blog and do hope I someday get to your lovely part of Ontario. I go to Toronto and Hamilton so it is not that much farther. Great posts. B

  7. I just love seeing your photos and your neck of the woods is so beautiful. My mom has a portrait of Queen Victoria that looks exactly like that, frame and all. She sure is scary looking (Queenie, not my mom!!!!)

  8. Definitely an area of the province I have to get to! Great pics!


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