Tuesday, 29 January 2013

MESS ~ Day 2

Really ? yet another day of not feeling at all ambitious about doing anything.  Again I will blame this on the weather, as it had been another damp, mushy, grey, then foggy day here.  To be quite honest with myself, of late I have been feeling as "blah" as the weather.

"Anyone who knows anything about Fibromyalgia knows how the weather and stress adds up to more discomforts.  If someone doesn't know this, there are facts you can read up on for more education about Fibromyalgia by *clicking* HERE."

When I finally did get myself moving this morning, I headed on downtown to do what I had planned on getting done yesterday.  

First stop was the Foodland Store to pickup some fruit and a Roast.  At $2.97 a pound, you can't go wrong on buying one or two for the Slow Cooker, or to use for Stew Beef, since the price of Stew Beef is $4.99/lb., and that is the SALE Price !

Next stop to the Post Office to get 2 parcels, along with a few cards posted off to their appointed destinations.  Really Valentines Day is only around the corner, and I like my Grandsons to enjoy their cards a bit before the day arrives.  

Next stop was the Bank to make a deposit.  Deposits of any sort seem to be eaten up before the actual transaction, especially when you have been working so hard to get a small business venture up and running off the ground.

The final stop was to drop off a container of Homemade Hamburg soup to my friend.  She always appreciates any and every little thing I drop around to her.  I always appreciate every little thing she is there about for me.  That is what Friendship is all about, if we are so blessed to have such wonderful Friendships.

When I returned back home it was "Checkboard Aussie" duty before I put my purchases away.  I can not believe it was after the Noon hour before I got my bed made today! then going on to folding a load of towels that needed done up and put away.

Taking a bit of a break after attending to some other business on hand, I checked out my emails to find my friend Paul had sent me along some photos from where him and BJ are vacationing in Arizona.

"Paul didn't want us to think just because they were in Arizona that they too weren't getting the "snow" experience.  These photos were taken this morning.  Really though what is a bit of snow when you have that view to gaze out upon every morning?  Thanks Paul !  I love getting your emails and photos.  And "hello" BJ !"

Rob had to come home this afternoon to do a "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle switch.

See where I had been unstuck from yesterday?  Not wanting to go there again, I parked further up the lane way.  See that "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle there ... pretty stuck by the looks of things to me, so there it sits.  Ha ! so much for it only happening to the Woman of the household."

On the one occasion when I was taking everyone out, about and in, I took my camera along when I had Buddy out.

"See that look of innocence?  Trust me he really isn't ... there he goes !  Zoom here, zoom there, zoomed right out of my sight.  By the time I had caught up to him he was around the other side of the house and heading towards the road.  Okay we are back on the lead again ... enough of that "heart failure" feeling with an unruly two year old."

I had absolutely no energy as the day was heading into late afternoon, but I really had to muster up some or I would never get this January Challenge completed by the 31st of January, and we certainly can't have that happening now can we Carla ?

Since I had completed this week's Mini Challenge by cleaning out the fridge already, I had to accomplish what I had outlined for myself this month, again by taking myself into MESS ~ Day 2.

"Down into the basement I went again.  This is the bottom of the stair where a clutter of outer wear and other junk useful things gets left."

"I persevered however difficult with many thoughts of giving up, even ignoring a phone call from my Sister, Donna, to "get 'r done".  And another bagful ready to make an exit out the door and far far away from our house."

To accomplish this month's Challenge I still have one more terrible feat yet to get done ... the "dreaded" downstairs bathroom which Rob has totally destroyed made his.  Wish me luck, as I really really need on that one.

The Low/No Spend Challenge I will also tally up by the 31st....oh man, that is only 2 days away !!!

I tried a new recipe for tonight's supper that I will post tomorrow, as for this moment .... that is all she wrote, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard."


  1. I feel pretty blah in the last few days too. Honestly, most of the month. I went to the doctor the other day, and she told me that I have a vitamin D deficiency right now. I don't know if that's where the problem lies but I could definitely use a dose of good mood right now:(But I bet Buddy put a lot of smiles on your face today. He surely is the cutie:)

  2. I have a rare (non fatal) motor neurone disease.I look fine but it is hard to live with. I understand how you are feeling as I was misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia until the motor neurone disease was discovered. We have to keep cheerful.....is there a generator you would recommend (hehehehehehe).
    Jane xxx

  3. My doctors cant figure out whether I have fybro or Muscular Rheumatoid Arthritis as with fybro there is no inflammation which I have in the muscles not the joints and I ache from head to toe in the damp and piercing pain in my right leg but sometimes only ache in certain places at times , they know I have Arthritis in my left foot but the rest of me they have now idea ! So I understand how you feel . I have no energy either the past few days , I get like this in the summer on rainy days as well ! It is hard to cope with some days but I do the best I can .Hope you feel better soon .

  4. Your motor might be a little slow but you still seem to get it done!! Go you!! Men are such slobs in the bathroom, I hate cleaning up after hubby

  5. Oh I had not realized you had Fibro also. Drat I know how you feel. I am loving this warm snap I hope it sticks around. Maybe we should move to Arizona:)
    Oh the mess close your eyes works for me but don't trip:)
    Take care .
    Read up about magnesium supplements believe it or not I take no drugs now and it helps. Could be all in my head but as you know no pain for even a bit of time is wonderful.HUGS Keep warm B

  6. I'm blaming my blahs on winter blues. It happens every year as we get into February.

  7. I feel blah too... I would rather see lots of white snow, than this dreary, grey, rain... At least we are not alone with the winter blahs, I guess that is the bright side... xo

  8. Also just reading of your fibromyalgia diagnosis - so sorry! I have Sjogrens syndrome and Raynauds so I understand your fatigue. As we are in the same area I would wager we both see the same rheumatologist!Having invisible illnesses can be very difficult- if we broke out in green spots when we felt ill it would go a long way in helping people understand what we experience is just as real!


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