Sunday, 27 January 2013

I Want To Accomplish Today

Please do NOT ask me my name today, as I might not be able to tell you.  I thought I had slept well last night, however I still am feeling "bone tired".  What else can a typical Canadian do but blame it on the weather, eh?

I had a phone call from my Son, Paul, at 6:30 am.  Our Aiden was taken to the hospital as he needed an "emergency" circumcision.  All is fine;, he is home safe and sound now, with everything now hopefully corrected.  When I heard Hospital, I felt my heart fall to the floor ... it is times like these I hate being 2 1/2 hours away.  Regardless when he had been born, it had not stopped me from driving down there at 3 am in the morning.  Ha ! but then again, I was 8 years younger, and it had not been Winter.  No matter if I was needed I would be gone like a "shot" !

Today I had my mind set on making the Hamburg Soup I had at the Church Luncheon on Friday, since my Auntie had emailed me the recipe, and knowing how much my Rob would love it.  Once I had taken care of four "Checkerboard Aussies" by the names of Bandit, Lexus, Buddy and Missy Mercedes, I got to it .... as it had been first on my "I want to accomplish today" list.

"Really, how can you go wrong on a full-bodied hearty soup which contains so much colour?  How was it you might ask? as good as it looks in the picture."

Recipe pleases?  PRINTABLE recipe *click* HERE.

"Once I had a bowl for Lunch, and Rob two bowls, there was still this left.  Some for the fridge for Rob's lunches this week, and two containers yet for the Freezer."

Once lunch had been cleaned up from, I took some "time out" to make out a couple Post Cards to send off through the Postcrossing I enjoy doing.  I also took a minute to send off a note and deposit receipt to the young man from Windsor who is going give one of our 2013 "Checkerboard Aussie" a Forever Home.  There have been three excellent Forever Homes found already for the upcoming 2013 Litter, which greatly pleases me ... all have been told that it is a MUST they keep us posted on their life progress.  *Smile* I am pretty stringent on that requirement.

Other then the soup, the next thing on my "I want to accomplish today" list was to complete part of the January "Declutter" challenge (before it is too late...have you noticed the end of January is almost upon us?).  I got down into the "dreaded spider infested basement" and got the shop vac sucking the life up from those Daddy Long Legs (who are not spider) and those hairy legged things ranging in all different sizes, which are spiders.  Once the required corner was *void* of most 4 legged creatures, the big guns moved in ....

"The Whelping Box had to be updated a bit.  With some discontinued flooring samples we had been given from a local store, Rob lined the box with them.  This will be more sanitary and easier for me to clean up after lots of any mess the little ones might leave behind."

"Lexus knew the routine oh so well, as in she went with a "jump up" for kisses on my nose."

Half of the portion of the "Declutter" challenge completed ... OH NO !  I can almost hear the whip all the way from Carla's, as I only have FOUR MORE DAYS to complete the other half !!!  Please send lots of luck and prayers over my way, will you. as I just know I am going to need all the help I can get and then some !!!!

The third thing on my "I want to accomplish today" list was something that made my hubby's eyes open wide and drool run down his chin.

"A Lemon Meringue Pie which just happens to be my Rob's most favourite Pie."

When asked what his most favourite part of the few hours we had together this day, of course his answer had been the "Lemon Pie" !  Jeez, put on the back burner again over a Pie, what's up with that?

There is tons more stuff to be done, like floors needing washed (although the kitchen/bathroom floors did get done this week), cobwebs to be swept from every nook and cranny, cupboards to be sorted ... thank  goodness I was able to find some new House Cleaning Tips by dropping over to Gill's this morning to find out about a whole new "twist" on house cleaning.  Thanks Gill.

Need some new Tips on getting housework done?  Drop on over to find out how, by *clicking* HERE.

A big welcome goes out to Tonya at Momma's Sunshine for joining me as my newest follower.  Thanks for being here Tonya for my daily journal, and sometime opinions and ramblings.

I am pretty pleased with myself that I got three things off my "I want to accomplish today" list, as well as having the bonus of spending some rare "time out" with my hubby, who is "sawing some logs" for us at the moment, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Glad you were able to accomplish some tasks today , it's nice when it all gets dome isn't it ? Oh the food looks YUMMY ! We like lemon Pie here as well but our fave is Blueberry . Glad to hear your pups are getting forever homes . We are waiting for a big bad snow,rain freezing rain storm to hit ! Have a good day !

  2. Aww... Hope everything is ok now, Cindy!! :( It's hard being "far" when there's nothing we can really do but wait. If it makes you feel any better there is NO WAY I'm going to get my BIG decluttering goal done... It's just too cold to stay in there, and with everything else I had to do, I aimed too high. Such is life! ;)

  3. I am getting excited for you about the upcoming puppies. I would love one but they grow too big for me.

    Glad to hear that everything went well with Aiden.

    My head is killing me tonight, must be weather related. Need to have a go at making that soup.


  4. Oh my, poor Aiden, that's scary!! I can only imagine how worried you were. I'm glad everything went well and he's home now. And you were busy again today :) Could you mail me some of that pie? It surely looks delicious! :) And good luck on decluttering!! This month really passed us by fast.

  5. *LOL* I say any day you can make your hubby drool is a pretty good day!

    Glad to hear Aiden is ok.

    I hear you on the "hospital" word phobia though. I was in a park about 16 years ago, and wound up breaking my arm. After having to drive myself to the hospital, I had to call home, because I would not have been able to drive myself. Chris told me later that "if you ever have to call me from the hospital again, the first words out of your mouth better be, 'I'm ok'"!

    And if there's any pie left once your beloved and the other readers get done with it, I promise to come scratch the last bits out of the pan. :O)

  6. Hope all is well, nothing stops the heart like those phone calls. My DH would chose your pie over me every day:) its his favorite and I can never get it right

  7. Glad Aiden is going to be alright, what a heart stopper to get calls like that :( Your pie looks wonderful, who wouldn't love to eat the whole thing. Good luck on your decluttering, I think I can finish up today but I didn't really have a ton to do to begin with!

  8. Don't you just love productive days?
    Glad to hear Aiden is okay.
    Looks like winter is here this morning. A good decluttering day, or sleep away day. Either seem productive.

  9. I love lemon pie but Colin doesn't really 'do' pie so I get it very rarely. I love seeing all your Aussies. We used to have a blue merle Aussie. He was great.

    Hope Aiden feels better soon.

  10. Oh yes, I am SO going to make that soup, but not until the first of Feb. arrives as I'm missing a few ingredients and won't be shopping until then. I am so into soup right now. I have eaten a lot of it, both homemade and store bought over the past week. If all else fails, blame the tiredness on the weather. I blame a lot of those "I don't feel like doing it" things on the weather. LOL!

  11. What a terrible way to start the day. I'm glad all is well now.

    I love the rich color of this soup and all the vegetables in it. Thank you for linking with See Ya in the Gumbo this week--it's nice to have you stop by.

  12. I hope Aiden's doing well. A guy hears the word circumcision, and we shudder...

    Ah, lemon meringue pie... another of life's great pleasures.

  13. I love hearty soups. January, I featured soups and they were mostly very hearty soups. This soups look wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

    We may have met by chance...but we become friends by choice.


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