Saturday, 5 January 2013

Family RULES !!!

"Family Rules cause Families do RULE ! "

What do I think of my new sign?  I LOVE it !  Where would I get such a cool "Family Rules" sign from ? especially since I am participating in a No/Low Spend Challenge for the Month of January.  I could not believe I was fortunate enough to win it in a Give Away from one of our local Wiarton Stores who is on Facebook.  What local Wiarton store would make such a unique sign for a Give Away?  one of my favourite stores that I never tire of visiting or taking anyone by to visit ..... that being The "Cluttered Cupboard".

"From the outside you are immediately drawn in ... the front entrance way is so cozy leading up the stairs to wonders from re-purposed antiques and retro items, as you see here with a pair of old skis made into a hall tree, to some items you will find to be lovely and new.  Unique you want? then further venture up the stairs .... trust me you will not be disappointed. "

"You would never leave The Cluttered Cupboard without finding something that you would not want or desire for your home.  A work shop where I had the honor of peaking into where many of The Cluttered Cupboard creations have been and are being created is below the store.  New? look at the wonderful selection and colours of yarn being offered up to tickle your own creative fancies."

"As you glance from one item to the next, you will find yourself again drawn back to look a second or third time to make sure you never missed something on the first look."

"Ah there is Owner, Bill Morrow, making a wee adjustment to something that might not have been "just" so, as nothing should be out of place to a customer's pleasing eye."

Thank you to owner's Bill and Holly for hosting another Give Away on their Facebook page, that myself and my friend, Toni with an "i" were able to win one of your creations through, as well as giving so many others a chance to do so by just "liking" your page.

You will not want to miss out on any of The Cluttered Cupboard's newest creations and/or future Give Aways, so I would love to suggest you stop on over onto their Facebook Page to give their page a huge "LIKE" by *clicking* HERE to do so.

I heard also from an "inside" informant that there will be some new renovations within the next while at The Cluttered Cupboard.  This certainly will be cause for another excuse to go back for a visit so I can check out all the new changes in person !

Once I had enjoyed my visit at The Cluttered Cupboard, I headed on over to a friends place as I had picked up a little something for her last year that I had wanted to gift her as a combination Christmas/Birthday gift.  I just happened to "catch" my friend and her hubby as they were pulling out of their driveway.  I have since had a message from her that she had been most happy and thankful for the gift I had dropped around to her.

I am so happy I have made my Goal this year to be Kinder, as it does make me feel good to do so.  And really does it take any more effort to be kind, then not to be?

I had to drop off some of the stuff I had decluttered this week to our local Salvation Army Store, where I was able to see another of my friends who works there.  Friends really are the BEST aren't they, in any shape, form or age, as long as they are friends.  I LOVE me my friends !!!

I have yet to get some Turkey soup made from the Turkey stock I made the other day here, so when I returned home I got to skimming the fat from the top, which I was happy there wasn't too much to skim.  What I also did was strain it more to clarify it somewhat more then it was after skimming the fat from it..

"I laid a clean tea cloth in a strainer over top another pot while pouring the stock through, leaving the sentiment behind in the tea clothe as shown below."

Now I am happy to go ahead with make some Turkey Noodle Soup and freezing the remainder of the stock for another soup on another day.

I am so happy happy happy I am not alone on the 52 Week Money Saving Challenge, as of today there are a total of ten of us participating.  Don't miss out on joining along ... it is really quite the "doable" challenge to save a bit of money by the end of the Year, with all details found by *clicking* HERE.  Look forward to you joining Toni, Judy, Stacey, Michelle, Diane, Ellen, Debby, Cathy, Jean, and myself.

I think I will wrap things up here now so I can go and get that done now, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Cindy - this was a DELIGHT to read - seriously.... remember our conversation about "niches"? Well - this is yours - right here on this blog! You have such a way with words... THANK YOU THANK YOU - for ALL YOU do! Business visits, photos, blogging, sharing - YOU rock!
    Enjoy your new sign!! :) :)

  2. What a cute sign!!! What a great prize for such a lovely lady. I linked up your challenge on my blog tonight, hope we can get even more ladies on board!! I have never made turkey broth/stock, does it taste the same as chicken stock?

  3. Love that sign!!! What a wonderful win! :) The shop looks awesome! Good luck with your savings goal! It's a great way to tuck some extra cash aside!

  4. Oh, I just love little stores like this! I actually have seen a similar sign on Pinterest before and I just loved it. Congratulations on your win!

  5. I love the sign. What lovely words to live by.
    Aimee from craftmates

  6. What an Awesome win! I'm heading over to like the cluttered cupboards page! Thanks so much for linking up for Social Sunday! ~Tammy

  7. You have such interesting shops where you live! I liked Cluttered Cupboards even though I'm in the States, because I believe businesses with character should be supported!

  8. Love the sign! GFC & Pinterest follower via Let's Get Social Sunday! Diana

  9. Lovely sign with lovely sentiments! Well done on your win.

    Following from the UK via Let's Get Social Sunday Linky

    M x

  10. What an awesome post! It was so fun to read. Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent. I am so thrilled to have you share. I love your great blog.

    Have a wonderful weekend. :)



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