Monday, 14 January 2013

Battle of the Paper !

It was an early 5:00 am morning again.  What a surprise to find a skiff of snow, along with a brisk cold wind after the double digit high temps we had the preceding few days.  I believe the January thaw might have came to an abrupt end.

Since last week was a "write-off" in my eyes, between a day trip to Kitchener-Waterloo, "Crabby Cabbie" book work, then an onslaught of migraine headaches, I decided today I was not going to let the day escape me.

I still had to finish up the book work by figuring out the HST for the last quarter of 2012, so I tackled that first off before anything.  Once that was done I decided to go at things one at a time, as not to overwhelm myself.  It is so easy to get overwhelmed when one has not been able to keep up on a regular daily basis, ending up accomplishing nothing much when this happens.  Focus is needed to achieve accomplishment.  Focus I did. 

It became a "Battle of the Paper" this morning.  I organized and did all the filing for the "Crabby Cabbie", then proceeded onto the desk.

"I had been so "focused" on getting things done I forgot to take "before" photos, however I am very happy with the "after" photos."

"The next thing I did was reclaim my dining room table and buffet from a mess of papers !  See that pile of paper, this is what I cleared from the desk and after sorting through what to file and what not to file."

 The Wood Stove was very very happy after I had fed it a huge breakfast of Paper !!!  Another declutter job done for the Month of January !

Mission accomplished until the next "Battle of the Paper".  Once done I got everything gathered to make the trip downtown Wiarton to our bank to make a Mafia Government Pay-off, and do a couple of other little errands.

Before I left I had to try on a Backpack we had picked up for our "Checkerboard Aussies".  Who would be the perfect cooperative "model" then no other then our ....

" ... Bandit Boy.  Not too sure if he was impressed, but he did cooperate as he is the bestest boy in the whole wide World !"

I actually bought the Back Pack for Buddy and Mercedes, or maybe Bandit too (from one of the Swaps for an awesome price of $10.00) when I start taking them off property walking again.  

Interested in a Doggie Back Pack for your dog?  *Click* HERE for 10 Reasons to Buy One.

I really hope to get back into a routine of daily walking again after two years of doing so to  doing nothing.  After having torn my Meniscus within three months of knee surgery, it tore again ! with a second surgery to follow within the same year, it really set me back from walking on a daily basis.  I have decided if it is going to tear again, so be it as I felt better when I was walking or on my treadmill daily then how I have been feeling since I ceased doing so.  Now to get myself back going on that will be the next accomplishment.

After Bandit modeled the Pack Pack for me to satisfy my curiosity, I headed further South of the Checkerboard to downtown Wiarton.  

RBC Bank - check (paid our dues)
Drug Store - check (prescription not ready)
Gilbert Shoes - check (a "hello" drop in)
Salvation Army Store - check (oops spent a wee little bit of money here)
Post Office - check (stamps) purchased

YIKES !!!  put the brakes on !!!  The price of a Stamp went up today !!! I believe about by five cents in Canada, as well as Postage to the USA and International.  Really was there not just an increase last Year???  Need to see the new prices that were implemented today? just *click* HERE.  Scroll part way down the page to see the stamp increases for Letter mail 

I had taken Bandit and Lexus along for the ride since Rob had left the two crates in the Van from our day trip last week.  They were happy campers, or should I say "passengers".  They LOVE going for rides in the Van ... and are totally awesome travellers.  Since Rob and I do not have doggie sitters when we go away for a day, they have to be excellent travellers to go along with us when need be.

It was at least 2:30 pm by the time I returned back home to let everyone have a big old run out in the brisk cold wind ... brr.  Needless to say the wood stove was "fired" up today again.

I got to thinking (what else is new) that I have been feeling out of sort the past few months since I have not had myself much of a regular routine anymore.  You know when you cook a meal for someone every day?  This has definitely not happening with my Rob working so many hours at being The "Crabby Cabbie".  As much work at times, or a bother at others, it might seem, I do miss cooking on a regular basis as it gave me a feeling of routine, never mind how much I enjoy cooking.  We need stability and routine in our lives do we not? I think so ... or at least it seems I do, as I really believe this is what I have been missing.  Oh yes, of course I have also been missing my Rob on a regular basis too, what kind of a "soul mate" and "wife" would I be if I didn't.  *Smile*

True love is what I know I have, as we are always able to make it through those up and downs to be there for each other.  To bare witness to another true love, take a moment to drop on over to Lena's Blog post of today by *clicking* HERE.  It brought tears to my eyes this day.

Since Monday evenings Rob has never worked I got to planning our meal earlier this morning by taking Back Ribs out of the freezer to thaw.  This afternoon I got going on the Easy Peasy as 1-2-3 preparation of the ribs.

"I mixed a rub of salt, pepper, garlic powder, and tomato powder (homemade) into the ribs, then placed them into the Slow Cooker."

"After the ribs had cooked on HIGH for 3 1/2 hours, I drained off the grease.  Even at this stage they look totally ready to go ... but not until I drizzled Miners' Maple Products Maple Chipolte BBQ sauce over them and left them on HIGH for another 1/2 hour while I cooked up a fry pan of leftover boiled potatoes and red onion.  I don't know about anyone else when they were growing up, but in our house we all went for the crispy crisp bottom from the fry pan ... yummy love crispy brown fried potatoes."

"Believe me, Rob and I really really enjoyed our Dinner tonight.  The company was good and the food was unbelievably good !"

This post has been shared over at Jaimes Love Bakes Good Cakes @

A new friend I have had the honor of meeting in person over Christmas, resides down in Florida every Winter.  Along with the photo she posted tonight she wrote ....

"A Crabby for the Cabbie all the way from La Belle, Florida", on The "Crabby Cabbie" Facebook Page.  Rob responded with, "Thanks Sharon, I needed a few more Crabby Friends !"  Hahahaha ... I LOVE ME some friends, even if they might be a little on the Crabby side."

 Thanks Sharon, Rob would LOVE all the "Crabby" company !!! but more so in person shell he thinks.

Oh man look at me ramble !!!  I didn't even feel like doing much of a post tonight and look at me go.

Before I forget my manners, I would like to extend a warm welcome to Lenetta of Life According to Lenetta for joining me here on my daily journey, and sometime or not rants or opinions.  Welcome !

Also welcome Alice for making us 21 who are "on board" for the 52 Week Money Challenge.  Out of 21 of us, Alice was quick to point out that Week 49 isn't adding up as it should ... ha ! I am so happy one of us read the whole chart ... Hahaha, thanks Alice for being "quick to point" that out now as by the time I got to Week 49 I could have been "stumped" I am sure !  and for those ones who are putting the weeks in a weekly draw, don't panic as it still adds up to what it should be at the end of the 52 Weeks !

I am also pretty pumped and excited about all the interest I have been getting on having an Ontario Blogger Day ... stay tuned it is now just around the corner..  Interested in being "linked" up for this, please give a SHOUT OUT on your blog and read more about it HERE.

I have a huge day planned ahead for tomorrow.  I really need to have a good night's sleep for be ready for it, so off I go to do just that, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Well done on the "papers"!! They sure pile up fast don't they!? I just love Bandit... sooo handsome! :) Sounds like a productive day! And it figures that postage rates went up.. our postage costs are soo much already! Ugh!! Wish we had the U.S. prices!! Oh well... gvmt. needs to live too... ;P

  2. Hello Cindy, thanks so much for stopping by my blog today : )
    You sound like a really busy lady! You get a lot done in a day. Your dining room looks great. I often have to clean up my art room, which seems to grow paper and all kinds of stuff when I walk away Lol! I agree with you, we all feel better with a good routine. Hopefully your walking again will help you out. I am just beginning Tai chi, for exercise.

  3. So tomorrow will be even bigger than today? :) You are like an Energizer bunny :) And thanks for a mention, you are a sweetheart :)

  4. Hi Cindy, hope you're feeling migraine free today. We have some snow here but not much. I did a massive paper clear out last week - it cleanses the soul I think!

  5. totally fed up that the price of postage has gone up AGAIN. It's going to be so expensive to mail things soon, that no one will use Canada Post..

    Its good isn't it not having to shred papers, just throw them on the fire!!! I did the same last week.

    Your supper looks yummy.


  6. Love your dining room/set. I have to get back to clutter-free living. I might try the back pack as my pup still needs some training with walking. Aimee from Craftmates

  7. Congrats on more decluttering!! I would rather do just about anything than to have to deal with papers. Supper looks so good, it's leftovers for me this week with hubby out of town. I sooooo know what you mean not having your sweet thing around to cook for at regular hours. Thank goodness our grands keep me busy in the kitchen most days

  8. Decluttering!! woot woot!! :) Good Job!
    Just wanted to also let you know I am participating in the 52 Week challenge, and have enlisted some co-workers to join in the challenge too! YAY!
    Your dinner looks delish, and Bandit looks like he loves his new outer wear! :) Love your site and enjoy reading it daily.

  9. Wow good job on decluttering Cindy! I should probably include that in my long list of To Do's. Those ribs look yummy! I am also planning on using my slow cooker this year and on the look out for some easy recipes. - Irma

  10. I am in the process of decluttering also. I hate it lol. Why in the world do we do this to ourselves?! I am drooling over those ribs - yum! One of my goals this year is to use my slow cooker more .... I'm not doing very well so far! Thank you for sharing at All My Bloggy Friends last week!


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