Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Back, Now Gone Again

What a day I just had, and to think it still isn't over yet even though my body is telling me it is.

Out I go first thing to take everyone for their first out and about, only to walk out the side entrance door into three inches of water pooled there.  Yes the shovel had to be used to remove some of the ice around that was not allowing the water to drain away from the house.  What a mess !  I am happy to report it did the trick, as it finally had cleared away later in the day.

After everyone was looked after I was thinking a nice relaxing second cup of coffee would be in order.  WRONG ! I realized I had made arrangements with a girl who had bought a brand new Slow Cooker from me off the swap was to meet up to get it from my "Crabby Cabbie" today.  What was the problem here? of course I hadn't sent the Slow Cooker along with him, resulting with me meeting up with him 1/2 hour one way away to give it to him.

Back through downtown Wiarton I came, first making not one stop, but three in total, before arriving back at our house to let Missy Preggo Lexus out before heading back downtown Wiarton for the VON SMART exercise program.

Timeline for all of this ? it took between the hours of 8 and 9:30 am.

The VON SMART exercise program  in Wiarton runs from 10 - 11 am, every Wednesday.  Once I had finished up there, off I went on again not just one, but again three more stops in Wiarton before arriving back home after the lunch hour.

In my travels I was happy to have met up with one of Bruce County's Celebrities ....

"Finally a personal meeting with Adventure Bruce , down at the Explore the Bruce Headquarters in Wiarton.   You had better believe there were lots of preparations going on there today for the up and coming Wiarton Willie Festival this weekend. "

Back home everyone of course needed in, out and about.  The remainder of my afternoon included one various phone call after another.  Oh man phone calls really do consume a huge part of a day when things have to be looked after, or inquired about.

The one call I had made was to the Grey-Bruce Public Health Unit in Owen Sound.  My brother had informed me about the Shingles Vaccine being a must for someone who has had the Chicken Pox.  I had the Chicken Pox, still showing the scars from it.

Should you have had the Chicken Pox and need to know about the Shingle's Vaccination then check out the following links:

Public Heath, Grey-Bruce:

Shingles:  Causes, Symptoms & Complications

What I had found out from my call to the Health Unit was this vaccine will be costing $180.00, should you not have a Medical Insurance Plan to cover it.  From what I had been told about Shingles, a small price to pay to avoid any chance of the pain and discomfort that goes along with having Shingles.  Something we all have to decide whether or not it is worth it to us as an individual.

Last night for Dinner, I made a "new to me" Knorr recipe.

"I was more then impressed with the Knorr Skinny Scalloped Potatoes.  Not only 180 calories per serving, they are so Easy Peasy as 1-2-3 to make too, and full of flavor."

Recipe please?  Just a *click* away HERE.

Winter was "back, now gone again" .....

"Downpour of rains brought lots of melting snow and water with it, not that our water tables are not in dire need of it.  Fog lingered along our bush line.  Nice to know our sub-pump has been working by the show of green where it runs out into the garden."

According to the weather forecast we will be back into below freezing temperatures by Friday.  Anything goes in Ontario, does it not?

It's winter in Ontario

And the gentle breezes blow,  
70 miles per hour at 52 below!  
Oh, how I love Ontario
When the snow's up to your butt;  
You take a breath of winter air  
And your nose is frozen shut.  
Yes, the weather here is wonderful,  
You may think I'm a fool.  
I could never leave Ontario ,
Cause I'm frozen to the stool

Hahaha ... thanks a couple of my Family Members for sending me this email, as I had not seen it for sometime.  Ha, how could I help but NOT share it?

My blogging buddies are up to it again !!!  Carla at My 1/2 Dozen Daily is having another Give Away, usually something that is ALWAYS Handmade by her, and Debby at Nanny's Place is having a February Challenge.  The Give Away, of course I entered as I am not going to miss out on a chance at winning one of Carla's homemade creations, and Debby's Challenges? of course I had to enter one out of the two she is offering up, as who can resist a challenge?

Even though I rarely read anymore, a pass time I have mentioned before I loved very much at one time, I found the review William Kendall at Speak of the Devil had done on a book caught my attention.  Please do have a look see yourself, as it is just a *click* away by going HERE.

I believe I will call it a day here in Blogging land by enjoying some quiet time with my husband,  Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. That outhouse could do with a generator to put some heat in there!
    Jane xx
    PS Going to look up about the shingles chickenpox scar is looking at me.

  2. Hi Cindy! I so enjoy visiting and reading your blog! I have known 2 people that became very ill when they came down with the shingles~ I plan on getting my vaccine next month, well worth the money, they said. Had to laugh at the frozen out-house!! I'm from the "Frozen Tundra" and when it's cold, it's cold, eh? Thanks for stopping by Turnips 2 Tangerines! Talk to you again~ Lynn

  3. LOVE that outhouse, how funny is that!! Yes I would pay the money out of pocket to have the vaccine, our Dr wants us to wait until we hit the big 60 to get it. Not sure if our insurance will cover or not but some things are worth the extra $$. I ahve a friend who has had the shingles and one of our DD's has had it 2 times already, nasty stuff!!

  4. Looks like you had a very busy day again! I think I'm going to freeze to a stool soon too.It's been snowing and cold, and I'm really-really tired of shoveling. Really debating n investing into a snow blower...

  5. Oh time with the husband is what you need before you get out there with a shovel or a pick axe for ice:) Ontario sure does have the strangest weather, I love the poem and I think it is true:)
    Take care of yourself. Be safe in the storm coming. B

  6. just wanted to say thanks again for yesterday.


  7. I think it's very important to get the Shingles vaccine. My Dr. won't give it until you reach 65 and then we had to check with our insurance company to see if we were covered. No one wants the Shingles, just ask Barbara Walters who recently came down with chicken pox at age 83. If suggested by your Dr., I'd go for it. Bess

  8. I had the shingles as a kid. Not fun at all.

    And that was a long, long day.


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