Friday, 16 March 2012

"Wonked" Right Out & Then Some

A pen pal friend of mine emailed me this wonderful "reflection" yesterday,

Choosing to create miracles in your life calls for you to shift
how you have been experiencing the challenges that show up, all
the crises, conflicts, and unexpected events.
Do you value peacefulness?  Then choose peace. Do you value love?
Then choose love. Do you value being happy? Then choose

Isn't that lovely?  Not always easy to do, but it does lend to inspiration, does it not? as I thought so ... thank you, Bess.

I am really not too sure if I have chosen to be "wonked" right out or not, however "wonked" right out I am !  But then again, when I stop to think about it I am probably not the only Grandmother at the end of this week feeling this way?  LOL

My day began very early with the usual routine between the "pack" and myself, then into a shower for me, a quick coffee, breakfast for Aiden, then out the door Aiden and I went just before 9:00 am .....

"Aiden was one lucky 7 year old, as he got to go back to Sharon's today to play with her Grandson, Ben, while I was on my way ..... "

"... heading out of Bruce County, into our Sister County of Grey to the Owen Sound Hospital.  Just a "tad" foggy it was this morning, more so over Owen Sound way then it had been here in Wiarton."

I am certain this was at least my 5th trip to the Owen Sound Hospital already this Year.  What's up with that? well the first 3 times with pneumonia follow-ups, the 4th time an Ultra Sound, and this 5th time was an annual Mammogram apointment .... yes, one of those "oh so dreaded appointments", that are so totally necessary, or so I believe them to be as ....

My Mother had an aggressive Breast Cancer, diagnosed just after turning 80 years old, resulting in a Masectomy, her sister, my Aunt, had Breast Cancer with both removed in her 50's, I believe, both my sisters have each had Cancer, even though it was Breast Cancer.  I think these are all very good reasons to be cautious myself, by having an annual Mammogram each Year.

Even though there might not be a Family history of cancer, it still should be a practice women should have done, as recommended by their own physician.  However, once a woman is 50 years of age, they may register with the Ontario Breast Screening Program, who will put you into their system with annual  or bi-annual Mammogram reminder appointments regularly via regular mail.

For further information, please "click" on the following link:

Should anyone not reside in Ontario, check with your personal physician and/or Health provider if such a program is available where you do reside.  This is a very important "Self-Care Program", in my opinion, as I had mentioned with or without Family History of Cancer .... please look out for yourself !!!  Women and men.

For more information on Breast Cancer in men, please "click" on the following link:

" Last Year Grey-Bruce Health Services was very fortunate to have had new Mammogram equipment installed at their Owen Sound Health Facility.  Such a benefit to all of us.  This is a photo of this same equipment which I was able to take just today in person.  This piece of equipment, I am sure, has saved lives and will save more in time to come !"

Once I was all finished up with my Breast Screening, I headed on home to Wiarton.  I am sure it was after 11:30 am by the time I gathered Aiden from Sharon's house.  Thanks again, Sharon !  What was one more "kid" added to the three you already had, eh ?  LOL ...

Home again to make Rob, Aiden and myself some chicken leftovers from the day before, the usual cleanup, time for a quick coffee and I was "off" again, this time heading "North of the Checkerboard" to see Dr. Loney in Lion's Head for my weekly allergy shot in the arm.  At least the weather was more favorable then the snow storm of the Friday before.

Aiden came along with me this time, quite content as he has been other times playing with the toys in the Doctor's office.

"Aiden was able to bring a couple of toys along into the Examining Room while we waited our turn.  Here he is showing Dr. Loney's lovely assistant, Patty, how the game he created was played, with her being a very good "sport" about being showed.  LOL."

"Two more lives left and he "scores" !"

I did get my "shot" in the arm without a hitch, then we were able to head back "South of the Checkerboard" into Wiarton to do some errands before returning back home.

Finally we did manage to return back home, but not until 5:00 pm.  I was, and still am, totally "wonked" right out and then some !!!  The "pack" all required my attention, Aiden needed a luncheon put together, a couple of phone calls to be made, and finally I sat here just after 7:00 pm I am sure with half masted eyes ....

Ha,ha,ha .... wonder if I could sing along changing the words to reflect myself tonight as the, "Wonky Tonk Woman" ?

May the "Luck of the Irish" be with you tomorrow.  Do you have any "St. Paddy Day Celebrations going on?

And to think, I could have almost had been a "Patty" .... close call it was, but as it was I ended up being a "Cindy" !

This almost could have been a "Patty" is going to be taking the "Cindy's" "wonked" out self to bed very shortly here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. you are such a busy bee. I have to have a mammogram this year, but I am lucky to be a low risk, as its heart problems that kill our family, not cancer.


  2. I've read yesterday that 80% of women who get Breast Cancer have no history of it in their families. That's pretty crazy!!!

  3. Good for you looking out for your TaTa's, I need to get mine done, just to darn lazy! I know what you mean by being worn out at the end of the week having the grand around. By Friday night each week I can hardly crawl to the couch!!!

  4. I don't need mammograms yet, thankfully! I had one when I was 20 and fainted.. haha!!!

  5. What a day - you must be exhausted. I had my first mammogram last year when I hut 50 - didn't think it was that bad and all clear, so that was good to know. Your friend's quote were timely, and have been passed on to Mr Thrifty who has been somewhat melancholic of late xx


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